Did you know that on Easter, the average person will spend $74 on online shopping? If you’re looking to boost print on demand product sales on Easter, there are several ways to get a leg up on your competition, including these 10 powerful strategies. Follow these tips, and you’ll be able to capitalize on this profitable seasonal opportunity while also improving the performance of your entire portfolio year-round. Let’s get started! 

1. What is Easter? 

Easter, a Christian holiday that is widely celebrated by billions of people around the world. The official name for Easter is ‘the festival of Christ’s resurrection. This day symbolizes not only how Jesus rose from death after being crucified, but also celebrates his life, which Christians believe was taken from him unjustly. 


The word Easter comes from a pagan goddess called Ostara or Eostre (meaning spring), who in some stories gave birth to all children. In other stories, she was a moon goddess and her giving eggs as gifts symbolizes rebirth. It’s thought that when Christianity moved into northern Europe and Germany, it was forbidden to celebrate pagan holidays like midsummer or vernal equinox because they were associated with witchcraft.

2. Why boost print on demand product sales on Easter?

A holiday is always a good time to boost POD sales. It helps to step-up brand awareness, collect customer data, and drive traffic. 

Boosting your print-on-demand (POD) sales may be a great way to get more people aware of your brand. Many customers browsing through products in-store will never see your brand or shop online unless they take that extra step, so having a spike in POD orders can potentially increase brand awareness.

With unlimited customization options at no extra cost, POD products make it easy for businesses of all sizes to express themselves in a meaningful way that aligns with their brand identity.


Moreover, as the customer demand reaches its peak when the holiday shopping period comes, your business can collect countless customer data for future use. Your customers are your business, and customer data is your most valuable asset.

By knowing who they are and what they want, you can deliver more of what they want, which will lead to increased profits. There are two things about customer data that make it so powerful: quantity and quality.


3. Top POD niches to Boost Print on demand products sale on Easter

Before driving into some best tips to boost print on demand product sales on Easter, let’s find out a list of print on demand products to sell on Easter. 

3.1 Tote bag 

The first product that you can sell on Easter is a Tote bag. Totes are practical and stylish. People buy totes because they want something that will hold more than a purse or briefcase but is smaller than a luggage bag. Totes are also durable and water-resistant, making them perfect for carrying groceries or even books, binders, and papers—all while looking fabulous. 


3.2 Mugs 

Overwhelmed by all of your chocolate-themed POD products? Think about what people are most likely to buy, especially around an occasion like Easter. In that case, hot chocolate is one of those go-to holiday treats.

If you’re looking for a seasonal product that you can make in bulk and sell year-round, consider making hot chocolate mugs with plastic or glass cups. These little tools don’t have much competition since they’re so specialized, but they do still need to be marketed correctly if you want to stand out from other sellers.


3.3 Easter clothes 

If you are looking for sales during Easter week, clothing is usually a good bet. Clothing sales will typically be bigger than other holiday sales, but they will last longer as well. As Easter falls in mid-April, it’s very likely that people still have warm weather on their minds. As such, they may want to purchase summer clothes such as shorts and sundresses. 


If you are considering selling clothing items during Easter Week, you can start planning early by including more summer-themed options in your inventory list now. You can also think about stocking up on summer accessories such as hats and sunglasses.

3.4 Beach towels


Summer is right around the corner, and a beach towel makes for a great choice of gift. People generally don’t splurge on gifts for themselves, so you can create a product that doesn’t even require sales skills. All you need to do is make a print-on-demand towel. This will be especially true during warm weather seasons. You could also focus your attention on towel designs that target younger generations since they have more expendable income than older adults might have.

3.5 Easter Bunny – Print on demand product

Easter is all about cute and cuddly bunnies, chicks, and lambs. We should feel nostalgic for these fuzzy little friends of our childhood, right? That doesn’t mean we can’t cash in on their cute factor while commemorating Easter. 

It shouldn’t be a surprise that stuffed animals are one of the most popular sellers in POD stores—in fact, according to Statistic Brain, teddy bears are among some of the most popular items people love to buy online (and re-gift!) so it should come as no surprise they make great POD products too.

easter bunny print on demand

Click on this link to see more Easter product ideas to implement. 

4. Best ways to boost print on demand product sales on Easter 

It is time to find the best strategies to boost print on demand product sales on Easter. Dive in now! 

4.1 Launch special giveaways on social media 

One of the most effective ways to boost your print-on-demand product sales online is through giveaways. The concept is simple: you give a little away for free in order to build buzz and gain interest in your brand, and then you hope that they will want more. Social media is an ideal place for a giveaway because users are already looking at their feed, clicking buttons, and completing signups—all good things for getting your name out there. 


Offer customers an incentive or special gift (like a discount code) for taking part, too! You can even do them all at once by creating a dedicated page where users can claim gifts based on a number of social follows, shared links, or other interactions with your brand.

4.2 Setup email campaigns 

You can use your newsletter and other resources like Facebook and Twitter to get print-on-demand product information out there, but nothing has quite as much staying power as an email blast. While it might seem counterintuitive, marketing via email is incredibly effective—not only because we’re bombarded with so many messages on a daily basis, but also because they live in our inboxes for so long. 

Do some research into what type of content people find useful when they get promoted emails from brands—articles or videos are usually good starting points.

4.3 Launch seasonal products 

If you’re a company that sells print-on-demand products online, such as photo books, calendars, or t-shirts, now is a great time to start thinking about launching new seasonal products that are tied into special events. In fact, when it comes to business-related holidays (such as Valentine’s Day or Independence Day), sales can jump up dramatically. 

You can ride these holiday waves by making sure you have new, interesting product lines for each major event and then driving traffic and boosting sales with smart advertising. The more products you offer for holidays and other special occasions—and the earlier in advance—the better your chance of making significant money from them.

4.4 Offer special discounts 

Giving buyers a reason to buy early can dramatically boost your chances of getting more sales. To give potential customers some incentive to buy their products during one of your pre-planned promotions, you could offer them a small discount.

This might be as simple as using an enticing coupon code that gives them free shipping on their order or it could be something more elaborate like a limited-time sale where they have extra incentives for placing their order right away. 


No matter what you decide, just make sure that you post about it in advance so that people will know what they’re in for! If there’s no deadline involved and everyone has equal access, some shoppers are likely going to wait until later when they think demand will drop off. 

4.5 Offer product bundles 

If you have multiple products in your print-on-demand shop, consider packaging them together for a discount. People love deals, so why not take advantage of that? For example, you could offer a happy holidays bundle of some holiday-themed designs that are appropriate for Easter.


This gives customers more products at a discount and can encourage them to buy more products than they might have otherwise. Alternatively, rather than letting your customers build their own bundles (like Groupon does), you could create set packages that appeal directly to your audience.

4.6 Create a sense of urgency 

There’s a lot of competition in print-on-demand products. If you want to gain traction for your products, you need to figure out ways to make them stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace. One way is by creating a sense of urgency that will compel customers. 

If you’ve got a print-on-demand product and you want your sales to really take off, however, then it’s best to convince buyers that they should buy your product now. If there’s something better just around the corner, they may wait until later—and your sales will suffer as a result.

Include phrases like limited time only or this weekend only in all of your social posts about your print-on-demand products over Easter. By putting a sense of urgency into play, you can inspire action from potential customers and drive additional sales for yourself.

4.7 Post user-generated content 

Gathering user-generated content is easy in theory, but it’s harder than you think to get shoppers excited about sharing their photos and artwork. Still, if you want your POD products to look as professional as possible, user-generated content is a must. The key: making it a fun experience for both customers and employees. 


Offer prizes or bonus points for customers who share their creations with your social media networks; set up areas in stores where visitors can take pictures of themselves with your products, and have contests with creative themes like #MyIlovePrintOnDemand at Easter time. Allowing shoppers and employees alike to take part in making your print-on-demand products look beautiful will help boost sales exponentially. 

4.8 Create Easter landing page 

Having a landing page for your digital products means that when customers search for keywords related to your niche (such as Easter), they’ll land directly on your sales page. That way, you’ll capture their attention immediately and give them what they’re looking for, rather than having them leave and come back later—or not at all. 


If you have trouble putting together one of these landing pages yourself, there are plenty of services that can do it for you (though you’ll want to check out whether they offer better value or functionality than doing it yourself). And if all else fails, just make sure your eCommerce shop is up-to-date with some cute and clever additions that relate to holidays. 

4.9 Run online advertising campaign 

Online advertising, such as Google AdWords or Facebook’s sponsored posts, can be a quick and effective way to boost sales. But remember that most advertisements require you to make ongoing investments of time and money (both of which are in short supply when you’re starting a business). 


For instance, if you run ads through Facebook, those ads will stop working after 30 days. If your campaign starts gaining traction, Facebook will only show it to fewer people. To get around that problem, you can continually build new campaigns and boost them over time—this is known as piggybacking or running multiple concurrent ad campaigns.

4.10 Leverage Video marketing 

Ecommerce businesses selling print-on-demand products—tend to do best with video marketing. The video makes it easier to demonstrate a product and increases your brand awareness. But there are some things you should know about eCommerce video marketing before jumping in headfirst. 


In particular, it’s important to keep these three points in mind: Don’t produce a sales pitch: It’s OK if people walk away from your videos knowing more about you and wanting to learn more about your business. It’s not OK if they walk away convinced that buying from you is a must.

5. Final Words 

While most online stores will see an uptick in sales around Easter, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd with so many competitors fighting for the same customers on the same day. But, as long as you follow our strategies to boost print on demand product sales on Easter, your business still can thrive. 

If you need any assistance, you are always welcome to contact us. We are here to help! And, good luck!