Friendly Support Hub

Quickly & effectively manage your customer service activities across multi eCommerce channels in Print on Demand business.

More Accurate & Faster Support with Automation Tools on Multichannels

Improve your on-demand customer services through multi-selling channels, increase the shop’s credibility, position in the print-on-demand business industry and push your brand to a higher level.

Accurately Synced Multi channel Support

This Print on demand customer service will automatically get and manage all notifications and messages across multiple Ecommerce selling channels. No need to logging in/out from any separate accounts on the market.

Various Notifications

Get all notifications about selling channels, orders and buyers: order delivered, shop your favor, get rewards, payment payout, refund or suspend or restrict, or customers questions, see the special note from team members.

Auto Send Tracking Code

When a product is on the shipping’s journey, on the hub support, sellers can get an automatic order tracking ID to send email notifications to let them know the order tracking details on the shipping.

Auto Send Thanks & Feedback Review

As soon as the product is delivered successfully to the buyer. The buyer will get an automatic “thanks and feedback” message from sellers. It empathizes with how your business is and your service care also.

POD Order Invoice

Order invoice are generated automatically at Podorder hub as soon as products are delivered successfully to buyers. Sellers can send them directly via message chat box from the system.

Reply & Chat Message

Manage and reply all messages from multiple selling channels at a Podorder helpdesk. It's quick, efficient and time-saving for sellers insteads of logging each store to support.

Gain more customers loyalty & satisfaction with Podorder Hub Support

Filter Support By Time

At the helpdesk support, sellers can filter messages and notifications with a custom date and time. Easy to tracking and revise the previous messages to better customers support in print on demand business.

Messages with Specific store

Sellers can filter notifications for a specific store. That helps them to check, revise and manage customer support throughout on exact store effortlessly.

Clear Label Messages

Messages and notifications are available with some status replied, done, starred, trashed. So sellers can save tons of their time on manage all customer services on multichannels.

Well-Organized Dashboard

Super time-saving management on the customers' services and categorize notification with the different priority orders. Manage all notifications, send and reply messages for better customer service.

Check & Process Refund

All refund requests from multi channels are collected here. Sellers can check and process refunds quickly on the dashboard.

Keep Selling Account Safe

No need to login multiple selling accounts to check and support buyers. With Podorder, sellers can manage all customers support at a dashboard.

Grow your POD business on multiple channels?
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