sell print on demand on eBay with podorder

Sell Tshirt Print on Demand on eBay with Podorder

This blog will guide the detail ways to Sell Tshirt Print on demand on eBay with Podorder. 

1. Preparation to sell Print on demand on Ebay with Podorder

1.1 Regist Podorder Account:

Click on the button “Try it free”, you can install a free version:

signup print on demand podorder

Fill hub information:signup new podorder account

You will get verification for account. Login to email and get verification code then insert it into the box.

verify print on demand account

Create a hub:

create print on demand hub podorder

1.2 Ebay Seller Account:

Follow this guide to create eBay seller account:

1.3 Fulfillment Registration:

There are a lot of fulfillment providers such as CustomCat, Printify, Printiful, Merchize, …

See more video: How to connect CustomCat with Podorder

2. Setting Ecommerce Store

2.1 Set up Podorder Hub: 

2.1.1 Connect Podorder with Stores and Fulfillment Providers

  • Connect Podorder with Stores Platforms:

Dashboard > Stores > Add a store > Choose eBay and connect -> Sign in eBay store > Accepts access permission > Name eBay store at Podorder

add new ecommerce store print on demand business

  • Connect Podorder with Fulfillment Provider

Dashboard > Fulfillment > Add new fulfillment > Choose the fulfillment and connect > Insert Key and name fulfillment on the hub.

integrate fulfillment print on demand ebay podorder

2.1.2 Other settings:

  • Payment: On Podorder hub, you can integrate with multiple paypal account:

Dashboard > Payment > Connect with Paypal payment

manage paypal payment print on demand podorder

  • Policy: Create and manage policy

manage policy print on demand podorder

2.1.3 Set Hub Theme Customization

Set menu color, theme mode, collapse sidebar, navbar colors

theme customizer print on demand tool hub podorder

3. Upload Print on Demand Product

3.1 Create Product Type

create product type print on demand tool podorder

After integrating Ecommerce platforms and fulfillment providers, you can create a huge number of Print on demand product type.

Click on the plus button “+” to add new product type.

Choose fulfillment provider,  select their product type and add for your hub.

You can add many product types from various fulfillment providers.

3.2 Create Internal Product

create internal product print on demand tool podorder

Open Dashboard > Items > Internal Product

Click on the button plus “+” to create a new internal product.

Fill all information, images for product.

“Save” with all changes.

3.3 Create External Product

Select internal product > click on the button “Upload to store” to push products to eBay store.

Manage All External products

manage print on demand external product

You can see: ID product, Image, Name, Internal, Sold item, Platform, Store

4. Print on Demand Order Management

order management print on demand podorder

After integrating all fulfillment providers and Ecommerce store platforms, all orders can be synced into Podorder system. On the hub, you can directly map order with fulfillment providers and track order status easily. Moreover, you can get order tracking ID then send email to them.

  • Synced Order: All orders can be managed on the hub. All statuses: All, Pending, Processing, In Production, Fulfilled, Completed, Refunded, Cancelled, Trash.
  • Fulfill Order:

Open the order and map order with fulfillment provider. You can change the fulfillment to other if they provide the same product type.

  • Manage Order Fulfillment: After mapping with fulfillment provider, you can manage and track order in one place – Podorder.
  • Create custom order: There is no limitation for orders. It’s easy to create custom order or import/export orders to system.

5. Support Hub

hub support print on demand tool

At Podorder hub, you can manage the support of whole Print on demand business on eBay.

  • Send & reply email

– Send order tracking to customers

– Ask email & reply email

– Create and manage email content.

  • Get orders & stores’ notifications
  • Address Issues: Refund, Reply Email, etc

6. Get Insight Report

insight report print on demand tool

On the Podorder hub, you can get a dedicate report for order and print on demand business on eBay.

  • Order Report:

Timeline: Custom time for report
Download CSV Export
Status chart

order report print on demand

  • Fulfillment Report:

In the hub, you can get fulfillment report: orders, cost, revenue, product type chart, by attributes, …

This is blog How to Sell Tshirt Print on Demand on Ebay with Podorder – Print on Demand Tool. Hope this blog helps you well.

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