How To Get More Reviews On Shopify Stores To Boost Sales In 2021

When it comes to converting casual visitors into eager purchasers, customer reviews are one strategy that can help. Customer reviews can have a significant impact on a customer’s purchasing decision. Having a large number of client reviews on your website is a great strategy to increase on-page conversions.

Getting more reviews on shopify stores is the most trustworthy kind of promotion for boosting e-commerce sales. The majority of customers buy things after reading internet reviews since it has a direct impact on their decision to buy.

But how can you get more reviews on shopify stores? Here, we’ll go through the basics of customer reviews, such as how to get them, different types of reviews, and real-world instances.

I. Why are customer reviews important?

Get More Reviews On Shopify Stores importance

Real customer reviews might encourage a hesitant shopper to make a purchase. Customer evaluations from like-minded individuals or other shoppers in similar situations might provide more relevant information to potential buyers.

A client may be intrigued yet reluctant about buying a product. Customer reviews can give “the social evidence” they need to verify their initial curiosity and decide to buy since they can see how the items are enjoyed by other customers.

If a consumer publishes a review, this narrative alone cannot work like persuasive feedback from an unexpected source. Regardless of how comprehensive and honest you are, you are definitely interested in showing your items in the best light to get more reviews on shopify stores. After all, you’re a shop wanting to make a profit.

1. Why are customer reviews important 

Rocket conversion rate

Why are customer reviews important  Rocket conversion rate

So reviews and ratings are one of the factors that individuals, including yourself, consider when making purchasing selections. In fact, 79 percent of buyers believe product evaluations are as trustworthy as a personal suggestion. That’s four individuals out of five!

That may appear absurd at first. Maybe to me, because I’m in my 30s and a little older. People check the internet to see what others are saying.

A friend’s recommendation used to be the finest thing you could possibly obtain. And it most likely still is. Online reviews, on the other hand, are a close second. This is why having product ratings on your store will almost certainly increase your conversion rates or easily get more reviews on Shopify stores.

Content generated by the user – UGC

Content created by the User (UGC) is a word you probably know or hear bandied about. Simply described, user-generated content is any kind of content that is submitted on the internet platforms like social media and wikis, like photographs, videos, texts and audio. So one reason we want consumers to type and leave product evaluations on our shop pages is that our websites are crawled by Google and Bing and every other search engine to get more reviews on Shopify stores. If you have content written by this individual, it goes way beyond the description of the goods, even when you do an excellent job of rewriting it.

Content generated by the user - UGC

In order to recap, if you have loads of unique (and great!) material on your pages, Google and other search engines will rank you naturally. What does increased traffic mean, of course, and you can make more sales.

2. How good reviews can impact your store

The kind of reviews you desire is obviously favorable ratings. In the following ways, SEO can have a good effect to get more reviews on Shopify stores:

Increase your rate of clicking: There are greater chances to click a link with positive evaluations on your site.

Improvement of your desired keyword ranks: UGC may help SEO to provide a great approach for your business to generate real, authentic quality content. And Google likes to crawl that kind of information. As the content of your brand is linked, it presumably contains keywords that are important to your business. This sort of material is loved by Google since it gives you a transparent image of your company so that you can better position yourself for searches.

Engagement to build social media: While social media is not a direct component in the ranking, it may improve SEO because postings appear in search results. SEO optimizes great importance to quality content and customer reviews are a wonderful example of authentic content. By including customer evaluations into your social media strategy, more people are encouraged to talk to you, leading to improved search results.

Engagement to build social media

Reducing bounce rates website: Shoppers will probably spend longer on your website and perhaps convert if they can read online reviews and learn more from their previous customers about their business.

3. How bad reviews can impact your store

It is unavoidable to have a few negative ratings. You just can’t all please. However, the way you manage them may make a terrible circumstance good and can still have a beneficial influence on SEO. This is how:

Enhance your credibility in your business: If everything your review is flawless, potential consumers may find it spammable and you can’t get more reviews on Shopify stores. 67% of purchasers actually want to see a mixture of good and negative customer evaluations. It enables them to evaluate whether the company is confident. Thus a few adverse reviews might influence your SEO positively.

Opportunities for improvement: But after you analyze your circumstance, poor reviews are an excellent resource to assist you to get to know your consumers better and enhance your business and SEO. In response to bad reviews, both your consumers and Google have demonstrated that there is a person to work on.

Create responsiveness opportunities: The silver coat with poor reviews is that they offer you the opportunity to reply and control your reputation online. SEO is essential to respond to reviews (good or poor).

II. How to get more reviews on Shopify stores

It’s time you figure up a plan for them now that you know about the value of customer reviews. Here are a couple of strategies to start you:

1. Build automated customer review process 

Build automated customer review process 

One guaranteed method to obtain more consumer feedback is to develop a feedback procedure that helps automate your business request for reviews and ratings.

Make reports and evaluations a frequent component of your business and processes in order to assist in creating social evidence. More reviews provide further evidence and increase confidence in your retail company. It is also vital to obtain new reviews constantly because outdated evaluations do not inspire new buyers to become paying customers. Some methods to include requesting feedback in your day-to-day business practices:

  • Train your sales and customer services personnel to always request feedback from their customers.
  • Recall loyal clients to write their reviews on a regular basis.
  • Integrate your email and SMS automation campaigns with requests for reviews to get more reviews on Shopify stores.
  • Add links to review sites or emails for the confirmation of order.
  • Invite additional consumers to submit evaluations in three to five testimonials every month in your social media plan.
  • Most essential, remain consistent and if required adjust to any approach you select to receive client feedback.

2. Email your customers

Email your customers

Don’t miss the opportunity to get more reviews on Shopify stores. Take further email reviews from them. Set customer emails to automatically request a revision once their purchase is received. This email encourages you to share your experience with the goods you purchased from your shop.

You’re not supposed to take the initiative of your shoppers, including the most devoted ones, to leave you a review. One of the simplest strategies to promote client evaluations is simply to ask your clients. 70 percent of clients leave a review on demand, as we have indicated previously. So, you will probably be pleasantly surprised at the willingness to assist.

Find out how to order shoppers to give reviews of the things they buy. You merely don’t need to request a review.

3. Give incentives for submitting reviews

If you have a loyalty program then when you leave a review or help them get more reviews on Shopify stores, you can grant customers points. Giving prizes is an excellent approach to stimulate clients to act. A loyalty program would ensure that your clients are connected to one other. This will also motivate them next time to go shopping.

Loyalty programs create credibility so you may reward your consumers by leave reviews.

4. Use Shopify review apps

Use Shopify review apps

Shop apps to evaluate products offer special solutions to help you monitor reviews and, most all, collect more favorable ratings to promote your brand. You may also increase your SEO by using an app to see your reviews from Google, which allows organic traffic to increase in your shop. These applications normally require some level of investment, but if you select the correct one, you will see a considerable return on investment.

You may add a variety of Shopify applications to your eCommerce website to add product reviews. Here’s a handful to begin with to get more reviews on Shopify stores:

5. Claim your online store on social media

Claim your online store on social media

In addition to your own website, customers are allowed to submit evaluations. If you have positive experiences with your brand, you want to make it easy for delighted clients to submit reviews.

Make sure your business is set up on external sites to get more reviews on Shopify stores. Let the following begin:

You can also use industries that are relevant to your company. These could include locations such as Angi, Citysearch, Tripadvisor or Trustpilot.

6. Educate customers on the importance of reviews

Educate customers on the importance of reviews

Take time to explain why your organization is concerned about client reviews. You can do so by emailing your consumers after purchase. Tell them how reviewing may help you establish confidence and grow your business, and they will likely support you to get more reviews on Shopify stores.

The greatest strategy to get your customers to buy things from your shop is to show their entire review score. After the reviews of previous customers had purchased from your business, most customers buy things.

You will see your experience of the products, and you will come to a conclusion after seeing whether or not to purchase the thing. It’s crucial to show the entire score of your review in your shop as a simple way to get more reviews on Shopify stores.

7. Make a simple template for submitting a review

Make a simple template for submitting a review

There is nothing disturbing except a visit to a site and some pages become confused. In this instance, there is a good chance of leaving the site without any action. Also, it is about making it easy for customers to post their product reviews when we take this case.

Customers will be discouraged by complex forms with too many questions to get more reviews on Shopify stores. You must therefore simplify the process and link to the product pages on appropriate pages. Keep it short and sweet so that clients who come to your shop to purchase the procedure are easy and convenient.

8. Reduce revision friction

Include a mechanism for e-commerce reviews. You may explore other online stores of retailers to see how they put up their reviews to get more reviews on Shopify stores but consider incorporating a Stars Rating System.

The retailer standard may be specified via Amazon’s customer review system. It contains a rating system, written reviews, and a search feature, allowing buyers to browse different kinds of feedback. Write review buttons are also easy to discover on Amazon.

On product sites, on confirmation pages and e-mails, or in receipts and bills, you may insert your own appeals. Make the page on which consumers may locate easy, alongside it simple to write reviews for specific items.

9. Omnichannel selling 

In the case of omnichannel sales, it is important to encourage customers to evaluate the needle to get more reviews on Shopify stores. Not only does it help you sell more online with online reviews for local SEOs, but it will also help you attract more local consumers to your dealer.

Omnichannel selling

Also, before buying in person, many in-store consumers look for items online. So many customer evaluations can make visitors pay consumers, regardless of whatever channel they purchase on.

How did customer reviews contribute to online and offline sales? Share your experiences in the following comments.

III. Wrapping up

Wow, you knew that e-commerce reviews were so important? I hope you now appreciate the importance of social evidence in your shop. To get more reviews on Shopify stores is a strong plan to start with your product since if your product is lower, the best practice of collecting reviews will fail.

If you are, however, already proud of a fantastic product, you only need a clear plan for a campaign to obtain additional reviews. With this post, you got an opportunity to discover some tips and methods to help you come closer to the review process.