Did you know that more than 60 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram every day? And, did you know that nearly 20 million of those photos and videos are of products that people want to buy? If you’re selling print on demand products, then Instagram can be an incredibly effective way to get your products in front of new customers who might like what they see and end up buying from you. 

However, there are some significant things you should know before using Instagram to sell your items. Read the following article to learn some top things to know about Instagram for print on demand.

1. Why should you use Instagram for print on demand?

Before learning some tips about Instagram for print on demand, let’s find out the benefits of Instagram. 

1.1 Build customer relationships 

Instagram is an excellent platform for building your brand, but it also allows you to build relationships with customers in a way that isn’t possible through other social media. For instance, when you like or comment on someone’s post it puts your name in their inbox, which can lead to engagement down the road.


1.2 Reach new audiences 

Instagram is always growing, and with that growth comes new users who may not be familiar with your products. This makes Instagram a great place to reach people who might not otherwise know about you. This could mean selling to customers in other countries, or it could simply mean reaching out to new customers within your city. 

Any way you slice it, Instagram gives print on demand sellers access to hundreds of thousands of potential customers they might not otherwise reach through other methods. 

1.3 Drive website traffic 

If you have a big presence on Instagram, it can drive a lot of traffic to your site. In fact, just having an Instagram account with no posts is more likely to drive traffic than not having an account at all. Your followers will frequently click through from your profile or feed to find out more about your print on demand company and even purchase directly from your website.

1.4 Boost sales 

Instagram is one of many new online selling channels that can increase your sales. Research shows that people are more likely to buy when they see an item in person, so showcasing your products within your Instagram posts helps your customers imagine themselves using them, which increases interest in making a purchase. 


1.5 Advanced targeting options 

Instagram offers a range of targeting options that help you get your message out there to more people. You can target by age, location, gender and even interests. This is all very helpful if you’re trying to get eyes on your print on demand business.

1.6 Build Up User-generated content 

Posting high-quality product images and user-generated content is a surefire way to create a following of loyal fans. User-generated content is also an excellent method to get feedback from your community about their experience using your product. People want to hear from others who have actually used what they’re planning on buying. Social proof goes a long way in business!

2. Print on demand products to sell on Instagram

To use Instagram for print on demand, let’s find the products that you can sell. 

2.1 Clothing 

Clothing is the first option when thinking about Instagram for print on demand. Let’s face it, everybody wears clothes. Even if you aren’t particularly fashion-forward, almost everybody wants clothing. When it comes to product selection, you’re going to want a mix of basics (e.g., T-shirts, tank tops, socks), and trends (e.g., band tees). 


2.2 Water bottles 

Water bottles can be a great product to sell on Instagram. Just about everyone needs water and it’s easy to photograph. Bonus points if you find a colorful or unique bottle, as those tend to perform well with Instagram shoppers.


2.3 Mugs 

Mugs are a great product to get started with Instagram for print on demand. They work well as giveaways or to sell as a bundle with other products. You can customize them so you don’t have to design each one from scratch, and they’re relatively inexpensive – around $5 – $15 – per item.


2.4 Posters 

Instagram is a great place to showcase posters of your print on demand products. Posters can appeal to people who want something large and eye-catching that they can put up in their home or dorm room, and because posters are largely made using digital technology, they’re quick and easy to manufacture and ship. 


2.5 Pillow cases 

You can find pillow cases almost anywhere, but it’s not easy to find special ones that are just right. That’s why if you have access to a printing press, you should use it! Pillow cases are fun to sell because they are unique, can be printed in any design or style that you want, and they make great gifts. They don’t cost much to produce either.


2.6 Phone cases 

Instagram can be a great place to sell your own branded phone cases as part of your POD store. Phone cases are popular products and almost always customized, making them an ideal target for social media marketing.


2.7 Tote bags 

People love to use totes for all their carrying needs, whether it’s groceries or books. Tote bags are very versatile and functional, making them perfect POD items. Instagram is a great place to sell totes because they’re easily recognizable.

Be sure to show what your bag looks like in different settings (outside of shops, in grocery stores) so people can see how it will work in their lives. It might even help you come up with additional uses for your bags!


2.8 Hats 

You can sell hats. Baseball hats, beanies, you name it. If people want it, they’ll buy it. To make your hat business really stand out, use a picture of someone wearing one of your hats in an Instagram post.


2.9 Flip flops 

Flip flops are a great way to get yourself started in print on demand. The design process is very simple and quick, and there’s almost no overhead in getting them made. Flip flops are also cheaper than some other products, which helps you recoup your initial investment sooner. And since they’re such a hot item during summer months, sales tend to run throughout most of July and August.


2.10 Blankets 

Your customers are going to love you even more when they see that you sell blankets – everyone wants a warm blanket! And because blankets are something that everyone needs, not just wants, chances are your customers won’t mind spending $30 or $40 on one. Create multiple designs and products with different types of fabrics so you can appeal to as many potential buyers as possible.


3. Tips to sell on Instagram for print on demand products 

Below are some strategic tips to sell on Instagram for print on demand: 

3.1 Optimize your Instagram business profile 

Optimize your Instagram business profile to go beyond a logo and a tagline. Include as much detail about your business as possible, including who you are, what your products do, how they’re made, where they’re made and how long it takes to ship. 


Consider adding an email address or website URL if you’d like people to learn more about you and contact you directly from Instagram. But make sure it’s professional – not something like Instagram@MyBusinessName – so it doesn’t look cluttered or out of place next to your other account information.

3.2 Explore different content types – lives, stories, posts

Instagram is a visual platform. Posts and stories are a great way to share your print on demand designs with your audience, but live videos may be a great way to spark an interaction between you and your followers. 


For example, maybe one of your followers wants advice from you – giving advice via live video allows you to help that customer in real time!  Experiment with each type of content type and see what works best for you! Or, combine all three! 

3.3 Create a branded hashtag 

Hashtags are a great things to reach new people. To get started, look at hashtags that your competitors use, then think of ways you can use them more effectively. For example, if you own a skateboard shop in Austin, Texas, think about #SkateboardingAustin in a creative way that will appeal to your customers. 


You might run a contest or ask fans to post pictures from their latest skating session with your hashtag in order to win free merchandise! Although hashtags do not directly link back to any URL, they’re an effective tool for spreading awareness of your business and engaging with customers.

3.4 Set up Instagram Shopping 

The next tip you should do regarding Instagram for print on demand is setting up Instagram shopping. This makes it easier than ever for customers to buy your items using their Instagram account. 


Once it’s set up, customers can click Checkout with Instagram when they visit your online store. When they do, Instagram sends them over to an e-commerce site where they can select which items they want and complete their purchase.

3.5 Make the Most of Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are incredibly effective at boosting engagement. Whether you’re selling print on demand clothing or not, you can use Instagram ads to promote your content, bring in new followers and increase your brand awareness. The great thing about running an ad is that you can narrow down who it reaches by using advanced targeting options. 


So if you want to reach out specifically to people who might be interested in buying T-shirts, then go ahead and target people by their location, age, gender or interests. Another useful feature of Instagram Ads is Carousel ads which allow you to post up to 10 images in one ad.

3.6 Pay Attention to Your Analytics

Instagram analytics provide you with a number of useful tools that will help you to use Instagram for print on demand. You can recognize your most popular posts and customer engagement rate, along with demographics data. In addition, Instagram has recently added their Business Page Analytics. 


From here, you’ll be able to measure your top performing posts from within business insights, as well as monitor how many followers are engaging with each post. Knowing what your audience likes will make it easier for you to come up with strategies that help you reach a wider market and grow your print on demand business.

3.7 Use a listening tool (Social tracking tools)

As with any other social network, it’s important to use a listening tool that will keep you informed of new conversations about your brand or business. You can use these apps to find out what people are saying about your products and services online. 


One of our favorite tools is Mention, which lets you track mentions across multiple channels (including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, etc.) all in one place. The tool allows you to see mentions by real-time popularity and engagement so you can focus on what really matters – not just who mentioned your brand but how they are doing it.

3.8 Work with influencers for great reach

Influencers have become extremely famous in recent years, but there are still a lot of businesses who haven’t embraced them yet. And that’s too bad! They can be an excellent way to target and reach new customers by utilizing their following and marketing platforms. 


But keep in mind, not all influencers are created equal, so you should always do your research before choosing one for your campaign. To use Instagram for print on demand, think about leveraging influencers with a large number of followers and those who already feature similar products on their feed.

3.9 Offering Instagram-Only Promotions

If you’re just starting out and want to use Instagram for print on demand, consider creating an exclusive promotion that only your followers can get access to. This is a great way to entice potential customers and spread awareness about your brand at no cost. Here are some ideas: A discount code, free shipping offer, or organize a giveaway contest. 


Having a giveaway is effective in growing an engaged audience and building trust. Asking entrants to fill out a form asking them their full name, email address, and opt-in permission to follow you through social media gives you valuable insight into who they are as customers. 

3.10 Nail the photos and captions 

Taking good photos of your products is no easy feat. But, high-quality photos are one of the easiest ways to grow your audience and utilize Instagram for print on demand. What’s more, posts with high-quality images see 30 percent higher engagement than posts with low-quality images. 


Make sure you’re taking clear pictures that show off your product well so customers feel like they can get a good idea of what it will look like once ordered. And remember that people shop with their eyes first. So captions are super important! If possible, include some product details in your caption (size, material), pricing information and links for purchase.

4. Wrapping Up 

Short, visual, and engaging. That’s what Instagram users are looking for when searching the photo-sharing social media site. And that’s why Instagram can be an effective tool for promoting your print on demand business. 

To use Instagram to sell print on demand products, you must understand the features of this social media platform and how to benefit from them effectively. Hopefully, after reading this blog, you have known the top things about Instagram for print on demand.