calendar with holidays USA for print on demand business

With so many holidays and observances going on in the United States, it can be hard to keep track of them all. Whether you’re looking to promote your products and brands on special occasions, here’s an up-to-date calendar of the upcoming calendar with holidays in the USA. With this list, you can plan your marketing strategies and plans for the whole year. Dive in now! 

I. Ultimate List Upcoming calendar with holidays in the USA And ideas to design

Below is the comprehensive list of the upcoming calendar with holidays that you must be aware of. We’ve also compiled some print-on-demand ideas for your occasional designs. 

1. New Year’s Day (Jan 01)

1.1 Overview of New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day is a United States holiday celebrated on January 1, commemorating (as well as celebrating) the beginning of a new year on the Gregorian calendar. New Year’s Day is traditionally celebrated with festivities such as attending parties or participating in parades. Many people visit friends and family during their celebrations, and most take time off from work to do so. 


1.2 Some print on demand ideas on New Year’s Day

  • Clothes and Mugs


  • Paper Decoration: 


  • Home & Lifestyle Items


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2. Valentine’s Day (Fed 14)  – Calendar with Holidays for Couples

2.1 Valentine’s Day Overview

Valentine’s Day is an annual celebration which is held on February 14 celebrating love and affection between intimate companions. This holiday originated from a church feast day, honoring one or more early Christian martyrs named Valentinus, possibly Saint Valentine of Rome. 


The custom of sending cards, letters, flowers, or gifts stems from a Victorian-era card maker named John Hall-Martyn who reportedly sent his wife flowers on February 14th every year.

2.2 Some print on demand ideas on Valentine Day 

  • Hoodie, Phonecase and Mugs


  • Shoes

print on demand cho giày đôi

  • Neck Laces and Jewelry

print on demand vòng tay đôi valentine

  • Blanket

print on demand blanket for couples valentine

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3 President’s Day (Feb 15)

3.1 Overview of President’s Day

Presidents’ Day is actually a federal observance. The day was first declared as a holiday by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1934 to honor only George Washington. But since 1971, it has been officially observed to honor all U.S. presidents including Washington and Lincoln (but is still commonly referred to as President’s Day). 


Many people get confused about what to call it: some say President’s Day, others call it Presidents’ Day, while still others use Presidents Day. 

3.2 Some print on demand ideas on President’s Day


4 Mother’s Day (May 09) – Calendar with Holidays for Mother

4.1 Mother’s Day Overview: 

Mother’s Day is a day which is celebrated on the third Sunday of May. It is an American holiday celebrating motherhood and women who are mothers. It is traditionally a time for children to honor their mothers with gifts and cards, and for people to express gratitude towards mothers in general. 


The modern holiday was first promoted by Anna Jarvis, who wished to worship her own mother’s memory with a day to encourage kindness among family members. According to history, President Woodrow Wilson established Mother’s Day as an official holiday just days after his wife died due to childbirth in 1884. 

4.2 Some print on demand ideas to promote sale on Mother’s Day


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  • Pillowcase: 


  • Lace: 

bán hàng print on demand Mother's day

  • Tote Bag

bán hàng print on demand Mother's day

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5. Memorial Day (May 31) 

5.1 Memorial Day Overview

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in America that occurs on the last Monday of May. It is a public holiday to remember and honor those who have died serving in America’s armed forces. It marks not only Memorial Day, but also celebrates those who died while serving their country in past wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping missions. 


Americans praise their fallen heroes with parades and ceremonies across the country. This day is often used by Americans to decorate veterans’ graves with flowers, flags, or small American flags, but not everywhere.

5.2 Some print on demand ideas to promote sale on Memorial Day


6. Father’s Day (Jun 20) – Calendar with Holiday for Father

6.1 Father’s Day Overview

Father’s Day is a holiday that celebrates dads and fatherhood, which falls on different dates in mid-June each year. It is also a time for families to honor the father figures that they wish they had. Although it is not an official holiday in the United States, many people treat it as such.


Father’s Day was started in 1910 by Sonora Dodd as a way to celebrate her own father, William Jackson Smart, who never missed an opportunity to give back. He was known as one of Spokane’s most generous citizens. The first Father’s Day observance was held at St. Paul’s Methodist Church on June 19, 1910, with 700 people attending. 

6.2 Some print on demand ideas to promote sale on Father’s Day

  • Tshirt: 

bán hàng pritn ond demand cho ngày Father’s day

print on demand cha va con

  • Mugs and Photo Case


  • Leather Wallet:


  • Swimming Suits

Bán hàn cho ngày Father's day- Đồ bơi

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7. Independence Day (Jul 04)

7.1 Independence Day Overview: 

Independence Day is one of the biggest festivals in America. The federal holiday that celebrates the adoption of The Declaration of Independence. It falls on July 4th and is celebrated all across America with parades, picnics, concerts, and firework displays. Some call it America’s birthday because it represents one nation’s independence from another. This holiday has been celebrated nationally since 1880 and did not become a federal holiday until 1941.


7.2 Some print on demand ideas for Independence Day

  • Mugs and Blanket


  • Tote Bag

boost -print-on-demand-product-sales-on-Independence-Day-tote-bags

  • Pillowcase

boost -print-on-demand-product-sales-on-Independence-Day-pillows

  • Phonecase:


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8. Back to school day (Aug 01) 

8.1 Back to School Overview

Back to School Day, is an annual event for students and parents. It takes place on either a Saturday or Sunday, marking the first day of school. 


The whole idea behind Back to School Day is to welcome kids back from summer break and familiarize them with routines and other school-related things before official classes begin again. In addition to helping children get prepared for a new academic year, Back to School Days also give parents an opportunity to meet teachers, administrators, and other parents before new classes start.

8.2 Some print on demand ideas to promote sales on Back to school

  • Notebook


  • Tumblr

print on demand back to school

  • Tshirt: 

back to school for parents

  • Mask

back to school face mask

  • Hat

print on demand back to school hat

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9 Labor Day (Sep 06) 

9.1 Labor Day Overview: 

Labor Day is an American federal holiday, celebrated on the first Monday in September. It honors American workers and their contributions to industry and society while recognizing that labor is not entitled to the fruits of their labor as a natural right. 


Since it was first observed in 1882, Labor Day has been celebrated at different times and for a variety of reasons. In 2016, for example, Labor Day marks 100 years since Congress adopted its eight-hour workday law.

9.2 Some print on demand ideas to promote sale on Labor Day:


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10. Columbus Day (Oct 11)

10.1 Columbus Day Overview

Columbus Day was established as a holiday in celebration of Italian-American heritage. It’s the first Columbus Day celebration when Columbus discovered America. That took place on October 12, 1792. It was proposed by George Washington to honor Christopher Columbus and his discovery of America. In 1934, Congress designated that Columbus Day as a federal holiday. 


10.1 Some print on demand ideas to promote sale on Columbus Day



11. Veterans Day (Nov 11)

11.1 Veterans Day Overview: 

Veterans Day is an annual holiday to venerate all military veterans, that is observed on November 11th. It was formerly known as Armistice Day and commemorates the signing of an armistice agreement between Germany and Allies for World War I ending hostilities. 


Veterans Day is a creation of Congress and originated after World War I. It became an official holiday through a bill signing by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1954. Since then, it has been observed annually to honor all American veterans for their service and sacrifice to American’s freedoms.

11.2 Some print on demand ideas to promote sale on Veterans Day


print on demand veteran day tshirt

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12. Thanksgiving Day (Nov 25)

12.1 Thanksgiving Day Overview

Thanksgiving is a day of thanks and celebration. It takes place on the fourth Thursday in November. It originated as a harvest festival. Thanksgiving is celebrated by millions of people around the world and within the United States, it is an occasion for family gatherings, parades, charity fundraising events, etc. 


Many Americans will visit family or friends over Thanksgiving weekend, eat turkeys, others will take their children shopping, etc. But whatever they do, most Americans follow one tradition – they give thanks for what they have. The meaning behind Thanksgiving has changed throughout history.

12.2 Some print on demand ideas to promote the sale on Thanksgiving Day


bán hàng print on demand ngày lễ tạ ơn


bán hàng print on demand ngày lễ tạ ơn

yệt vời. Nó thỏa mãn cả nhu cầu về thời trang và chất lượng của khách hàng trong bán hàng print on demand ngày lễ tạ ơn.

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13. Black Friday and Cyber Monday

13.1 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Overview

Black Friday and Cyber Monday (sometimes referred to as Black Friday Weekend) is a shopping day, traditionally from November 26 to Nov 29. These days have also recently become an important sales day online, which inside the list of upcoming calendars with holidays that you must know. Most major retailers open very early (and more recently, throughout the entire Thanksgiving weekend) and offer promotional sales. 


13.2 Some print on demand ideas to promote sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday


14. Christmas Day (Dec 25) 

14.1 Christmas Day Overview

Christmas Day is a holiday celebrated on December 25. It is celebrated by many Christians as the birth date of Jesus Christ and marks not only his birth but also his resurrection. 


Many other countries have adopted Christmas as a holiday, so it has turned into an international celebration, with activities around Santa Claus and gift-giving. Christmas Day is also known as Xmas. The word Christmas comes from Old English ‘Cristes mæsse’, translating to Christ’s mass.

14.2 Some print on demand ideas to promote sale on Christmas Day


Print on demand product on christmas

print on demand on christmas

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II. Marketing strategies for upcoming calendar with holidays to increase sales 

For online merchants, upcoming calendar with holidays make up a huge portion of retail sales. As a result, it is essential to take advantage of these holidays and promote your business during them.

1. Launch seasonal products 

Businesses can best meet customer demand by launching seasonal products on upcoming calendar with holidays. By doing so, customers will have an increased opportunity to purchase seasonal products during a time when they most need them. 


Additionally, businesses can take advantage of holiday marketing opportunities to advertise their product or service through themed items that incorporate brands’ logos or slogans. Taking a similar approach with your company’s social media accounts is also a great way to help promote your brand at no cost while appealing to potential consumers. 

If you’re looking for new ways to spread brand awareness, consider incorporating trending hashtags into your posts to reach potential buyers who may not be actively searching for what you have to offer.

2. Create an occasional landing page

It’s not that hard to get people interested in upcoming calendar with holidays. You don’t need a big budget, you just need to know how to position your product or service. Why not create a landing page for your site with information about the upcoming holiday season? 

With relevant landing pages and sufficient content, you can generate great traffic before every major holiday or celebration. It doesn’t matter if it’s Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving or Christmas- there will be an opportunity for creating a promotional landing page. 


Find some simple ways of connecting your offer to these upcoming events and watch as more and more visitors arrive at your website when one of those special days approaches.

3. Offer product bundle and discounts

Bundle products together into a holiday package or offer special discounts for upcoming calendar with holidays are great ideas. The more people you get to buy, the better off you are: they’re buying multiple items, making more money from each sale, and increasing your customer base. 


Instead of discounting one item at 50% off (your regular price), offer two items at 25% off or three items at 20% off. As a print on demand business, there might be other specific bundles you can offer as well. For example, offer a Christmas package with Santas-themed t-shirt, mugs, and socks. 

4. Run advertising campaign on social media 

upcoming calendar with holidays are a great time to increase your sales if you are in retail. You can also choose to run an advertising campaign on social media or other online outlets. You can do it in several ways: sponsored posts, Youtube videos, or banner ads on websites. 


If you choose to go with video ads, be sure that they’re short and funny. That way your audience will stay engaged even after they click away from them. Also, make sure that there is a call-to-action at the end of your video ad to help viewers do something after watching it. One thing to note: start advertising earlier than just a few weeks before you expect sales to spike.

5. Appeal with customers’ emotions

Emotions are an intrinsic part of human behavior, and if you think about it, emotions (to varying degrees) influence all types of decision-making. While we typically associate emotion with subjective feelings such as joy, fear, excitement, or sadness, as well as rational thoughts. Emotions play a crucial role in our actions and behaviors. 

That’s why it’s important to appeal to shoppers’ emotions on upcoming calendar with holidays like Mother’s Day. The key is that there needs to be some sort of connection between your brand and their holiday experience, otherwise it won’t resonate with them. 

III. Final thoughts 

For the holidays coming up this year, it’s important to stay on top of your game if you want to have the highest chance of success in any marketing strategies you use. These upcoming calendar with holidays are prime times to reach out to new and existing customers alike in order to promote your business or service, but they can also be confusing if you don’t know how they started or what they mean to people.

With our calendar with upcoming calendar with holidays, hope you can make a whole-year plan to increase sales and have some ideas about print on demand designs.