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As many POD sellers often diversify their products across as many channels and marketplaces as possible to increase sales, the demand for multi-channel listing software becomes higher than ever. Since creating and managing a brand presence across multiple channels ask for extra work and investment, a useful multi-channel listing software is the best weapon to support print on demand sellers in automate and streamline listings across multiple marketplaces and selling channels, as well as to maximize the effectiveness of management process.

This article will provide you with 8 best multi-channel listing software solutions for eCommerce sellers to help you narrow the options and quickly make a final decision.

1. What is multi-channel listing software?

Multi-channel listing software is a software solution that assists eCommerce sellers in the product management process. Multi-channel listing software automates listing products across all your marketplaces and channels. No matter how many eCommerce platforms you are pursuing to sell your print on demand products, you can set up product lists and information in one place only before pushing product data to marketplaces, thanks to multi-channel listing software.

2. What is a good multi-channel listing software?

In general, a good multi-channel listing tool will allow eCommerce sellers to finish all the product management steps in one place only. The whole product management process that could be done by a multi-channel listing software includes listing, adding items to any selling platforms, updating stocks. 

It is also essential that multi-channel listing software cover all cross-channel business rule management, such as between POD and fulfilment service. In other words, a satisfying listing software allows eCommerce sellers to focus on growing business in diversified channels and marketplaces.

3. Best multi-channel listing software solutions

3.1 Podorders is a comprehensive multi-channel listing software to incredibly support eCommerce owners in growing POD business. This solution provides multi eCommerce channels mix & match plans that support POD stores in management, automation and branding. is a multi-channel listing tool that:

  • Handle all products, orders, fulfilment, payments and hub support on multiple selling channels at a single dashboard. 
  • Push products, synced orders, get tracking code shipping, calculate profit on products, reply offers, send thanks and feedbacks.
  • Provides smart solutions for branding exposure by push sales and reputation. Enhance customers support a lot.

3.2  Sellbrite

Sellbrite is the easiest way for brands & retailers to list and sell their products on the world’s largest online marketplaces. Sellbrite helps you reach new customers no matter where they shop – create and manage listings, control inventory, and fulfil orders all from a single, intuitive interface that you’ll love using. Sellbrite also removes the risk of overselling with automatic inventory synchronization across all channels.

  • Easily list your inventory on multiple channels to reach more customers
  • Print postage and ship all orders from a single interface
  • Automatically sync inventory to avoid overselling

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3.3 GeekSeller

GeekSeller is a multichannel E-Commerce platform that helps brands and retailers to expand their online presence and automate processes. Thanks to GeekSellers, you can have control over orders and automate quantity management, advanced options can route orders and quantity based on customized rules. GeekSeller pricing starts at $200 per month and go up to $1,000.

  • Get access to a team with years of experience working every day with resolving marketplace related issues
  • Get access to priority support channels thanks to GeekSeller’s direct relationships with marketplaces.

3.4 CedCommerce

CedCommerce is a unique solution for those who dream to be different! They provide multivendor solutions to help eCommerce businesses master the art of multivendor selling. With a team full of expert designers and developers, they will bring your ideas to life. More than that, they offer a mobile app that is customized to fit your business and target audience.

  • Ready-to-launch solutions that are perfect for the POD sellers
  • Digital Marketing solutions & services that improve your brand identity
  • Connect your stores to numerous global marketplaces seamlessly, saving you from handling multiple platforms
  • Identify & target audience, market more effectively on multiple platforms, and increase sales with our smart, world-class marketing automation

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3.5 Inkfrog

Inkfrog gives you the freedom to manage your eBay and Amazon business like a pro. eCommerce sellers are free to sync their multi-platform business with Inkfrig exclusive tools. Moreover, they can help design beautiful eBay templates, manage your orders, messages and more.

  • Their eBay listing software services are tried and true
  • Brand new to our arsenal are thousands of professionally created templates for your eBay business and brand
  • Revolutionizing your company has never been so simple
  • As one of eBay’s most highly recommended inventory solution companies, Inkfrog can connect eCommerce channels to eBay.

3.6 SellerActive

SellerActive is the best solution for automate, optimize and expand print on demand e-commerce business. This is believed to be a suite of powerful tools that help you manage your multichannel business, and grow your e-commerce reach.

  • Easily create and publish listings for all major marketplaces
  • Import products and use data mapping to list out to Amazon, Walmart and eBay
  • Algorithmic repricing for competitive and private-label listings
  • Consolidate multichannel orders for faster fulfillment
  • Set thresholds to protect from overselling and out-of-stocks

3.7 Sellware

Sellware connects all your eCommerce and print on demand channels to help you sell products everywhere. Their comprehensive tools make listing products on multi-channel marketplaces simple, and order processing a breeze. Sellers have control over whether to manage products and orders in the Sellware system or on their existing systems.

  • Stop worrying about overselling or managing orders from multi channel marketplaces.
  • Create a single integrated feed and stop wrestling with multiple administration panels for each channel.
  • Integration is simple and comprehensive even for highly customized systems.
  • Modules for popular webstores provide seamless integration with your existing systems.

3.8 SolidCommerce

Thanks to SolidCommerce, eCommerce sellers will be able to expand, centralize, streamline, and automate your eCommerce business across multiple marketplaces and stores. 

  • Multi-channel eCommerce by centralizing, streamlining, and automating business operations
  • Integration with 30+ Marketplaces and Shopping Carts
  • Direct Connections to the Marketplaces with API Gateway

4. Wrapping Up

With a myriad of multi-channel listing software on the market, there is no best multi-channel listing software solution. The perfect multi-channel listing software might vary depending on your business size, human resources and the existing software solutions.