Manage with Podorder

How It Works
Print on Demand Business

Take a full control and tracking all orders on multi selling channels

Create Account & Activate Hub

Sign up/in account on to get an activate hub management to connect your business and manage entire print on demand business here.

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Connect with Multi Integration

Via API integration, Podorder connected multi selling channels with any fulfillment such as CustomCat, Dreamship, Geargag, Merchize, Printiful, etc.

Create & Manage Products

Create a new product from 100+ customizable products of any fulfillment providers. Push single/bulks products to multiple selling stores to reach more customers and driver more sales.

Manage Orders

Gather all orders from multi selling channels and multiple accounts at one place to fulfill everywhere.

Manage Order Fulfillment

On each order, seller can map instantly with any fulfillment provider which supports to produce the same product. Also, they can change easily between fulfillment providers.

Manage Support & Solve Issues

Take care customers service. Reply & Send Messages to buyers. Tracking shippment and send tracking code to buyers. Solve refund and complains.

Delivery Products to Buyer and
Gain Profits

Buye gets products successfully and get automatic thanks & feedback messages and invoice.

Sell with Podorder

Grow your print on demand business more stronger with our ouststanding management solutions on products, orders, fulfillment and support.

Ease of Use

Simple connection with multi channel integrations. Manage all products, orders and fulfillment services.


100+ customizable products types from fulfillment providers and map to any provider for the same products.


Auto-synced orders, fulfillment status and get order tracking for easily handle issues fast and timely.


Keep your multiple accounts on multi selling channels high safe from the vulnerable policy and raise more sales.


Frequently Asked Questions

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How Podorder Manage Print on demand business?
With multichannel connection, Podorder software offers best solutions about order managements, products managements and fulfillment managements.
How Podorder Payment Plans or I need to pay any extra fee?

We are delighted to say that it’s monthly payment. When your package is activated, you have your own hub and get all solutions for print on demand business.

Which Payment Methods Availale On

We accepts Paypal Payment for all purchase on our website For other issues related the payment, please send detail to our email [email protected] or live chat on, we will check and support you as soon as possible.

How Many Selling Channels I can Use?

Depends on your Podorder plan, you can use at least 1 selling channels such as Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, WooCommerce,… for your business.

Which tools are included in a subscription?
There is different tools included in each subscriptions about the number of tools, number of accounts, market integration or payment.
How About Our Hub If Our Subscription expires?

Your hubs still maintains on our system. It pauses to sync orders, products & fulfillment until you renew the package. After activate again, your hub can work normally.

Can I Get A Refund?

Yes, you can get refund if your requirements meet our requirements in Refund policy. We will process to refund for you as soon as possible.

How Can I Get Support?

You can get a free support to ensure your hub works as our demo and description. For all technical issues, please contact us via [email protected] or live chat at We will check and reply you as soon as possible.

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