Amazon Seller Tik Tok

The overgrowth of Tik Tok through the last 3 years makes any Amazon Seller Tik Tok not enable to skip it in any marketing plan. Beauty and skincare products or fashion are just two of the fields, which have already approved their significant success in using Tik Tok as a powerful marketing tool.

The concise post provides you with 5 amazing tips, which sounds simple however they have brought favorable outcomes! Let’s check it out.

Top 5 Amazing Tips For Using Amazon Seller Tik Tok To Promote Products

1. Create A Profile Page And Connect To Your Website Store

The most initial essential step is to build a presence on Tik Tok with a business account. It allows Amazon seller Tik Tok to add Amazon website links and business email.  Furthermore, the Amazon seller Tiktok business account also has the authority to access Tik Tok analytics to get a deep understanding of your audience’s interest in their videos.

An impressive Amazon seller TikTok profile page also comes from a profile picture featuring the business logo. Ideally, that profile picture is used across different social media to increase brand identity.  With Tiktok, it is also possible to have an animated video to capture more followers’ attention.

Last but not at least, let’s select a category that best describes your account. It helps the Tik Tik algorithm understand your content and show it to viewers, who have a common interest.

2. Combine Tik Tok With Facebook & Instagram Followers

The Amazon seller Tiktok’s biography is crucial to introduce viewers to their business and the brand. Tik Tok allows Amazon seller TikTok business accounts to tell about themselves in a maximum of 80 words. Once writing Tiktok’s biography, don’t forget to link Amazon seller TikTok’s profile with Facebook, Instagram or Youtube profiles to get Amazon Seller Tik Tok account still followed by the target audience. Furthermore, it is advisable to share Tik Tok links to Facebook and Instagram to increase the highest engagement of the audience.

3. Create Engaging Short Video & Add a Call To Action to Your Bio and Posts

Tik Tok creates a highly creative and playful environment for Amazon seller Tik Tok to boost its credibility by being at the forefront of young audiences around the globe. At a highly competitive video content platform like Tik Tok, a video is easy to get saturated once other new videos are uploaded.

Posting a traditional video featuring brand & Amazon products message is not alluring enough for Tik Tok users. Instead, trends are living power to keep Tik Tok engaging & exciting. So, there is no better way than creating catchy entertaining 15-60 seconds videos to resonate with the targeted audience. Ideally, such videos incorporate music with filters and editing effects, or show the user lip-synching or dancing to a song.

4. Identify Influencers And Start Promoting The Niche

Collaborating with influencers, who are opinion leaders in the niche, is still the best way for Amazon Seller Tik Tok to promote their brand. Marketing influencers have a great impact on their followers’ thinking. Furthermore, they can also drive their audience’s behavior thanks to their specialized skills in creating interesting & engaging content to resonate with the audience. Undoubtedly, Amazon seller tik tok can take advantage of the marketing influencers’ expertise in how to use the Tik Tok tool, features, and trends to promote the niche and increase brand identity. So, the key in this tip is to identify influencers in your niche.

Another benefit of marketing influencers is that once their account reaches more than 1000,000 followers, they can add a link to their bio. It opens a chance to become an affiliate partner or promotional influencer partner with Amazon Tik Tok Seller.


5. Increase Your Amazon Sales With TikTok Ads

While the four above tips give you organic methods to promote a webstore, the last step is a paid advertisement method to boost sales. It is worth trying at least once to bring the highest effect.

5.1 In-feed video

In-feed video is the most native advertising video. Such video appears on the For You Page of any users, who have shown their interest in the same topics earlier.  This form of video ads should last approximately 15 seconds and take a full screen in order to capture the most attention. In-feed videos allow users to add links to the website.


5.2 Top view

The Top view ads already give a clue about the ad placement. Being shown right after the users open the app, such 3-5 second full-screen video ads offer an immersive viewing with no other competing content.

As one Ads per category and country in one day to be shown, the top view ads are really costly. However, a highly catchy video dramatically increases brand awareness and reaches the widest audience.

5.3 Brand takeover

The ad form of the brand take over is pretty much the same with top view. The distinguishing feature of brand takeover is to allow a full screen to be clickable and direct traffic to external or internal landing pages. This ads format goes well with Amazon Seller Tik Tok.

5.4 Branded Hashtag Challenge

Known as the unique ad format on Tik Tok, the branded hashtag challenge makes use of the user-generated content to generate brand awareness. It encourages viewers to co-create the video content and mark them with the hashtag. The branded hashtag challenge appears via in-feed video, a feature banner on Discovery page, and a special page for Hashtag challenges.


5.5 Branded Effects

Like the Hashtag challenge, branded effects also get viewers’ deep involvement to generate the brand’s influence on the community. Going beyond the traditional advertising methods, branded effects ads bring playful elements with tailor-made sharable stickers, filters, and special effects.

Final Thoughts

We hope these five amazing practical tips of using Amazon Tik Tok Seller Tik Tok make you ready to be hooked on the young social media platform but owning the greatest impact on online communities.