Podorder Overview


Podorder is one of the best solution for your print on demand business. This Print on Demand management software solution (POD) supports to manage your listings, orders, order fulfillment and support hubs in one place. It’s great solutions for managing multiple selling accounts on multiple selling channels. Sellers can save tons of their time on management.

Check out this quick list of Podorder Solutions:

(and how Podorder benefit your business!)

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1. Podorder Dashboard

View all statistics for business:

  • Total Orders
  • Order Statistics
  • Profits
  • Filter Report for Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, This Month and Last Month or any customizable data time.
podorder dashboard - print on demand software solutions
Print on Demand Dashboard – Print on demand Software Solution Pododerio

2. Multiple Integrations

This Podorder supports multiple integration such as Marketplace Platform, Webstore, Payment Method, Fulfillment Providers.

  • Multi Ecommerce Integrations: Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, Google, Shopify, ShopBase.
  • Integrate with Webstore: Such As WooCommerce, Shopify, Shopbase
  • Integrate with Payment Services: PayPal, Payoneer, Stripe.
  • Integrate with Fulfillment Providers: Merchize, CustomCat, Linnworks, Geargag, etc.

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  • How to Integrate with Multi Fulfillment Provider

3. Print on Demand Product Managements

podorder print on demand products
Print on Demand Product Management – Print on demand Software Solution Pododerio
  • Create unlimited print on demand products with various types which provides by a huge number of fulfillment services. Various products types supports: T-shirt, Apparel, All Over print, Gift & Accessories, Home & Decorations, Face Mask, Canvas & Poster, Jewelries, etc
  • Manage all products from multi selling channels such as Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, WooCommerce, ShopBase, Shopify, …
  • Internal Store: Manage all products of store.
  • External Store: All products are push to store to sell.
  • Manual, Schedule Push Products to Market

4. Print on Demand Order Management

Manage all sales from multi selling channels. Manage all issues related with order such as order tracking, support order, PayPal.

podorder print on demand orders
Print on Demand Order Management – Print on demand Software Solution Pododerio

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5. Print on demand Order Fulfillment

podorder print on demand order fulfillment
Print on Demand Order Fulfillment Management – Print on demand Software Solution Pododerio
  • Manage order fulfillment: Map order with a suitable fulfillment. Sellers can also change to other fulfillment (which provides the same products) as the want.
  • Manage all fulfillment process such as Processing, In production, Fulfilled, Completed, Pending, Cancel, Trash.
  • Order Tracking

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6. Hub Support

podorder print on demand customer support
Customer Support – Print on-demand Software Solution Pododerio
  • Send & reply to buyers’ questions, send email, order tracking, thanks & feedbacks
  • Manage buyers list email
  • Take note for another team member
  • Process refund request

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7. Insight Report

Get a detailed insight report about fulfillment order report and order report, so you can evaluate the status of your business.

  • Fulfillment Report: Fulfillment cost, fulfillment order, and revenue.
  • Order Report: The most popular product and attributes. Store fulfillment, fulfillment order filter, status chart fulfillment orders

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