Stop Making These Tik Tok Marketing Mistakes To Boost Sales Crazily in 2021

The greatest approach to learn about TikTok advertising is to study the errors of others. We produced an overview of a few frequent Tik Tok marketing mistakes made by marketers and some professional suggestions on how to prevent them!

TikTok has risen to prominence in the world of social media applications during the last two years, and it continues to grow in popularity every day. The video-sharing site is gaining followers in more than 150 nations per second, thanks to the rising excitement surrounding it. TikTok is projected to have over 1 billion users and over 2 billion downloads, shattering previous records and outpacing its competitors in the process.

It’s no surprise that everyone, including users and companies, wants to be on the trendiest platform at the time. Although normal people find TikTok to be a lot of fun and easy to use, marketers may run into certain issues when attempting to promote their products and services to TikTok users.

TikTok Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid in 2022

Tik Tok Marketing

1. Small Bid for Ads

TikTok advertisements, as you may know, function as a bidding mechanism for an in-feed video ad spot. Marketers frequently make one of the Tik Tok marketing mistakes of starting their campaigns with overly low bids.

“For example, if you estimate that $15 is required to generate a conversion and get a 300 percent ROAS, you should not bid $15 for an Add to Cart conversion, which is a popular strategy for Facebook or Instagram advertising,” Vladimir explains.

“The secret is to start with a 3 to 4 times higher bid and progressively lower it during the campaign until you get the desired CPA,” he explained.

2. Insufficient Budget

Insufficient budget is one another of Tik Tok marketing mistakes today. The minimum campaign budget on TikTok is $50, with a $20 minimum for ad groups. This bare minimum allows you to observe results and confirm that your advertising is effective in achieving your goals. In theory, at least. In actuality, Vladimir advises leaving enough area for algorithms to “learn” and discover the ideal consumer for your ad! So, if your expected bid for an add-to-cart conversion is $20, your budget should be at least ten times that amount. The algorithm will have enough finances to find and target the ideal potential consumers for your goods or service in this manner.

3. Target Wrong Audience

Tik Tok Marketing Target Wrong Audience

You could believe that TikTok is a fantastic location to publish your work because it has 800 billion members. Many marketers make one of Tik Tok marketing mistakes: they don’t consider their specialized target on the new platform.

Keep in mind that TikTok isn’t simply for advertising. It’s a site mostly utilized for amusement and pleasure by Gen Z (about 60% of its users are between the ages of 16 and 24). As a consequence, you shouldn’t expect to obtain results only by placing advertising on it.

To identify competitors, do competitive research on the platform first. Then look at the demographics of your users to determine who your target audience is. This is critical in Tik Tok marketing mistakes since irrelevant followers will not help you grow your business.

4. Irrelevant Content

Each social media platform has its own distinct flair. You wouldn’t post the same thing on Instagram and Linkedin, right?

And when it comes to TikTok, it’s all about fun and creativity! “Content should match the platform’s mood and tone of voice.” Repurposing other content for TikTok will get you recognized right away, but not in a positive way. “Content must appear to be tailor-made for the platform,” Vladimir explained. According to our expert, the secret to content success is getting right to the point, giving your business a voice that is relevant to your target audience, and following current trends.

5. Not Humor Enough

You must learn the general style and tone of a new platform before you can promote it. You wouldn’t share comparable information on LinkedIn and Instagram, for example, because their objectives and aesthetics are so dissimilar.

TikTok is a fun and entertaining platform. Posting serious and wooden material is one of the most common blunders people do. Keep in mind that this is not a place for traditional advertising. To get attention, you must make your audience chuckle. Of course, because there are so many humorous videos on the site, this won’t always be easy.

6. Not Share User-Generated Content

Tik Tok Not Share User-Generated Content

Although it is simple to upload a video to TikTok, not all videos get a high interaction rate. Of course, consistency is essential for consumers to remember your brand, but producing a large number of innovative and informative films may be prohibitively expensive.

It is strongly advised that you reuse user-generated material for your account. You might request that your audience produce films and share their experiences with you. These films can help you save a lot of money while also increasing engagement. This is also a good approach to win your followers’ trust and make them feel at ease with you.

7. Too Promotional Content

Keep in mind that promotional content irritates Generation Z. Constantly advertising your items or services is among huge to avoid Tik Tok marketing mistakes. Instead, you should create material that focuses on the advantages your products or services may provide to your clients. To put it another way, you must persuade them that your offerings are a need in their everyday lives.

Many accounts are just interested in making money with TikTok or selling their accounts to novices or small companies. You should be aware that the majority of TikTok users unfollow accounts that are too commercial to avoid Tik Tok marketing mistakes. In fact, as compared to previous generations, Gen Z is more sensitive.

8. Ignore Comment Sessions

You can’t publish and then run, just like you can’t drop an ad every now and then. You must participate in your own comments area, as well as in the comments sections of others. Why? Because the algorithm and the people both require it.

If you don’t react to comments or participate in other comment areas (of your followers and other creators/businesses). You won’t be able to keep your following, and your video won’t have enough engagement to earn the algorithm’s boost.

9. Not Know Deeply About Creative Tools

Not Know Deeply About Creative Tools

Last on our list of common TikTok ad blunders is failing to familiarize oneself with the available tools. Many marketers aren’t making use of the creative resources at their disposal and leads to Tik Tok marketing mistakes. And doing so will just raise the amount of time you spend on your advertisements while also increasing their efficacy.

Let’s go through the tools you have at your disposal. We’ll also demonstrate how to set up Automated Creative Optimization (a must-do).

You have the following tools at your disposal:

  • Automated Creative Optimization
  • Quick Optimization
  • Smart Text
  • Video Templates
  • TikTok’s Video Editor
  • Smart Video

10. Ignore Influencers

Brand recognition today necessitates the use of influencer marketing. This is especially essential for newbies since it may help them improve their marketing approach. Because there are so many renowned accounts active in each area, getting TikTok people to follow your account may be difficult

To improve your exposure and gain more followers, the ideal strategy is to collaborate with influencers. Influencers may also provide credibility to your business since people trust the advice of influencers.

Set up money for influencer marketing, especially since prices have been reduced due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

As a result, you must use a natural approach to get people to try your products or services. Try to talk about the applications rather than simply your company. This will help people perceive you as a specialty leader rather than just a salesperson.

11. No Hashtag Challenges

Hashtags are becoming an important part of all social media sites, including TikTok. Make the most of hashtags if you want your work to attract a lot of attention. Conduct extensive research to identify the finest hashtags for your industry and combine them with your branded hashtags and to avoid Tik Tok marketing mistakes.

TikTok offers a fantastic feature that allows you to create your own hashtag challenge. Conversions, lead generation, and sales may all be improved using this technique. To reach as many specialized audiences as possible, try combining this method with influencer marketing.

12. Tips to Optimize Tik Tok Campaigns

Tips to Optimize Tik Tok Campaigns

13. Target audience

One of the best methods to optimize your TikTok advertising and to avoid Tik Tok marketing mistakes is to use TikTok Ads Manager, the platform where you manage your TikTok ads, which provides a variety of targeting options (gender, age, interest, geography, etc.) to pinpoint exactly who you want to view your ads. Create a broad audience if you don’t know which audience segment you want to reach with your campaign. With this option enabled, the TikTok Advertising Manager will determine the optimum target for your ads using intelligent technology.

You’ll be able to identify which audience segments click on these first campaigns by analyzing the results, and you’ll receive insight into how to improve them by analyzing the outcomes to avoid Tik Tok marketing mistakes. Simultaneously, the TikTok algorithm will improve, resulting in better outcomes.

Create comparable audiences to consumers that are of high value to your brand while optimizing your advertisements. The TikTok Ads platform will look for profiles with comparable qualities to your consumers, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

We recommend that you utilize the TikTok Pixel Helper to check for problems and/or implementation advice on your website after installing the pixel.

14. Account Structure

It’s possible to wind up utilizing target audience criteria that overlap when targeting several groups for a single campaign to avoid Tik Tok marketing mistakes. This implies you might be presenting the same ad to people who aren’t interested in your campaign or aren’t relevant. Instead, make sure you’re combining audiences that are similar in value and overlap with one another.

15. Bid & Budget

If you want to obtain more conversions, you should plan your daily spending around the 50 conversions per week mark. As a starting point, start your campaigns with a bid price of 1.2x-1.5x your usual cost per acquisition (CPA) and work your way up from there. Consider comparing the bidding methods of Standard Bid and Max Conversion.

16. Optimization Events

Optimization Events

Another tip for improving your TikTok Ads to avoid Tik Tok marketing mistakes is to experiment with different conversion events. An event is a user action that we can track to gather information about when they view the campaign (view content, add to cart, purchase…).

Optimize your campaigns for lower-level events like “page view” or “add to basket” if you haven’t yet run enough campaigns on TikTok and your pixel doesn’t have enough data on your audience. Because these events receive many more clicks than “buy” or “checkout,” your pixel will receive data much faster. We propose optimizing your top-level event campaigns once the pixel is rich and understands which consumers respond well to your TikTok Ads.

17. Multiple creatives

Although trial and error is typically the best way to figure out which creative technique works best in each situation, keep these four suggestions in mind to help you enhance your TikTok Ads creativity and avoid Tik Tok marketing mistakes.

Create content that is unique to you. Use the text overlay with TikTok’s free music collection to create vertical content. User-generated material, for example, may make your ad campaigns appear more natural.

Incorporate individuals into your advertising in the same way that a TikTok user would in their videos. To enhance your brand engagement and to avoid Tik Tok marketing mistakes, collaborating with a content producer is a smart idea.

Use the Boosted TikToks option to promote your own content or collaborate with a producer to create content for your company. It’s a method to get your TikTok campaigns in front of the right people and expand their reach.

Use a variety of creatives. We propose using at least three distinct creatives for each ad group and rotating them with the copy.

Wrapping Up

Because TikTok is still growing in terms of popularity, ignoring TikTok and its advertising potential is the worst mistake a business can do. To get desired results on TikTok, you may need a lot of patience, work in developing a great plan, and frequent review of your performance to avoid these Tik Tok marketing mistakes above. However, in the long run, experimenting with different channels and understanding what works best for your audience will pay off handsomely.