Listing Management

Listing Management Software: Manage all listings at a place and possible to view them. Products from multi-stores, multiple channels are collected here. Sellers can manage their listings and change them easily.

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I. Create New Product Type

On the hub, sellers can create multiple their product types which are supported by different fulfillment providers. With available product types, sellers can save a lot of time when creating any new product. Just replace some information need and then a product will be created.

– Add New Product Type: With any new product type, sellers can create a new product easily.

– Update/Edit/Delete Product Type:

– Manage Product Types: Manage with fulfillment providers and categories.

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II. Create New Product

In each hub, sellers can manage unlimited print-on-demand products to upload multiple stores internationally. There are about 100+ over customizable product types, sellers can products easily, quickly and conveniently.

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  • Filter Products with Fulfillment Providers Create
  • Update product information and “Save” with all information.

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III. Manage Internal Products

After saving any product, the product will be managed on Internal Store. At the Internal store, sellers can manage product ID, Name, and store.

1. Filter ID
2. Name of Item
3. Store

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IV. Manage External Products 

  • Manage products are available on the store platform. Sellers can manage product ID, Image, Name, Internal Product Link, Sold Items, Selling Platform, Store, Action
  • Quick view product on store

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V. Manually/Schedule Time for Upload

Sellers can upload single & multiple products at a time or schedule time for push automatically.

  • Manually Upload
  • Schedule Upload Products
  • Push Product to Multiple Selling Platform at once


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VI. Listing Managements

Manage all live listings product in store.


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