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Any online shop must be present where their consumers are. And Instagram pages for print on demand are now the place where businesses of all sizes can simply interact with their consumers. However, simply having an Instagram account isn’t enough. This year, it’s all about engaging tales, hashtags, and shoppable posts, so every online business owner should be informed of what’s going on on this social media channel.

So keep reading to discover a few of tried-and-true strategies for turning your company Instagram account into a reliable source of visitors and orders.

1. What is Instagram marketing?

Instagram marketing is a type of social media marketing that involves using Instagram to promote a brand. This social media platform assists businesses in connecting with a large audience, raising brand awareness, and increasing sales.

2. Why should sell on Instagram pages for print on demand?

 Instagram is the ideal platform for reaching a massive audience, with over 1 billion monthly active users. Instagram users spend an average of 53 minutes each day on the platform, making it the second most popular social network behind Facebook.

instagram pages for print on demand

Instagram pages for print on demand makes it easier to keep in touch with consumers and prospects. People like connecting with companies through this platform – 90% of Instagram users follow at least one firm.

Another thing to think about is Instagram’s selling acceleration features. According to a Facebook study conducted in 2019, 65 percent of consumers who saw a brand on Instagram accessed its website or app. 46 percent of those polled said they bought anything from a brand online or at a store.

Marketing on Instagram pages for print on demand provides access to a large audience that actively engages with companies and wants to buy from them. This social network, on the other hand, provides a number of other advantages.

Instagram has transformed over the last several years from a medium for flaunting riches or achievements to a useful tool for business. There are four ways that Instagram pages for print on demand may benefit your business.

3. How to promote sales on Instagram pages for print on demand

3.1. Begin sharing Instagram Stories on a regular basis

Instagram Stories has a daily active user base of over 300 million people. It implies that about 60% of Instagram’s 500 million daily active users are using Instagram Stories to view or post content. Without a doubt, not utilizing this function puts your company at a significant disadvantage.


But why should you care about Instagram Stories if not for the numbers? They only appear for 24 hours, after all. You don’t have to spam your Instagram account if you have a lot of material to publish. Simply tell stories!

Let’s take a look at some of the elements that might help you improve the effectiveness of your Instagram Stories:

    • Stories that stand out. Instagram Stories, as previously stated, expire after 24 hours. However, you may now store them in Highlights. This feature allows your fans to revisit your most popular Stories or find ones they hadn’t seen before they began following you.
    • The “swipe up” function is a handy tool. It’s simple to drive your consumers to your business by including a link in your Instagram story. But keep in mind that for the time being, this functionality is only available to verified users or those with 10,000 or more followers.
    • Stories that can be bought. If you have a business account linked to a Facebook catalog, you can also tag goods in your Instagram Stories by using a product sticker. Customers will be able to view product information in-app before deciding whether or not to purchase.
    • Stories that have been promoted. Because organic Instagram reach is dwindling, maintaining the same level of engagement without paid advertising might be difficult. As a result, sponsored articles can assist you in cutting through the clutter and reaching out to potential consumers.

What could ecommerce company owners do to make their tales truly SELL?

    • Make them stand out. Use Boomerang, GIF stickers, or Face Filters to make your tales stand out. Simple behind-the-scenes photographs of your business are very effective since they bring you closer to your audience and instill trust.
    • Use Q&A and poll stickers, as well as emoji sliders, to interact with your fans. Customers now, more than ever, want to be a part of your brand. Allow them to participate by asking a question, voting, or expressing their feelings. Customers will be more inclined to return to your store if they are involved in your brand.
    • Outbound links should be included in your text. Create a great post, including a link to your business or the product you’re promoting, target the proper demographic, and see your conversion rates rise.


3.2. Make an effort to record more live videos

Regarding Instagram pages for print on demand, the popularity of live video streaming is on the rise, and according to various surveys, it will continue to rise day by day. People of all ages like live streaming material, with 63 percent of those aged 18 to 34 watching it on a regular basis.

Live streaming is a fantastic way to interact with your audience in real time. Furthermore, it allows you to strengthen your relationship with your consumers by allowing them to see the person behind the brand name.

Here are some ideas for what you can do during an Instagram live stream if you’ve never done one before:

    • provide your consumers a sneak peek at special brand events
    • conduct an interview with someone who has relevant experience for the audience.
    • show you or your customers unpacking the items, and make announcements about forthcoming events and new additions to the range
    • give visitors a direct link to your business and urge them to buy right away, and you’ll get more leads.

What could ecommerce business owners do to make Live Videos truly SELL?

The first stage is to get as many people involved as possible. Before you start broadcasting, make an announcement in a post and/or a story, and describe what you’re going to do throughout the Live video. More people will be aware of the event in advance, and when Instagram pages for print on demand send out an automated message to all of your followers that your account is going live, they’ll know precisely what to anticipate in the video.

Also, don’t forget to plan ahead of time what content you’ll be sharing and make sure your stream session is enjoyable and interesting. Last but not least, before going live, be sure to test the video and audio quality.

instagram pages

3.3. Use your Instagram account as a secondary home page

More and more individuals are turning to Instagram pages for print on demand, rather than Google, to learn more about the companies they enjoy or are intrigued about. As a result, your Instagram account should not only be visually appealing but also useful.

For example, Tommy Hilfiger’s Instagram feed has a distinct branded style that demonstrates their distinct identity right away. It’s also quite simple to get in touch with the firm – there’s a direct link to their store in the bio, as well as an email address. Furthermore, you can examine the finest of their stuff in Highlights.

What could ecommerce business owners do to make their Instagram pages for print on demand really SELL?

Make the profile identifiable by using your brand’s style. It’s time to develop your own personal style if you don’t already have one.

    • Write a bio that explains who you are and what you do to your fans.
    • On Instagram, the bio is the only place where you may include a clickable link. As a result, don’t forget to include it.

By giving your Instagram account a unified, streamlined design, you give it the appearance of a well-established, trustworthy brand, and anybody who looks at it could be persuaded to become a part of what you represent by purchasing one of your goods.


3.4. Begin incorporating user-generated material

For many brands, user-generated content (UGC) is the most important source of material. Using user-generated content (UGC) puts the consumer in the spotlight and allows them to tell your narrative. It also acts as social proof and demonstrates that you’re willing to engage in dialogue with your audience. All of these factors make user-generated content (UGC) more trustworthy than branded advertising. It’s also completely free!

However, how can you lawfully republish user-generated content on Instagram pages for print on demand? You may take Stitchfix’s lead and do the following:

When a client identifies one of Stitchfix’s items in a photo, the brand asks for permission to republish the photo on the Stitchfix Instagram account by posting a remark beneath it. If a user agrees to have their photo republished, they can react with a special confirmation hashtag to the remark. It’s #yesstichfix for Stitchfix.

What should ecommerce company owners do to really SELL via user-generated content (UGC)?

    • Keep an eye on your brand’s Instagram pages for print on demand mentions to see what kind of stuff you may employ.
    • Contact people who have posted content connected to your brand and request permission to republish it on your account or website.

3.5. Make use of hashtags that are both relevant and popular

Instagram hashtags assist people in finding you, learning about your business, and deciding whether or not they want to become clients. They may also be used for marketing and keeping track of what your rivals are up to. After all, branded hashtags account for seven out of ten hashtags.

Instagram pages for print on demand now offer a feature that allows you to follow a certain hashtag. People may now follow material in the same way they follow friends and influencers, making tagging even more important.

What should ecommerce businesses do to make hashtags work for them?

    • Create branded tags to make it easier to find and follow material connected to your online store.
    • Look for popular hashtags that you may use to promote your business and items.
    • Remember to vary the hashtags based on what appears in your post. Using the same list over and again restricts your ability to gain new followers.

Hashtags on Instagram, when used strategically, can help you connect with new audiences and raise brand awareness. So choose your hashtags carefully if you want to be found by those who are interested in what you do.


3.6. Engage micro-influencers

Let’s start by defining what a micro influencer is. It’s a brand evangelist with a following of between 2,000 and 100,000 people. Advertising on micro influencers’ profiles was a popular trend in 2017, and it appears to be continuing.

Are micro influencers, however, the appropriate fit for your brand? There are advantages and disadvantages.


    • Micro influencers have a deeper relationship with their followers than A-class opinion leaders. It’s simple: having a smaller following allows them to engage with their audience more frequently and reply to comments or direct messages.
    • It is less expensive to work with micro influencers.
    • Followers trust a micro influencer’s viewpoint more than an advertisement.


    • Finding the ideal micro influencer might take some effort.
    • You may need to collaborate with more than one micro influencer at a time to achieve your marketing objectives.
    • Because each influencer will have their own pricing scale and criteria, handling content and payment in this situation may take some time.

It’s possible to purchase followers, so be sure the influencers you’re interested in working with aren’t doing so. Here are some pointers on how to determine whether or not an influencer’s followers are genuine.

What should ecommerce business owners do to use micro influencers to really SELL their products?

Find a micro influencer that has a similar following to yours and offer to sponsor their work. To see if your selected micro influencer tactic is effective, track the effectiveness of your efforts. Provide a discount promo code to the micro influencer, for example. If you’re not happy with the outcomes, consider a new micro influencer with a different audience.

If these people are trusted and loved by their fans, investing in collaborations with other content providers is beneficial. Needless to say, a genuine endorsement from these thinking leaders may help to raise brand recognition and sales.


3.7. Make your posts and Stories shoppable

We have discussed shoppable Stories, but did you realize that Instagram launched Shoppable posts earlier this year? Product names, short descriptions, and pricing may now be displayed for up to five goods per image, or up to twenty products per carousel, for all Instagram pages for print on demand. If a user clicks on the product in the image, they’ll be sent to your shop for further information. What are the best parts? It simply takes a few minutes to set up Instagram shopping!

What should ecommerce business owners do to make shoppable articles really SELL?

The primary selling point is that Instagram followers don’t even have to leave the app to buy something, making this the simplest and most direct method to sell on Instagram pages for print on demand. Your goal is to make full use of the feature so that your followers get as much information as possible:

Create an appealing product image.

    • Make a brief product description that fits the available area.
    • Determine the price.
    • Include a link.
    • Tag all of your previous posts as well. This way, if someone visits your account, they may buy the goods featured in posts made before the shoppable functionality was implemented. Furthermore, if you create more than 9 shoppable posts, your account will be updated with a new “shop” page where your followers can view all of your shoppable posts in one location

instagram pages

4. Final thought 

Instagram pages for print on demand are ideal for firms, but you must choose which strategy works best for your own business. Because there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” solution, developing your personal Instagram strategy will take some time.

That is why data testing and analysis are critical. Implement the techniques one at a time, keeping a close eye on the results and retaining just the finest aspects. Choose intelligently, keeping your target audience’s interests and needs in mind.