How To Design And Sell Poster On eBay

With a little creativity and great support from technology, you can completely create unique, attractive posters and sell them on one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms like eBay. The demand for this type of art has never shown any signs of abating since posters are one of the oldest, most tried, and true types of marketing collateral. And it is an effective way to draw attention to your sales, so this can be a job that helps you generate an amazing source of income.

If you are newbies and want to try this job, keep reading and find out how to design and sell poster on eBay with us!

1. How To Design A Poster From Scratch To Sell On eBay

How To Design A Poster

1.1 Step 1: Identify The Purpose Of Your Poster

To understand how to design and sell poster on eBay successfully, you first need to identify the purpose of your posters such as to inform someone about a new product, a concert in their area, a conference, or to tell them there is a sale coming up… Knowing about the main goals of a poster from the beginning can help you guide your design choices.

Let’s take an example: If the goal of your poster is to get people to attend a meeting-up, then your poster design should be minimalist. Take a look at this meeting-up poster:

design poster print on demand

  • The poster design highlights the key information that attendees receive against a classy dark background.
  • The white and pink colors contrast with the black background, emphasizing the time and place, the attendance of some big companies. This information is likely to capture the attention of attendees.
  • Besides, the name of the conference “DIGITAL MARKETING MEETUP” is also written in the largest text placed in the center along with attractive surrounding shapes.

In general, the poster is designed quite simply, focusing on emphasizing the main information. However, the simplicity of the design makes the overall poster look more luxurious than ever.

1.2 Step 2: Draft An Outline

You need to create an outline to ensure that you do not miss any information and it will be presented clearly, and concisely. In general, the details in an event would include:

  • Title
  • Event date
  • Register link
  • Pricing details
  • Event rules
  • Parking locations

However, sometimes people will get confused and overwhelmed if there is just too much information in that poster. So the rule is to let your poster be clear and on the point.

1.3 Step 3: Choose A (Premade) Template

Poster Premade Template

If you do not have a ton of design experience, but only have a creative brain, designing your own poster might be difficult. However, a poster template is a good start in the process of learning how to design and sell poster on eBay. Poster templates will give you a foundation to create your poster design. So you can start your designing journey by picking a template that reflects the theme of your poster or that has the right layout that you are looking for.

Here are some tips to pick the best suitable poster template:

  • Look for a poster template that has a layout fitting your vision and goals like header placement, image placeholders, icons, and much more.
  • Choose a poster template that has the right dimensions based on your goal. In fact, you can always customize your templates if there are aspects of the design that you do not like, however, having the right poster template saves a ton of time.

1.4 Step 4: Add Photos, Text Content, And Graphics

Unique, stunning, and relevant images have been a staple of poster design that gives your design a huge boost in visual appeal. In fact, your image can convey the message or information much more than regular text ever will. Picking an appropriate photograph for your poster should come easy if you have already identified your brand image and personality.

There are things that you should keep in mind at this stage:

  • Always find and create an image that is actually relevant to your message and poster objectives.
  • Make sure that the photograph can facilitate a balance between your text and image.
  • Look for images with a focal point that helps you add text and other visual elements easily.

When it comes to poster text, you can go ahead to add the text. To add the right text content, you need to consider the main goal of your poster and create a message that refers to that goal to send to the audience. In addition, your poster’s mood and message will also be affected significantly by the fonts that you choose.

For instance, if your poster content refers to a modern theme or concept, sans serif typeface should be taken. Sometimes, the smallest details can make your art be professional, or sloppy, following these tips to create a stunning poster design:

  • You should not combine more than two different fonts or four type variations such as type size, and bold or italic style in your poster design, just do not make it too complicated.
  • The layout of the text will influence the look of the poster as well as tell your audience where to look and what to read first, so take this step seriously.

1.5 Step 5: Download Your Poster

After completing all the above steps, once again check your entire design and make corrections if necessary. Finally, download your poster design and start selling them on eBay and other marketplaces. Once you’ve done this, you’re halfway through the process of learning how to design and sell poster on eBay.

2. Successful Tips to Sell Poster On eBay

2.1 Find Poster Niches to Sell

In fact, before knowing how to design and sell poster on eBay, you first need to find out your poster niche. What types of poster themes you will focus on mostly based on the niche you choose and the audience you target. In addition, constantly reviewing market research is the key to growing business success no matter that you are a new eBay seller or an established store selling posters. That means to find poster niches, it is crucial to do market research.

find poster niches print on demand

You will need to follow these steps to do this:

  • Think about how much potential interest there is for the type of poster that you want to sell.
  • Evaluate your current audience and identify new target segments
  • Research industry trends
  • Analyzes your competitors
  • Calculate your potential margins to assess financial potential

There are plenty of poster themes that you can add to your online poster business, here are some of the most popular themes currently.

  • Minimalist Posters: Just like its name, minimalist design is all about keeping the design, graphics, art, text, or colors simple and leaving the feature element at the forefront to get the viewer’s full attention.
  • Typography Posters: Like its name, this type of poster is all about texts and fonts. This is one of the most popular poster themes for a variety of niches, audiences, and locations.
  • Vintage Posters: Vintage posters are another popular online product. This type of poster often is used for events with retro concepts.
  • Affirmation/Quote Posters: Quote posters are one of the best-selling poster products. Nowadays, you can see this poster a lot, for example, in a company for promoting working mood, etc.
  • Art Posters: Original art is a profitable product that can boost your revenue in a big way.
  • Gallery Walls: These are groups of posters sold together to make your living rooms, offices, bedrooms look stunning. Selling gallery walls help push up the average order value while also helping your shoppers with design inspiration.

2.2 Find Fulfillment Provider – CustomCat

CustomCat Product Fulfillment

To make the selling process effective and smooth, you need to spend lots of attention on the experience customers get on the front-end. but to make sure what happens on the back-end is also good, finding a reputation fulfillment provider like CustomCat is necessary.

Why would one want to use fulfillment providers? Fulfillment centers save you the time of completing an order so you can have more time and energy on marketing, reaching new buyers, providing exceptional customer service, and much more.

With CustomCat’s API, you are no longer worried about fulfillment since it is auto-processed, printed, and shipped directly to your customer. When it comes to shipping speed, CustomCat’s state-of-the-art production facility will take an average of two days for order fulfillment no matter the time of year.

2.3 Use CustomCat Template

CustomCat also provides users with a selection of art templates for designing within the full printable area of our dye-sublimation products. The templates will help you optimize your design positioning, artwork dimensions, & resolution (DPI). Each template for each of CustomCat’s dye-sublimation products comes with a .png & .psd detailing Safe Area, Bleed, etc, and can be downloaded easily.

To use CustomCat’s Art Templates, you need to open the .png or .psd files in your design program, and then insert your artwork as a new layer. Put all important design elements within the designated “Safe Area” on the design template, make sure to fill the template from edge to edge to utilize the maximum print area.

Remember that if any elements of your design are positioned outside the “Safe Area”, they may not be printed. Finally, hide (delete) the CustomCat Art Template layers and save your poster design as a .png file.

2.4 Upload Product On eBay To Sell

Now that you have your poster designs in hand, it is time to build your store. CustomCat allows you to start taking orders in no time. This service will print and ship your poster to your customers on your behalf every time you receive an order. So your responsibility is to upload your products on eBay and start making strategic plans to attract potential customers. Without any inventory upfront, this is a great way to get started.

3. Create Poster Marketing Strategy

After knowing how to design and sell poster on eBay, it’s time for you to get to know about marketing strategy.


  • SEO Strategy: One of the key marketing strategy components for running a successful poster business is doing SEO strategy. Make sure your poster store is optimized with relevant keywords from product title to description, alt tag, etc.
  • PPC Campaigns: While growing SEO strategy, you will also need to boost traffic to your eBay store with a PPC marketing strategy. A robust PPC campaign may include Google, Social Media ads (Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok…), etc. to attract and target potential buyers.
  • Content Marketing: Content marketing can play a huge role in your SEO strategy as well as boost your PPC presence and results. In general, content marketing includes eCommerce blog content and buying guides, social media posts, and much more.
  • Customer Engagement: Besides content marketing, customer engagement also impacts your poster online store a lot. Customer engagement means joining in the conversations online around topics and products in your niche ​in forums like Reddit or Quora. Ensure that you also engage with people who show engagement with you by replying to comments on social media and your blogs, etc.
  • Email Marketing: Another very essential component of marketing strategy is email marketing that includes new product announcements, abandoned cart recovery, targeted newsletters, personalized coupon codes, and much more. This strategy helps you connect more with your customers and even build brand awareness better.

Besides knowing how to design and sell poster on eBay, it’s necessary to make marketing strategies. This is the key component to making revenue and reaching more customers.


Posters are designed to be both eye-catching and informative so that they are used for many purposes, particularly when it comes to a tool of advertisers, protestors, and other groups trying to communicate a message. The demand for this product shows no signs of slowing down, you can turn them into a kind of super profit when creating unique and creative posters.
So we hope this article is useful for your journey of researching how to design and sell poster on eBay successfully.

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