Amazon’s Affiliate is known as the way to sell Amazon products on my website. It has more than 90,0000 members worldwide, who are content creators, publishers, and bloggers monetize their websites, blogs, or social media. Until now, it becomes one of the most popular affiliate marketing.

This specific post provides you with the most detailed information for a deeper understanding of “Why to choose an Amazon affiliate website to sell Amazon products on my website” and “How to sell Amazon products on my website”. Let’s check it out!

An Ultimate Guidance To Sell Amazon Products On My Website

Before going into details of guidance to sell Amazon products on my website, we shall point out the most noticeable reasons for using Amazon Affiliate Website to earn passive income.

1. Why Choose To Sell Amazon Products On My Website?

Amazon is an incredible one-stop shop that boasts over 310 million active customer accounts. Competitive pricing, speed-of-light shipping, free shipping, and reliable customer service are the four key attributes that make Amazon stay on top of customers’ minds. It is the first e-commerce marketplace where people start looking for product information and purchasing. If the Amazon business model inspires you, becoming an Amazon affiliate marketer would be an excellent opportunity for you without a significant investment. It is perfect for website owners, content creators, bloggers who love starting their own business with almost no cash.

Now, let’s go along with us to discover “Why to choose an Amazon Affiliate Website to sell Amazon products on my website” is an easy monetization way anyone can do it.

  • A trustable eCommerce: The fast growth of Amazon and its top brand reputation are enough to convince itself as a trustable eCommerce site. Amazon also delivers exceptional convenience to customers through lightning-fast delivery and a secure payment gateway. So, if your website redirects them to Amazon, every customer is happy to stay on this site to search and purchase.
  • High conversion rate: Known as the master of conversion, Amazon and its affiliate links allow you to earn money through every click: per-per-sale, pay-per-click, or pay-per-lead.  Selecting a niche product wisely and getting a huge traffic source for affiliate websites are the critical success factors to the question “How to sell Amazon products on my website.”
  • An excellent cross-promotion: Once you drive the traffic from amazon affiliate websites to Amazon, any purchase within 24 hours gives you a commission. Although Amazon’s commission is relatively low, you can earn extra passive income through its excellent cross-promotion. It encourages people to buy more than one product at their one purchase. So, the more products they buy, the immense amount of money you can earn.
  • Best for physical goods niches: Despite offering a wide variety of physical goods and digital products, Amazon is the best for physical goods. If you are able to choose physical products to market your website’s niche, the commission of Amazon Affiliate for this type of product is the highest.
  • Easy to manage: From the sign-up step to tracking conversion from an affiliate link, Amazon keeps it accessible. A lot of WordPress plugins and tools are easy for Amazon affiliate management.
  • Comfortable payment option: Amazon affiliate program allows you to pay out a minimum of US$ 100. You can also exchange the commission you earn with a product you like.
  • Highest sales on holidays: Holiday sales on Amazon stay on top of customers’ minds. Such most expected events bring the highest revenue for Amazon sellers and Amazon Affiliate Website owners. The biggest sales on holidays also explain the reason why I chose the Amazon Affiliate Website to sell Amazon Products on my website.


2. Best Guidance To Sell Amazon Products On My Website 

Now, let’s get started with the most important part of how to sell Amazon products on my website.

2.1 Search For A Niche Site

Finding an Amazon affiliate niche site is the decisive factor in selling Amazon products on my website. Until now, with more than 12,000 products on Amazon and at least 90,000 websites joining Amazon Affiliate, finding a niche site has become more challenging. In this competition perspective, we advise you to choose a micro-niche or tiny niche site of a series of products you desire.

Your passion for one kind of product is essential when you are an affiliate marketer. Your knowledge and experience provide viewers with many informative reviews, making them trust product recommendations on the Amazon site. Notably, a high-quality content site increases organic traffic and is highly ranked on Google. Such an authoritative site saves a lot of advertisement fees.

Besides the passion for products you promote, the niche site has to meet the following criteria.


  • Create good amazon affiliate content to generate solid traffic to the Amazon Affiliate Website. 

Most organic traffic to the Amazon affiliate website comes from product review posts and has stronger purchase intention. Informative posts about product experiences are very impressive and motivated by the website visitors. So, to sell Amazon products on my website, it is vital to create quality content with a depth of keyword search. They usually use long-tail keywords like  “GreenWorks mower vs black and decker” instead of the general keyword “homemade coffee pot.”

  • A Series Products With High Value 

As Amazon’s commission is relatively low, it is advisable to choose the average product price from US$ 50 or a series of products with high value to sell on the Amazon Affiliate website. Low-value products can not bring you solid revenue to operate in the long term. So, it is best if you can choose a niche product at a high price. High-end appliances could give you at least US$ 50 commission at once purchase.

  • Highly rated products on Amazon

Amazon is the biggest online marketplace, where customers search and browse for items. Customer reviews on Amazon are a trusted source of feedback for customers. Therefore, only highly rated products on Amazon can sell Amazon products on my affiliate website. Additionally, hot products make it easy to sell Amazon products on my website.

2.2 Analyze Your Website Niche

  •  Keyword search

Monetizing Amazon affiliate websites comes from traffic. That’s why targeting the right keywords is very crucial. To understand which keywords are suitable for your website, we have composed the list of essential criteria:

  • Feasible to be ranked on the search engines’ first page.
  • A decent amount of monthly traffic.
  • Attract traffic with strong purchase intent.
  •  Evergreen keywords can bring long-term traffic.

Now, we guide you on how to find keywords for the niche site. Amazon product category is the first site we recommend you to browse to find your desired niche. Instead of looking for main product categories, let’s navigate a tiny niche product to get some ideas. Then, put yourself into the customer’s shoes to check whether your potential customers are interested in it or not. At the same time, let’s check product ratings and reviews to ensure that it is reliable.  After all, you can uncover one seed keyword. Repeat all the above guidance to find a good range of seed keywords for the Amazon Affiliate website.

At the same time as searching seed keywords on the Amazon product category, you should use Google Ads keyword planner, SellerApp’s Amazon keyword research tool, or explore online communities to reveal many promising niches. These tools provide you with statistics about volume search, keyword difficulty, backlink profile, number of traffic,…which are crucial to define the feasibility of keywords targeted.

  •  Competition Analysis

Our final aim is to have keywords ranked on the first page of the search engine. Therefore, it is necessary to do an additional step of competition analysis. Through checking their quality of ranking content and its backlink profile, you are sure to define whether the keywords targeted are hugely potential or not.

2.3 Set Up An Amazon Affiliate Site With WordPress

  • Select a domain name

Picking the right domain name is quite challenging. Besides an SEO-friendly domain name, it is necessary to open the potential growth of the website, which you are not restricted to only writing about one product.

Now, search engines, notably Google, are more intelligent to recognize and reward quality content for the ranking system. So, it is unnecessary to include the exact keyword in a domain name.

While a brandable domain takes a long time to establish a brand identity online, you can choose the partial match domain, containing two or three words to indicate the website topic.

An example: My website is about coffee grinders. I could have tried or; however, they have been used by some other website owners. I would choose the option of, which also doesn’t limit the products I am going to review.

  • Choose a Web host

As heavily relying on content for organic search and sales, the affiliate website needs the most dynamic content management system (CMS). Ideally, the CMS offers a wide range of updated new features, widgets, and themes without the high cost of web development. The best beginner-friendly website builder we would like to recommend is WordPress. It is highly optimized for SEO content and offers ease of use without learning HTML and CSS code. Furthermore, you can get a variety of web extensions and instantly change the web design.

Based on that fact, once choosing a web host to sell Amazon products on my website, it is best to choose a web hosting provider with WordPress optimized hosting plans. The top 5 best hosting sites for affiliate websites you can heavily lean on are Bluehost, InMotion Hosting, HostGator, GreenGeeks, ASmallOrgange.


  • Select Affiliate WordPress Theme

The next step is Affiliate WordPress Theme installation, which may have you get lost in its diversity. The vital points of selecting an Affiliate WordPress Theme are to accommodate your website needs and product category. Besides, some additional features to be considered before picking any WordPress Theme for your affiliate business are:

  • A friendly SEO theme contains some built-in SEO tools.
  • Mobile friendly
  • Newsletter widgets
  • Visual content
  • Integrating an email signup form
  • Law-compliant
  • Integration with social media
  • Translatable texts

You can pick niche-specific paid and free WordPress themes for affiliate marketing tailored to accommodate every sphere’s particular needs. Many web design templates are available for Photography, Real Estate, Travel blogs, Cryptocurrency, Online Magazines, Consulting, Beauty, E-commerce, etc. WordPress Theme also gives you various theme choices for particular traffic channels ranging from organic, referral, direct, to paid traffic.


  • WordPress Installation.

The almost finished step is WordPress installation. Depending on your web hosting provider, WordPress Installation steps are quite different. However, this installation is easy and rapid through a few mouse clicks.

  • Installing Essential WordPress Plugs-in.

The last yet essential step to make your affiliate website ready is to install some vital WordPress plugs-in. Despite the abundance of WordPress plug-in, some must-have ones the affiliate website need to install are:

-Easy Azon for Amazon Affiliate Link creation in any WordPress posts.

-Yoast SEO to optimize every piece of content.

-WP Review to create a review system for various product features.

-Pretty Link to provide data and tracking information.

-W3 Total Cache to speed up your website.


2.4 Create Amazon Affiliate Content 

  • In-depth review post 

At the top list, the review posts are the most popular form of Amazon Affiliate Content to increase website traffic and target the right buyer intent. The decisive factor in giving a review post is conveying all aspects of products educationally and informatively to build trust and value with viewers. Only by honesty in product reviews is it possible to sell Amazon products on my website.

The typical type of review posts you can write around products are:

-A brief review to convey why product recommendation is worth buying.

-A comprehensive post to go into details of the product along with a detailed analysis of pros and cons.

– A feature list to give viewers a glance at the product.

  • Comparison post

Comparison post is the secondary content post, which intent buyers are much interested. The comprehensive comparison post is an excellent motivation for the purchase decision. This type of content requires you to focus on the buyer’s information before making a purchase and gently put forward your recommendation as a reference.

  • How-to post

Amazon Affiliate Website is unnecessary to dedicate for product reviews. It can come in the form of How to post to give buyers information about product usage. Typically, you will describe every process by your experience. Through the post, it generates more interest in the product. This content works well for products that require instructions and those that are highly technical.

  • Roundup and Listicle Posts

The listicle is a powerful marketing post to boost website traffic. On the other hand, it requires more effort to choose the topics, make fresh content and exciting headlines.

2.5 Publish and Advertise Product on Your website.

The four-step above build a strong base for the affiliate website. The last step of publishing and advertising products on the website is the promotional strategies to give product references naturally.  The following practical methods are the most relevant for you to redirect customers to the Amazon site.

  • Insert affiliate links in your product reviews and tutorials
  • Add affiliate links to your resources page
  • Place affiliate banners on your website
  • Use affiliate links in your newsletters and email sequences
  • Embed affiliate links into your video content
  • Promote affiliate links on social media and forums
  • Link to your affiliate offers directly on Medium
  • Include affiliate links to your products


We hope this comprehensive post gives you detailed guidance for “How to sell Amazon products on my website”. Through this post, it is easier to realize that choosing the right niche site, seed keywords and compelling content are three decisive factors for a successful affiliate marketer! It requires intensive research. In return, it brings a good income for you!