sell tshirt on shopify store

This video will guide the detail ways to Sell Tshirt on Shopify store with Podorder – Print on Demand Tool for Management.

Podorder – one of the best Print on demand software tools for management. It comes with a lot powerful features for print on demand business. Main features are:

  • Order Management
  • Fulfillment Management
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Listing Management
  • Hub Support Helpdesk
  • Insight Report

To sell Tshirt Print on Demand on Shopify, you have to prepare the following accounts like:

  • Podorder Account
  • Fulfillment Account
  • Shopify Shop

Get start!

I. Sell Tshirt on Shopify with Podorder All-in-one Print on Demand Tool

1. Prepare account to sell Print on Demand

1.1 Podorder Account

Sign up free account here:

1.2 Fulfillment Account

Podorder allows to connect with multiple fulfillment providers such as:

connect fulfillment provider podorder print on demand tool

1.3 Shopify Accounts

Create Shopify Account here

Podorder supports to manage all your Print on Demand on multiple Shopify stores. You can connect Podorder with Shopify store easily.

To connect Shopify Store with Podorder, you can read this blog How can connect Shopify store with Podorder Print on Demand Tool

Your website looks like:


2. Sell Print on Demand on Shopify

2.1 Listing Management

  • Add product type
  • Internal Product
  • External Product
2.1.1 Add Product Type

Dashboard > Items > Product Type

Add new product type

add new product type

Create product type with available product type or create a custom product type

add product type 2

Then save product type into Podorder system.

2.1.2 Create Internal Product

Items > Internal

create internal shopify store

Fill product information:

create internal product Shopify

Then Save information “Internal product”

2.1.3 Manage Internal Products

manage internal print on demand product

  • Make new order:
  • Edit Internal Product
  • Delete Product
  • Upload product to CSV

Select items and choose the above options.upload direct schedule product to store

upload product to csv

  • Export product in minute
  • Upload according to store plan
  • Create new internal product
  • Delete selected product
2.1.4 Manage External Products

manage external product print on demand

  • Link to internal product
  • Product Image
  • Sold quantity in store
  • Fulfillment provider
  • Store connection
  • Action

3. Order Management

On Podorder hub, all your orders can be synced automatically into this system.

print on demand order management

Order fulfillment timeline:

  • Pending
  • Processing
  • In Production
  • Fulfill
  • Complete
  • Refund
  • Cancel
  • Trash

3.1 Edit Order Print on Demand

It’s possible to edit Print on demand order:

  • Edit note
  • Ask buyer a question
  • Preview
  • Delete

Other function of Podorder: 

  • Import Orders from platform
  • Import Orders from platform by time
  • Export Orders to CSV
  • Import Orders from CSV
  • New Custom Order
  • Delete

3.2 Create Custom Order Print on Demand

It supports to create order directly on the store.

add new custom order print on demand

Open Orders > Add new custom order > Choose product type and map with fulfillment provider.

map order with fulfillment provider

And fulfill Print on demand information:

create custom order information

4. Print on Demand Order tracking

manage orders tracking print on demand

If the order has tracking info, they are synced automatically to Podorder system. All tracking orders are managed here. All order tracking status are here:

  • All
  • Not found
  • Pending
  • Transit
  • Out for delivery
  • Delivered
  • Exception
  • Exprired
  • Failed Attempt

transit time print on demand

  • Tracking order:
  • Carrier: Name of carrier
  • Order ID
  • Parcel status
  • Transit time
  • Date:
  • Action: Order quickview

5. Hub Support

All messages from multi-selling channels are integrated into stores.

  • Order notifications
  • Items
  • Action required
  • Invoice
  • Refund
  • Other issues
  • All
  • Starred
  • Trash

print on demand hub support

6. Insight Report

Get insight report for all print on demand business.

  • Fulfillment report:

Get all report about fulfillment activities: Fulfillment orders, fulfillment cost, revenue, product type chart and attributes.

fulfillment report tshirt

  • Order report:

Full report about order: store fulfillment order and order fulfillment.

tshirt print on demand insight report

  • Export CSV with price and CSV Export

7. Theme Customizer

  • Menu colors: Change color for menu like purple, green, red, blue, orange, black
  • Theme mode: Light, dark, semi dark
  • Collapse sidebar: Enable/disable
  • Navbar colors: White, purple, green, red, blue, orange and black
  • Navbar type: Hidden, static, sticky, floating
  • Footer type: Hidden, static, sticky
  • RTL
  • Hide scroll to top

print on demand theme customizer

This is end of tutorial “How to Sell Print on Demand in Shopify with Podorder”