5 tips to make more sales on eBay

Your online shop doesn’t sell well, what can you do? Follow these incredible tips to make more sales on eBay and push your store to the top of the search results today!

eCommerce is a rapidly growing industry in recent years. Over 24 years old, eBay is still running strong with merchandise sold and bought all over the world. As having over 182 million active buyers, this platform has its own attractiveness for sellers looking for a profit. eBay is just like a microcosm of online marketing. There is money to be made if you find a niche and market it well. Let’s find out tips to make more sales on eBay!

1. What Is eBay?

eBay is a well-known online shopping site that supplies services as a sales channel for online merchants and personal sellers. It is also famous for its unique auction where buyers can offer their own cheapest prices. 

Even more, eBay serves customers all around the world. You may be selling from Korea while your target customers can be in India, and ship items via eBay. And everyone can open an eBay account for free.

2. Top 5 Benefits of Selling on eBay

Before getting to know tips to make more sales on eBay, some people as newbies may wonder “what are the advantages of selling on eBay?” Here are the top 5 Benefits of Selling on eBay

2.1 High reliability

While not all people trust eBay, the vast majority of its buyers do. eBay has a customer satisfaction rating of 79% in 2019. Customers buying on eBay have protection against scams and bad service. This policy makes customers feel much safer scrolling to your store and buying from you, even if they’ve never known about your company before.

2.2 Selling Through Auctions

tips to make more sales on eBay

eBay has remained the top auction marketplace for so many years. This gives you much more flexibility as a retailer. For example, you can put products up for auction to get a higher price, which almost protects the value of products. In case the item doesn’t auction well, you can consider eBay’s fixed-price listings.

2.3 Lower Fees

Another reason you should choose eBay is its lower fee. As a seller, besides focusing on tips to make more sales on eBay, you also need to care about how to make more profit per sale.

For example, Amazon typically charges about 15% + other fees per sale whereas eBay often charges 10% (or closer to 13% when you count payment processing like PayPal). The lower % on eBay means that you will generally make more profit per sale. Moreover, you can even lower the fee by being a Top Rated Seller or subscribing to an eBay Store plan.

2.4 A Giant Market

eBay currently has over 183M active users, more than half the US population. It means that your potential for sales is almost limitless.

2.5 Smart SEO

eBay has great Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can search for everything and find eBay before long. That means high chances of potential customers looking at the Google Searching tool and clicking on your product’s listing.

3. Top 5 Essential Tips To Make More Sales On eBay in 2022

Setting up a store is quite simple. If you want to make more sales on eBay, you need to study the details. Follow these 10 essential tips below to push your store up to the top of the search results and get more sales right now!

3.1 Optimize your eBay listings

I can say that this tip is one of the most important things you need to get to know clearly. 

  • Use the right keywords

The right keywords are those that your buyers would use. Each title only has 80 characters, so you don’t want to waste them on phrases/words that are irrelevant or vague right? Buyers tend to type in very specific keywords on search tools to look for what they need. 

Keyword tips to make more sales on eBay

How can you find the right keyword on eBay?

One of the easiest ways of doing keyword research is to pretend you’re the buyer and do multiple searches for what’s in your listings. Then check other items similar to yours with the highest rating and review what other sellers are optimizing for. Finally, applying what you learned to your business, I have to admit that this is one of the best tips to make more sales on eBay recently.

  • Use Quality Photos To Attract Buyers

As a buyer, you absolutely want to have a clear idea of what you’re buying before spending money. On eBay, you can upload 12 images for free. High-quality images will not only help your customers see your product looking great, but it will reduce bad reviews from confused buyers. 

  • Provide clear details

Photos can say all things, you need to give customers very detailed information about products such as the length, height, color, and any other relevant feature. 

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and think about all the questions customers might have about the product and give an answer right in the description.

Remember, the more information, the less the number of returns.

3.2 Use Promoted Listings Campaign

Other tips to make more sales on eBay are eBay promoted listings. This trick is an effective and easy way to boost your sales and get more followers on eBay. With amazing targeting options to display your listings to relevant customers, promoted listings get 36% more views than organic listings. 

Promoted tips to make more sales on eBay
man drawing schedule of business growth

Another advantage of this tip is that the seller will not be charged anything until someone clicks and buys the ‘sponsored’ item within 30 days. Then eBay will receive a percentage of the resulting sale.

This solution also helps reduce long-sitting inventory and increase sales. Unfortunately, it is only reserved for top-rated sellers.

3.3 Aim for positive reviews

From the customer’s point of view, positive feedback helps gauge a retailer’s reputation. In fact, some positive feedback reassures potential customers that you are committed to serving them and that you can be trusted. 

To be successful in business on eBay, you should try harder to get more positive feedback in the form of reviews. You can get those reviews by asking for feedback from satisfied buyers and providing outstanding customer service

3.4 Offer A Generous Return Policy and Provide Free Shipping

Instead of the standard 14 or 30 days return policy, raise things and give your customers 60 days. This will boost your search and help you attract more buyers.

Being generous in business is necessary. Increasing the return policy to 60 days is not likely to affect the number of returns but it’ll boost sales on eBay.

Just like extended policy periods, free shipping can also be used to attract buyers. In fact, it is becoming a standard in most eCommerce platforms. Smart vendors figure out how to incorporate shipping costs into the asking price. 

Just think about how you put so much effort to figure out tips to make more sales on eBay, then you may lose some potential customers because of free shipping or return issues.

3.5 Affordable Price

The fact that there is nothing to surprise when the price is such an important factor in reaching a deal.

Price tips to make more sales on eBay

For example: If you had to choose between two similar mugs, you would likely choose the cheaper one, wouldn’t you? However, you have to take several factors into account during the setting price process. 

First, and foremost, you need to protect your profits. Selling thousands of products is of no use if you only make minimal profit from them.

Second, you need to make sure your prices on eBay match your prices on other marketplaces where you’re selling. If you also sell on Shopify and your prices on eBay are higher, you could run the risk of having your Shopify listings suspended.

4. Wrapping Up

There are plenty of opportunities for any online seller looking to grow their business on eBay. However, millions of active users are selling on eBay, which means that depending on what you sell, you could easily have to compete with hundreds of thousands of other sellers for the top spot on the search results pages. So, let’s start following our incredible tips to make more sales on eBay immediately.