The back to school buying season is massive since it includes everyone from kindergarten to college. Let us not forget that it is also back to school time for parents and caregivers, as well as back to teaching time for educators. Therefore, sellers should well prepare back to school promotion ideas for print on demand products. 

Back-to-schoolers favored computers and hardware above wardrobe items on their buying lists during the remote learning phase. Many folks are now eager to shift out of their pajamas and sweatpants.

This “6 Best Back to School Promotion Ideas For Print on Demand Businesses” will give you an overview about back to school promotion ideas for print on demand products, and several successful promotion ideas in the past for references. 

Let’s get started now! 

1. Why should we prepare back to school promotion ideas for print on demand products?

1.1. Huge demand for print on demand products

Back to school expenditure per family in the United States is anticipated to grow steadily over the next two years, reaching $789.49 in 2021. It’s worth noting that it’s not only adults that go shopping for back to school supplies—in 2021, the typical US teen spent $45.35 of their own money on back to school supplies.

back to school promotion ideas for print on demand

With that large amount of money spent, it cannot be denied that it is a great event for sellers to prepare their back to school promotion ideas for print on demand products to boost sales as well as build a strong brand with targeted customers. 

1.2. Print on demand products are attractive to students, teachers and parents

Due to the huge demand for print on demand as mentioned before, all students, teachers and parents usually look for print on demand products. In details, you can consider our reasons to decide: 

Teachers: They are at the end of summer vacation, and ready to come back to school with fresh energy. They also have a tendency to refresh themselves to welcome a new generation of students in the next semester. Regarding their expense ability, teachers are active and willing to pay for print on demand products.  Therefore, teachers are potential customers for your back to school promotion ideas for print on demand products. 

Students: Students, kindergartners or teenagers, are happy with new items before coming back to a new school semester. Especially, some might pay more attention to their new clothes which can present their own personality. 

College students: College students are even concerned about their identity, so print on demand items are the best choice for them in the next semester. 

Parents: Every parent has a great desire to give their children the best preparation for the school year. That’s why parents are willing to pay a huge amount of money to best get ready for their children’s new semester. They tend to spend more on clothes and items related to studying.

2. When should we prepare back to school promotion ideas for print on demand products?

The bulk of internet merchants will begin preparing back to school promotion ideas for print on demand in early July, because parents, children, and teachers will be looking for items to make the new school year more exciting and memorable after a year of uncertainty and hybrid learning.

back to school print on demand

3. Back to school promotion ideas for print on demand business

Now, you know when to expect the back to school crowd, use these successful marketing strategies including creative back to school promotion ideas for print on demand products to ensure that consumers stop by your business to cross some things off their shopping lists.

3.1. Add back to school products to your store

This time of year is typically less about acquiring the necessary school supplies and more about making the school days as memorable and pleasant as possible for children and parents.

While bringing seasonal items to your business for back to school consumers is a wonderful idea, strive to make the back to school mainstays more unique by offering new designs or allowing customers to customize current products.

print on demand

College students, like K-12 students, will want to update their clothing. Furthermore, college students may be interested in home décor goods to make their new space, whether it is a dorm room or a shared apartment, comfortable and homely.

Here are some products the K-12 segment might have their eyes on:

    • Notebooks and Stickers
  • print-on-demand-back-to-school-notebook
    • Mugs

print on demand back to school

    • Backpacks

print on demand back to school

    • Drawstring bags
    • Phone cases

ốp điện thoại các loại print on demand back to school

    • Leggings

legging print on demand back to school thể dục thể thao

    • Beanies

Here are some customizable products for the back to school segment:

    • Framed posters and canvas prints
    • Pillowcases and throw blankets
    • Towels
    • Tote bags
    • Fanny packs
    • Sportswear and duffle bags
    • Blankets

vở chăn gối print on demand

Finally, teachers are going back to school, too. These customizable print on demand products are sure to spark their interest:

    • Matching staff t-shirts
  • back to school for parents
    • Tote bags
  • tote print on demand back to school
    • Water bottles
    • Laptop sleeves
    • Mugs

Because the target demographic is so diverse, there are several excellent goods to offer. We’ve prepared a little bit to assist you in creating your next best-seller—add all-over print back to school goods to your store and receive a $5 discount coupon to use on your next order!

3.2. Create a back to school promotion

Back to school shopping may be stressful for a variety of reasons. Customers must not only check off a lot of boxes on their shopping list, but they must also determine which companies are worth their time and money.

With this in mind, design back to school promotion ideas for print on demand products that are obvious and simple for customers to take advantage of.

back to school marketing

Once you’ve decided which goods to add to your business, consider what kind of deal you may make and promote it to your target audience. If you’re stuck for back to school promotion ideas for print on demand, here are a couple to get you started:

    • % or $ discount
    • bundle deals
    • free shipping
    • flash sale
    • week-long sales event
    • giveaway
    • contest
    • promo code
    • loyal customer discount
    • loyal customer pre-sale

Tip: Back to school isn’t a shopping event when everyone has to have their purchases in by a specific day. You may, however, combine some of the promos (discounts or a special offer) with the delivery dates to encourage your consumers to begin shopping.

3.3. Let your audience know about your back to school marketing strategy

The simplest method to accomplish this is through social media. In 2020, over 25% of parents said they planned to utilize social media platforms, particularly Facebook, to help with back to school shopping. Teens and college students frequently do product research on Instagram, so be aware of the platforms you choose to reach out to your target demographic.

If you have an ad budget, consider using sponsored posts to reach a larger audience. Also, notify your email list about your back to school promotion ideas for print on demand products; they’ll enjoy the heads-up!

Tip: Don’t simply send one email campaign and hope for the best; instead, schedule a few emails with different text and subject lines and re-promote them to subscribers who didn’t read your email the first time.

3.4. Create valuable back to school content on social media

Not everything you do should be conversion-focused. In addition to presenting your items and advertising your bargain, you may produce useful material to make the beginning of this joyous but stressful season simpler for people who participate.

If your clients are parents or caregivers, provide tips for getting the kids ready for a new school year. It may be anything from school clothes to lunch box recipes or advice on how to overcome shyness.

Cover subjects that can assist college students prepare for life in school, such as time management or decorating their rooms, if you’re aiming to reach them.

back to school event

A few more back to school promotion ideas for print on demand business in term of content that you can experiment with on social media:

    • Back to school shopping list
    • Room organization tips
    • Creative lunchbox ideas
    • After-school activities
    • Productivity tips
    • Fun DIY projects

While certain topics may be unrelated to your business, writing about them will help you connect with your target audience. The more valuable your free material, the more probable it is that your audience will visit your business.

3.5. Make your back to school marketing more relevant to the hottest trends

What are youngsters (or even parents) enthralled with these days? Consider the most recent trends or events that your consumers are interested in and use them in your back to school promotion ideas for print on demand business.

For example, in 2015, Pokemon Go swept both the app and real-world worlds by storm. As a result, numerous shops jumped on the Pokemon Go bandwagon in order to boost sales and stay relevant.

Consider integrating a current trend into your back to school advertisements to capture people’s attention. Again, you may use Google Trends to find the most recent hot subjects. Think with Google’s Shopping Insights tool can help you investigate the patterns and popularity of certain items.

3.6. Make campaigns more compelling by getting the kids involved

Back to school is all about the kids, so get them involved in whatever you’re doing for the season. This might be as easy as asking children and teenagers what they want to buy for the upcoming school year, or if you’re serious about including children, why not enlist their assistance in carrying out your campaigns.


That’s exactly what Target did, and the results were spectacular. In 2016, the store opted to let children carry out the full back to school marketing. Children and teenagers accomplished everything, from writing and directing Target’s advertising to making props and appearing in it.

4. Successful back to school promotion ideas for print on demand in the past

4.1. Amazon’s ad highlighting student aspirations

Amazon’s back-to-school advertisement is brief, straightforward, and, most importantly, astute. In the 15-second commercial, a teacher will start their class with a roll call, but instead of calling out names, he asks what profession his kids want to be when they grow up.

He shouts out “future marine biologist,” to which a kid with an ocean notebook proudly raises his hand, “future songwriter,” to which a girl with a piano binder enthusiastically raises her hand, and “Captain Laser Cat,” referring to a student wearing a funny and unusual T-shirt. The advertisement concludes with the following slogan: “When it’s time for youngsters to go back to school and achieve their goals, Amazon offers everything they need from A to Z.”

amazon ad

The promo emphasizes what makes Amazon so popular: anything you could ever want is just a click away on the internet. The subtlety of the brand’s messaging, along with the overall appeal of the commercial’s tale, results in a successful marketing campaign. Amazon says in this commercial that they offer everything you need for return to school, but also everything you need to achieve your ambitions.

4.2. American Eagle’s back to school clothing line release

The start of school is usually difficult, but the start of middle school is considerably more difficult. No one understands this better than Kleenex, whose latest back to school ad involves a sociological experiment exploring a group of children’ worries before their first day of middle school. The commercial opens with the children expressing their concerns in their own words, the majority of which relate with the social pressures that frequently occur during this difficult transition. 

Later in the session, the same youngsters are shown creating and receiving Kleenex packets emblazoned with encouraging comments from their peers. As the youngsters receive emotional Kleenex gifts from their peers, their anxious and uneasy expressions transform into smiles, confidence, and laughter.


The commercial’s emotional tale is deliberately connected with the brand’s messaging and product, resulting in a relevant and honest marketing campaign. The ad, which was supported by the company’s #ShareKleenexCare hashtag, received good internet attention for its daring attempt to engage emotionally with its clients, a trend that is becoming increasingly essential for companies. The ad concludes by showing Kleenex statistics, which shows that 77 percent of youngsters felt more confident and less alone after creating and distributing Kleenex care packets.

5. Final thought

It’s now time to use what you’ve learnt and get started on your back to school promotions. Add seasonal goods to your business, create your offer and promotional materials, and assist others in getting into the back to school mood.

6 Best Back to School Promotion Ideas For Print on Demand Businesses make use of this event can highly boost your sales of print on demand products as well as access closer and build up a strong brand to targeted customers.