Having a passion for both digital development and business is a fantastic concept for selling etsy digital downloads. These days, you may sell goods without having to visit the post office easily without having to pay for it. Now is a wonderful moment to offer digital files online – this is a good method to create passive revenue online with no inventory and cheap upfront costs.

It allows you to offer downloadable products as digital files, such as prints and stickers, as well as calendars and printed papers. In addition, when trading on this fantastic platform you will receive a number of perks.

You have your own digital product and are prepared to participate in the shopping and sales community. Let’s start learning how to successfully sell Etsy digital downloads today.

I. What are etsy digital downloads

1. What are etsy digital downloads

Digital Downloads on Etsy

First of all, esty digital downloads are digital items on Etsy that consumers may download without physical copies for their usage. Some of Etsy’s top-selling digital downloads include planners, templates, invitations, tablets, prints, favorites for parties… And so much more. And so much more.

Customers enjoy etsy digital downloads because they are less expensive and hassle-free. Shipping doesn’t have to worry, you obtain your stuff straight away and save money.

Digital downloads may be printable, although some are only digital. (Purchasers can print them off for their own use). The need for digital downloads is growing, thus it makes good business to sell digital data on Etsy.

2. Why sell etsy digital downloads

Etsy is a huge and artistic market, consumers’ heaven. It’s easy to find Etsy’s perfect donation – but let’s look at why Etsy is the right option to start selling printable products.

Billig to begin – Etsy is also relatively cheap to start up from an Etsy-shop. Etsy charges 0,20$ for listings and 5% for all items sold.

Big market – buyers are browsing for printable Etsy 1000 times a day. They are known for a variety of things. They are great. That brings me to my next point.

Integrated traffic – No need to recreate the wheel, Etsy traffic is a huge bonus for merchants – especially novices who do not have time or skill to transport to their Etsy shop.

Easy to start – It’s incredibly simple to set up and establish an Etsy shop. There are many tutorials online and in minutes you can start and run your shop.

Great competition – you can feel like a small fish in the pond, of course, being so big, but don’t let that stop you. Take the first steps to see what is possible.

Easy inventory management – Contrary to real things, selling Etsy downloads implies that you don’t have to worry about inventory management. You don’t have to deal with the burden of sending your products worldwide. Instead, your clients click on a button with Etsy digital content and immediately obtain their product.

Make it once – You first upload and then you may ignore it after producing digital downloads to sell on Etsy. No additional time to discover your side hustle in your hectic day. That is why Etsy is the perfect method to sell digital distribution if you have a regular job, or are a busy parent.

3. What kinds of etsy digital downloads

On Etsy, you may sell various digital products:

Stickers for printing: Printable adhesives are among Etsy’s best-selling digital items. Stickers for designers, children, parties and wedding favors include stickers.

What kinds of etsy digital downloads

Invitations Digital: Guests for parties, Weddings and birthdays may easily be created and offered. You may give tailor-made choices for filling up the buyer’s data or merely provide templates to complete.

Materials for education: Some of Etsy’s leading digital downloads are for children’s items.Workplaces, activity papers, flash cards and other educative material are always looked for by busy working parents for their children.

E-books or guides: Etsy is indeed an excellent location for e-books for downloading. E-books for any field of your know-how, such as furniture, travel, brand news, cosmetics or marketing ideas may be developed.

Art: Selling digital prints on Etsy is a terrific option when you are excellent at sketching or graphics. You can also choose to sell downloads of smaller clipart or logo.

Sewing patterns: Etsy being so crafty, Etsy is one of the best selling apps for sewing, knitting, crocheting, and sticking.

Invitations Digital: Guests for parties, Weddings and birthdays may easily be created and offered. You may give tailor-made choices for filling up the buyer’s data or merely provide templates to complete.

Invitations Digital

Template: Customized etsy digital downloads files contain customizable layouts for such as Resumes, E-books, Cover letter, Forms, Slides for Powerpoint

Digital Planners: Everyone needs some aid with their lives, and so planners are one of Etsy’s finest digital downloads. Includes digital planners: Calendars of the month or week, Daily timetables, Planner of marriage, Planners for Meals, Trackers for fitness, Trackers Habit

Budget Spreadsheets: Personal financing and budgeting sheets are constantly required since individuals desire to better save and manage their finances.

II. How to sell etsy digital downloads 2021

1. Do etsy market research

Market research is important before any company starts. The good news is that you can accomplish anything from your laptop on etsy market research. Market research essentially involves figuring out what is currently happening on the market. What is there, how it is moving and what is lacking is something you want to fully know. 

Have a look at Etsy’s other businesses that sell comparable items once you’ve stormed digital products. Do you seek items such as yours? How many are they prepared to pay? What kind of non-negotiable features? Can you make a distinction between your competitor and yourself?

Do your own research on the market 

A critical element of market research is answering that question. Before you commit a ton of time or money to create them, you need to know if your items –  are sold on a market.

Take time to look at businesses that sell such products. These are your rivals who can give a lot of information from their Etsy businesses. How do you rate your listings? What is the description of your product – etsy digital downloads? Is there some customization?

Read the reviews and search for insights into what customers are looking for. Would you really like that skirt to have a pocket or that notebook to fit in a handbag a little smaller? You want to find out what you want from a successful Etsy store, so you can be confident that what consumers enjoy will offer or even enhance. Talk to people who are part of the target demographic you know in real life. In your Facebook group poll individuals. Poll people. Find out as much as possible about who is going to buy your goods, what is its perfect feature and how much you are prepared to spend.

You may now use this information to build and sell Etsy deals. You want to answer the question easily: why should anyone purchase you from your competition? In other words, what differs or improves your product?

2. Create product and set price

The nice thing to offer Etsy digital downloads is that you may produce your items at fairly fast and affordable prices. Of course, if you wish you may go ahead with costly design software. But here we are to save and to save money!

Here’s a little secret: many of top etsy digital downloads are done with free software tools or cheap!

Some to check out here:

You must pay attention to some facts regarding the creation process to correctly pricing etsy digital downloads. It covers the amount of time you need to develop a digital product and the product size. Whether it is the creation of a manufactured item or a digital download, without some details on the production process you can not price it correctly. That means that at least a few samples or test pieces should be created. You must know:

  • How much is spent per item on materials.
  • How much time do you need to build it? (your time is valuable).
  • The finished product size.

Create product and set price

You may take photographs for your Etsy business once you have some samples. Recall that even digital items sell images and thus take time to employ decent lighting and shoot great photos.

Until this stage, you should not price your goods. You need to be lucrative, so remember to include the equipment, your time and the costs for listing and selling that you have to pay to Etsy. Then give some markup to yourself. Otherwise, even when without generating a profit, you would merely break.

But make sure you won’t go too cheap. You may compare your rates with your rivals. Remember this wise marketing advice: the second-lowest-priced product has absolutely no benefit. Figure out what distinguishes your goods, promote those points of sale, and price the value.

3. Set up Etsy shop

Set up Etsy shop

It’s time to build your Etsy shop when you’ve made your first goods – etsy digital downloads. And it could not be easier, it could not be easier! Just go to Etsy and click on “Open Your Store.”

You must think of a name for a store, but they offer even a name generator to aid you. Complete your profile before you begin directing visitors to your store. You should talk to potential consumers about you and your items in the About section.

Due to the more people know you and your items, you might spend some time finishing your profile. Please provide your buyers with certain personal details. Instead of merely adding a logo or product imagery, a personalized photograph may also help you create a link.

4. Add digital downloads

It is time to start listing products once you have picked a shop name. Make sure you utilize powerful keywords and lots of information. Create digital item descriptions to help people buy and address customers’ queries.

Remember to utilize your photos when you create your listing. Please choose the product that best represents your photograph. Complete information about the prices and shipping. In order for consumers to discover your etsy’s printable, include several relevant tags using keywords.

Finally, take time to develop delivery procedures, returns and exchanges. You want to make everything clear, so the purchaser understands what to expect. Your policies should avoid your consumers from being surprised by the transaction.

Up to 5 etsy digital downloads files can be downloaded. Each file has a maximum size of 20MB.

Be also careful to post clear customer-friendly pictures. Be aware of the competition and the typical cost of your goods when pricing your things. You want to ensure, however, that you do not underprice yourself. Factor in your labor costs and incurred listing and transaction fees.

5. Market the product

Etsy Market Research For Your Products 2021

You may start marketing your goods once your listings are live. Don’t make the mistake of believing that people on Etsy will locate your wonderful items and begin shopping. It rarely works out like that.

Well, you have to advertise your product if you want to be one of Etsy’s best-selling digital downloads. There are so many vendors on Etsy, that consumers are only going to find you organically.

Some techniques to advertise your goods are as follows:

Use EtsyRank to identify your product descriptions with the greatest SEO keywords. Low competition high-quality keywords will generate visitors to your business more probable.

To advertise your goods, use Pinterest. Pinterest is especially excellent for marketing digital files such as templates, organizers, wedding guests and stickers.

You may contact your network, and let it know your items if you already have a blog or email list! Similarly, Facebook and Instagram are fantastic ways to create an audience for social media platforms. You can only set up specialized store accounts.

Share information pushlessly. Share information. Concentrate on connection building. Make sure that you reply to comments and that your conversations are genuine. You do not want the audience spammed, therefore offer a range of articles.

6. Get review to improve sales

Get review to improve sales

Good assessments contribute to sales improvement. Other purchasers want to hear you’re a wonderful salesperson with wonderful etsy digital downloads. (Social evidence is termed this.)

Please ensure outstanding customer assistance in order to receive reviews. Use the right language and make your conversations more professional and friendly. Create and distribute items that correspond to your descriptions.

Then monitor your clients. Send an email to ensure that everything is successful. Go on and ask for a review in your letter. You can ask or enter your signature directly. You may acquire more reviews by just asking.

7. Tips for success

Offer discounts or codes for coupons

You want to focus on obtaining new consumers when you start out first. Although this is a tiny reduction it will attract new consumers by offering discounts or promo codes.

Take your products into consideration

Consider selling etsy digital downloads in bundles at a little discount when you have several goods in your store. In this approach, purchasers might spend a bit more on each transaction.

Be aware of copyright

Be aware of copyright

Etsy’s intellectual property standards are quite stringent. Infringements of these directives might close or prohibit your shop. Make sure any picture, graphics or templates that you use stay inside the standards.

Think about taking a course

Invest in an Etsy course if you want to improve yourself further. These courses walk you though the whole procedure step-by-step and some offer free templates.

III. Wrapping up

Etsy digital downloads might be quite lucrative, which takes much less time to offer unique handicrafts to Etsy because they are digital in nature. Now you know, you may go out and establish an enjoyable company.