Insight Report

Get a detail for insight report for print on demand business activities on multiple selling channels such as eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Shopify and WooCommerce, etc


Deep Insight for Fulfillment Orders

The percentage of orders that are fulfilled by any fulfillment provider. You can see the most popular fulfillment providers such as Onos, Printify or Merchize. Total money and orders for fulfillments.

Fulfillment Cost

Possible to manage total cost and percentage of orders fulfillment. Total fulfillment cost for each provider.


Fulfillment Revenue

The revenue of fulfillment that counted for seller base on the fulfillment cost and seller get the revenue.

Most Popular Product Type Chart

The report is shown for the most popular product type chart in your store. That helps you know which product is popular, which product is lower.

Detail Product Attribute Type

See detail in Product type chart. To specify: see size S, M, L, XL, …

Store Fulfillment

See all store fulfillment orders status like all order, in progress, fulfilled, completed, etc.


Fulfillment Order Filter

Filter tab for filter order status such as all, in production, fulfilled, completed, cancelled,…

Status Chart Fulfillment Orders

Chart report is shown for fulfillment orders such as fulfillment, completed, trask, cancelled, …

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