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90% of customers use keywords to search for the desired product. Finding the best keywords to optimize your product listings when selling on Amazon is paramount. This helps your online store approach more ideal customers and make more profit. The advantage of using keywords well is huge.  However, handy methods are inefficient, so why don’t you consider the free Amazon keyword tools in this article.

1. Why Is Keyword Research So Important?

Keyword research is the process of finding the most used keywords for your eCommerce store. The benefits of keyword optimization for Amazon SEO are numerous. This is the reason why keyword research should be at the forefront of a digital marketing campaign.

free keyword tool

  • Knowing your keywords means getting what your online business is selling and what it needs. In case you don’t know this, identifying keywords can help you understand what your business is all about.
  • Keyword research can tell you important metrics: Where you rank for keywords, Which keywords are easy to rank for, and Which keywords your competitors are ranking for.
  • More importantly, keyword research will show you what customers are searching for. Search engines can only rank your store if it knows what your channel is all about. Identifying keywords to use in posts and outreach can drive traffic to your store.

Keyword research has a positive effect, but it needs to be done on an ongoing basis. No matter what size of your eCommerce store, no matter where you’re selling (selling internationally or domestically), regularly checking keywords and finding out how you are ranking compared to your competitors is essential.

After researching your keywords, combine them with many other SEO strategies and apply them to your posts. This can help you rank and attract customers to find you.

2. Role of Keyword in Amazon SEO

Amazon search engine optimization (Amazon SEO) helps sellers to optimize their Amazon product listings to rank higher in Amazon searches when someone searches for related keywords.

keyword role

  • Drives Traffic: In SEO terms, keywords are words a business will specifically “target,” whose rankings determine which words and phrases are searched for most often. Search engine algorithms have the ability to automatically detect keywords and automatically rank stores based on their keyword optimization.

In other words, the more keywords you sprinkle on your post, the more people are likely to find your store.

  • Customer Connection: In a simpler sense, keywords are means of connecting product searchers to products. Cultivating a keyword list should be the first (and most important) step in your SEO strategies. Be aware that keyword relevance is much more important than keyword density for content optimization.

3. Top Best Free Amazon Keyword Tool

3.1 Scientific Seller

Scientific Seller is a great free Amazon keyword tool that helps you look up the ideal keywords for your Amazon listing.


Scientific Seller features:

  • Simplicity is one of Scientific Seller’s bright spots.
  • Extract keywords: the tool is capable of extracting keywords from the database to help you understand how customers use keywords to search for different products online.
  • In-depth search: Other keyword tools may stop searching after suggesting a few hundred keywords. Scientific Seller, on the other hand, goes into the business of researching creative searches on Amazon. Thanks to that, there are many different keyword ideas.
  • Provide real keywords: Scientific Seller is designed to only show keywords that actual Amazon buyers are entering. This makes the tool trusted and widely used by sellers on Amazon. It’s beneficial to let you know what keywords buyers are using to search for your products, making it easier for you to optimize your listings.

3.2 Sonar Keyword Tool Amazon

Sonar Keyword Tool are one of the most important success keys for Amazon sellers. Sonar offers a free Amazon keyword tool that suggests keywords directly from real Amazon customer search terms.

sonar keyword tool

Outstanding features of Sonar:

  • 110 million Amazon keyword databases: Sonar has the most comprehensive Amazon keyword database, all of which are search terms used by real Amazon shoppers.
  • Select the product ASIN of any product and paste them into Sonar. Sonar’s feature will show you which keywords your competitors are ranking for.
  • Sort keywords: This feature has the ability to sort keywords by search volume, helping you quickly find a list of the most relevant keywords for your product.
  • Expand the long-tail keyword: Select the long-tail keywords in the Search Term Report and paste them into the Sonar tool to create related keywords. You can export them through Excel and use them in PPC campaigns.
  • Boost your product rankings on Amazon: The tool quickly identifies the most relevant keywords in your niche. Make sure keywords are added to the product title and description.

Sonar Keyword Search Functions

  • Keyword Search (search by word stem)
  • Extended Search (search synonymous keywords)
  • Reverse ASIN Search (discover your competitors’ keywords)

3.3 Ahrefs Amazon Keyword Tool


Ahrefs is a comprehensive paid tools packages for SEO. Although the software is quite basic, it provides enough needs for small-scale stores. The software displays 100 keyword results returned after each search and sorted by search volume – an estimate of the average monthly number of searches for that keyword.

However, there is no option to download the search results, so you will have to manually save the results.

Ahrefs Key Feature:

  • Suggest the best ideal keyword for Amazon seller listings
  • Get accurate Amazon keyword metrics
  • Perform Amazon keyword research for 170 countries
  • Newly discovered show keyword that people only started searching for recently to
  • Find new trends and products
  • Provide keywords competing for listings rank in Google
  • Save and export your best keywords into lists for easy management.

3.4 SellerApp

SellerApp is an eCommerce analytics software. This eCommerce software provides Amazon sellers insights metrics from their data to boost the optimizing processes.


SellerApp features:

  • Discover the keywords with the most searches and are very specific. This feature makes it easy for buyers to find what you are selling thus highly profitable for the company.
  • Finding the best and most relevant keywords: Allow sellers to rank better in searches.
  • Define keywords for Amazon product listings and PPC campaigns.
    Offers an impressive database: Over 100 million keyword suggestions and extensive search for sellers.
  • Free tool: SellerApp provides a free Amazon keyword tool for sellers. They can use this keyword tool for free. Paying $199/month for using the entire SellerApp program.

3.5 KinWords Amazon Keyword Tool


KinnWords is a very easy-to-use tool with built-in metrics to analyze data and generate a “KIN Score” summarizing the importance of keywords. This is a completely useful free Amazon keyword tool, you won’t be bothered by push ads or constant reminders about the upgrade.

There are 3 metrics – KIN Score, Relatedness, and Sales Potential following each keyword suggestion returned.

  • Sales Potential: An assessment of the traffic potential
  • Relatedness: An assessment of the relevance of the keyword
  • The KIN score is given from the combination of these two metrics below for each keyword.

So you only need to consider this one factor if you are doing quick keyword research. Sign up for a free account allows you to export a list of keywords and their scores to a CSV file. This is a simple process and only takes a few seconds to do.

3.6 Helium 10


Helium 10 boasts one of the most powerful keyword tools available today and is extremely useful for Amazon sellers.

Helium 10 features:

  • Provides Detailed Keyword Information: just insert the keyword you want to look up, Helium 10 gives you extremely detailed results on search volume, distribution, top products, and word frequency.
  • Find your ideal keywords easily: Helium 10 helps you create a list of the most ideal keywords for your business, your job is to choose the most relevant keywords and use them in your product page copy. you on Amazon.
  • Free tools: This free Amazon keyword tool gives you up to 20 keyword searches per month. There are also paid plans if you use the keyword tracker component more often.

This tool is available in the following Amazon marketplaces:

  • Denmark
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

3.7 Keywordtool – Free & Premium

Keyword Tool is considered a free Amazon keyword tool that is mostly used by Amazon sellers. This tool combines with Google Autocomplete to provide hundreds of long-tail keywords for any topic.



  • Keyword Tool For SEO And Content Creation: A lot of customers said that they found Amazon products through Google search. Make sure your post contains content wrapped around the keywords your potential customers used while searching for a product so that it can get traffic from Google or other search engines. In return, Google will help you get higher rankings, resulting in increased traffic.
  • Keyword Tool For International SEO: Although this is only a free Amazon keyword tool, its features let you search keywords from 192 Google domains and use 83 Google language interfaces to generate keyword suggestions other than English.
  • Keyword Tool For Advertising: A lot of businesses run keyword advertising campaigns. Showing your ad to an audience that enters relevant keywords will result in a higher click-through rate (CTR), lower cost of visit (CPC), and higher conversion rates for your business. Using this method saves you money on advertising and generates a better return on investment.

3.8 Google trends – Free Keyword Tools for SEO

Google Trends can be used as a free Amazon keyword tool that provides sellers with graphs and data on specific search terms that are commonly used on the two major social platforms Google and YouTube.

Google trend

Google Trends features;

  • Identifying which keywords are on trend
  • Discovering local search trends
  • Finding related keywords growing more common
  • Providing a chart of public interest in a topic over a period of time
  • Seeing where a topic is most popular

Google Trends helps you find and identify which keywords are gaining popularity and avoid terms that are losing momentum. However, you should know, It does not provide data on monthly search volume or competition for each keyword phrase.

3.9 Google Keyword Planner – Free Keyword Tools for SEO

Google Keyword Planner is designed to help you research keywords. This is a free tool that allows users to search for keywords related to their business.

google keyword planner - free amazon keyword tool

Google Keyword Planner features:

  • Discovering new search keywords: The tool has great benefits for those who are new to trading and starting to find keywords for their pages. Google Keyword Planner has the ability to suggest relevant keywords when you start researching keywords that can be used in your campaign.
  • See Average Monthly Searches: Knowing how often keywords in your eCommerce business are searched is extremely important to your campaign. This is one of the most common free Amazon keyword tools that makes it possible to see estimated monthly searches for keywords. The tool’s features allow you to understand your customers and how they will search for your product. This is especially important for your campaign and strategy.
  • Discover Costs for Keywords: The cost of the keywords you want to target should always be considered in a business campaign. The Keyword Planner provides the average cost for your ads to show on keyword searches, so choose the keywords that best fit your strategy and budget.

Note: Your advertising costs will be determined by a range of factors including your keywords, budget settings, and Quality Score.

3.10 Keyword Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a browser add-on for Chrome and Firefox that helps you do keyword research.

Keyword everywhere tool - free amazon keyword tool

Its feature gives you an insight into the monthly search volume, cost-per-click (CPC), and competition info for various APIs. The data is inserted right in the search dashboard you just used for easy access. This free Amazon keyword tool currently receives a 4.6-star with over 5,000 comments in the Chrome web store!

Keywords Everywhere Features and Benefits:

  • Download Data: Download your list of keywords in Excel, CSV, or PDF file formats.
  • Import Keywords: Add your keywords in bulk and get their volume metrics.
    Search by Country: Filter and narrow to select best results by specifying the country.
  • Analyze Page: Find all keywords on any given website and check their search volume.
  • Add all Keywords: Save all keywords on a given page for future research.
    16 APIs: Keywords Everywhere works with 16 platforms including Google Search, Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner, Bing, YouTube, YouTube… and more.
  • Languages & Countries Supported: Keywords Everywhere is currently available only in English and is active in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa & India.

4. Final Thought

Using a free Amazon keyword tool but gets a lot of benefits to your keyword search tasks. Those best premium & free Amazon keyword tools will help your eCommerce store rank at the top of search categories and reach even more customers. Remember that Amazon optimization is extremely important and should be a top priority.