Best Selling Products On Amazon

Amazon is the world’s leading eCommerce website that helps sellers reach millions of shoppers every day. In 2015, Amazon overtook Walmart as the most valuable retailer in the United States by market capitalization. With only a computer connected to the network, you can work anytime, anywhere and bring in a stable and sustainable income with high profits. However, in order to compete with other reputable sellers on Amazon, you first need to find your own product niche. Let’s scroll down to find the best selling products on Amazon!

1. How to Find Niche Products On Amazon?

Amazon Product Research

1.1 Check The Amazon Best Sellers

The first place you should start looking is the “category diving” on Amazon’s best sellers page. In the left sidebar, you’ll see a list of top-level product categories. Start with categories related to your interests or hobbies and start searching. For example, if you’re an avid reader and want to start your business journey with books, you can explore the “Books” category and see which titles are trending on Amazon. This is the place to help you have the most realistic ideas without spending any fees.

1.2 Use Amazon Niche Finder

AmzNicheFinder is extremely a useful tool when you need to find a good niche product on Amazon. Its feature allows sellers to search for ideal products through sales and product data. This tool gives you about 20 different Amazon categories in a left sidebar with subcategories with other information including:

  • The best seller rank
  • The number of products in a subcategory
  • The Average estimated sales per month
  • The average number of product reviews
  • Average product rating
  • Average product price

1.3 Use Product Research Tools

Product Research

There are 2 types of tools to help you find your amazon product niches: Keyword tools and Product research tools. Use Amazon keyword research tools to help you see which keywords or keyword phrases are searched in order of rating. This data helps you understand what products your customers need and make the right decisions. You can review keyword research tools here. The next effective tool is the Amazon product research tool.

These tools help you shorten your usual research time and get you a list of trending products with the potential to generate huge profits. Most of these tools need to pay a fee but return worthy results.

1.4 Stay Away From Seasonal Products

The biggest advantage of finding a niche that doesn’t depend on the season is that you can consistently sell year-round. No one buys winter goods in the summer. Therefore, before choosing a niche product you also need to consider other factors of the target country/region. Some of the products that you don’t need to care about the seasons are electronics-related products. People are always looking for things like headphones, chargers, and more. These products can be sold all year round with very high demand bringing quite stable revenue in each month of the year.

2. Top 8 Best Selling Products On Amazon

2.1 Books – Best Selling Products On Amazon

Best Sellers Book On Amazon

The first best-selling product on Amazon is a book.

Although smartphones or laptops are increasingly used in finding documents due to their speech and convenience, books are still a popular commodity as ever. In addition to e-book sales that have been increasing sharply in recent years, sales of paperback and hardcover books have maintained a steady increase. The demand for reading has never decreased because this is considered a culture and hobby of many people. New or used books are still among the best products to start your business journey on Amazon.

If you want to make greater sales from books, you need to stay on top of trends by searching which current titles are on trend at that moment.

Top 5 best selling products on Amazon in Books

  • Peril
  • Women, Food, and Hormones
  • Vanderbilt
  • Change Sings
  • Crazy Faith

2.2 Toys & Games – Best Selling Products On Amazon

Amazon Best Seller

After a long day of stressful work, everyone needs to relax and have fun by playing games. Actually, the category “Toys and Games” is for a wide range of customers from children to adults. You can generate a large number of sales if you meet the needs of these audiences. This catalog has a diversity of products with different prices.

Of course, any product that wants to sell well needs to consider a lot of trends. There will always be a certain toy that is hot and sought after by many people. If you want to find items with consistent sales throughout the year, looking at historical trends can be really helpful.

Top 5 best selling products on Amazon in Toys & Games

  • TeeTurtle
  • Coogam 60PCS Halloween 3D Bats Decoration
  • LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book
  • Effacera Pop Fidget SpinnerToys 4 Pack
  • Play-Doh Modeling

2.3 Home & Kitchen – Best Selling Products On Amazon

Amazon Best Sellers In Home&Kitchen

Most families cook every day. As a result, Home & Kitchen is one of the most popular categories with impressive sales. There are a lot of options when it comes to this category, you might want to look at kitchen tools like oven mitts, measuring cups, and more. Great demand but not too many trends in this category. One of the main factors determining sales for this category is product quality.
So when researching the best-selling items in this category, you should read reviews to see what customers like about these products that make them so popular.

Top 5 best selling products on Amazon in Home & Kitchen

  • Queen Size Sheet Set
  • Mellanni Queen Sheet Set
  • SafeRest Queen Size Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector
  • Super Soft Easy Care Microfiber Sheet
  • Bedsure Satin Pillowcase for Hair and Skin Queen

2.4 Beauty & Personal Care – Best Selling Products On Amazon

Beauty & Personal Care On Amazon

Everyone, especially women, has the need for year-round beauty care. People with sensitive skin often suffer from a mild skin disease. They really need daily beauty care products. Girls who have to wear a lot of makeup also have a high demand for makeup remover products that are also essential to keep the skin smooth. Therefore, this type of goods usually has stable sales all year round. You can always count on this catalog to drive sales. However, these are products with potential health risks, so you should stay away from things that can be dangerous to customers’ health.

Due to the ability to directly affect the health of the skin, please learn carefully about the quality of the product. The special thing about this category is customer loyalty. Good quality products have a great ability to create loyal customers as well as easily get good reviews.

Top 5 best selling products on Amazon in Beauty & Personal care

  • REVLON One-Step Hair Dryer
  • Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara
  • Mighty Patch Original
  • Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Face Wipes
  • BAGSMART Toiletry Bag Travel Bag

2.5 Sports & Outdoors – Best Selling Products On Amazon

Outdoor activities are extremely popular along with fitness sports activities. You need to pay attention to some of the products in this category, as some products are a bit more complicated. However, the products in this category are improving continuously and following trends. Keeping up with trends is essential to generating revenue.

However, some sports are seasonal in nature, so you should find products that can be sold at any time of the year. You can consider some items such as sportswear, insulated water bottles, weight sets, and more. These are all top products in the best sellers in Sport & Outdoors Amazon category.

Top 5 best selling products on Amazon in Sports & Outdoors

  • Hanes Men’s EcoSmart Sweatshirt
  • Hanes Men’s Pullover EcoSmart Hooded Sweatshirt
  • Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle
  • SABRE RED Pepper Spray Keychain
  • Simple Modern Insulated Water Bottle

2.6 Camera & Photo – Best Selling Products On Amazon

Best Sellers In Camera & Photo

Traveling is a popular activity for everyone. Therefore, the demand for filming and taking photos to keep memories is great. Besides, jobs related to video content like Youtuber also need quality cameras. However, these items often require large investment capital as well as strict product preservation. They are easily affected by weather conditions. One more suggestion in this category is security cameras.

Think twice before deciding to consider these products. Besides, you can totally research camera-related products that are also always in great demand such as Tripod, Power Socket, Memory Card Holder, Remote Control, etc.

Top 5 best selling products on Amazon in Camera & Photo

  • WYZE Cam v3
  • Blink Mini
  • Ear Wax Removal Endoscope Otoscope
  • Security Camera 2K
  • WYZE Cam Outdoor Starter Bundle

2.7 Electronics – Best Selling Products On Amazon

Selling electronics like TVs, refrigerators can bring huge profits. However, if you are just starting a business, do not have too much capital and experience, you should not start with these categories temporarily. These are complex products that make shipping and selling much more difficult. In addition, you will have to compete with reputable, large capital brands.

While most products in these categories have consistent demand throughout the year, they can be very saturated. If you decide to sell one of your main categories, make sure you find a niche with low competition. Some of the most profitable categories are restricted by Amazon, so make sure you’re approved before selling products in these categories.

Top 5 best selling products on Amazon in Electronics

  • Fire TV Stick 4K streaming device
  • 2021 Apple 10.2-inch iPad
  • WYZE Cam v3
  • Echo Dot (3rd Gen)
  • Roku Streaming Stick+

2.8 Baby Items – Best Selling Products On Amazon

BestSeller On Amazon

The last bestselling products on Amazon on this list are children’s items. Most of the products in this category are not seasonal products but year-round essentials. A year, many babies are born and in the process of raising, a lot of baby care products are needed. Pacifier clips, bouncy chairs, diapers, and more are indispensable items for babies. That leads to the high shopping demand for children’s products all year round.

However, to be able to compete with big, reputable shops, you need to provide really quality products. Parents are always looking for good and quality products for their children because poor quality products are easy to affect the baby’s sensitive skin. Try to provide customers with products that are trending in the market with the best product quality and service.

Top 5 best selling products on Amazon in Baby items

  • Pampers Sensitive Water-Based Baby Diaper Wipes
  • Diapers Size 4
  • Huggies Natural Care Sensitive Baby Diaper Wipes
  • WaterWipes Baby Wipes
  • Baby Diapers Size 4, 140 Ct, Huggies Little Movers

2.9 Pet Supplies – Best Selling Products On Amazon

Amazon Best Sellers In Pet Supplies

Selling pet toys is a business idea that brings great revenue while the capital is not too high because animal lovers are willing to spend money to bring joy to their pets.

If you choose this category, you should check pet websites to view the most popular items. To compete with other sellers, your products must be of high quality, which does not pose a danger to the customer’s pet. With the growing interest in pets these days, pet supplies, especially pet food is the fastest-growing segment. However, although this market has grown rapidly in recent years, it is still not enough to meet the demand of animal lovers. Therefore, selling pet food will be a great opportunity for you if you choose this type of business.

Top 5 best selling products on Amazon in Pet Supplies

  • Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags
  • Amazon Basics Unscented Dog Poop Bags
  • Fresh Step Scented Litter
  • Amazon Basics Dog and Puppy Pads
  • Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter

2.10 Computer & accessories – Best Selling Products On Amazon

Today, besides smartphones, computers are also an important technological device indispensable in many people’s lives. And it is also the increasing demand for computers that leads to an explosion in revenue for this item. Besides, it also promotes the need for repair and sale of computer components more and more.
This creates favorable conditions to create large sales with high profits. This is a product with a lot of potentials.

Top 5 best selling products on Amazon in Computer & Accessories

  • Sabrent 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub
  • Fire 7 tablet
  • TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router
  • All-new Fire HD 10 tablet
  • 300 PCS Stickers Pack

3. In Conclusion

Amazon is a potential marketplace with huge benefits for both sellers and consumers. To be able to generate high profits, you first need to carefully research what products are selling well on Amazon. That helps you choose the right product and map out the most effective business strategy to make profits. Hopefully, those best selling products on amazon above are useful for what you are looking for.