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Create product faster with Podorder software solution.

I. Create New Product Type: 

[wptb id=9100]

  • Click on the plus icon “+” to add new product type:

create new print on demand product -

Choose fulfillment provider: Dreamship, Printify, Merchize, CustomCat, O2F, etc.


Choose product type available of fulfillment. For example: Printify Fulfillment Provider


Fill information for product types:

[wptb id=9100]

1. Product Type Information:

printify product type

– Name: Name of product type
– Color: Set color for product

Click to set default color when create item.

Edit Values:

edit value product type

– Sizes name
– Edit Values:

edit size lable product type documentation

– Attribute name:

2. Shipping cost

product type shipping cost -

– Shipping cost (Margin profit: 5)
– Additional shipping cost (Margin profit: 2)
– International shipping cost (Margin profit: 9)
– International additional shipping cost (Margin profit: 2)

Fulfilment provider template URL: Insert template of print on demand product which is provided by Fulfillment provider.

print template

4. Groups

Select or create group:

product type group -

5. Size Chart

product type size chart image -

Drag n Drop Size Chart Image or click for choosing size chart image from your computer

Extend images:


product type media -

6. Shipping & Refund

product type shipping refund -

7. Item Description / Copy Old description

product type description -

Copy old template:

Click on the text “Copy here for copying old template description”

Copy old template description


copy old product type description

8. Variations & Price

8.1 Variations: 

product type variation

  • Pricing Calculator
  • Fixed tax & Fee
  • Percent Tax & Fee

8.2 Price:

  • Set price for each variation

set price variation product -

  • Set price for multi variations:

set price for multiple variation -

9. Logistic Information

logistics information - product type

  • Weight *
  • Package Width
  • Package Height
  • Package Length

10. Marketplace category

Product type is available on the marketplace. For example: this product type is available on Ebay & Etsy marketplace.

10.1 Ebay Marketplace:

Ebay marketplace and search available category for product. Then click “OK”

  • Ebay category:

ebay marketplace category -

  • Item specifics: Add unlimited custom specifics

item specific

+ Required item specifics:

Condition: Choose one of conditions from the dropdown selections.

item condition - create product type
UPC and EAN:
+ Recommended item specifics
+ Optional item specifics
+ Custom item specifics

–> “Save” for all changes.

10.2 Etsy Marketplace:

Etsy Marketplace and search available category for product. Then click “OK”

etsy marketplace category

create product type information -

II. Create New Product

Each hub, sellers can manage unlimited print on demand products to upload multiple store internationally. There are about 100+ over customizable products, sellers can products easily, quickly and conveniently.

[wptb id=9100]

There are 2 ways to create new product:

Way1: Dashboard > Choose Fulfillment Provider > Select Product Type > Create

Way2: Dashboard > Internal > Create New Product > Choose Product Type > Create

1. Way 1: 

  • Click Product Type:
  • Filter Products with Fulfillment Providers

filter products fulfillment provider - documentation

Note: The number of fulfillment providers are constantly updating monthly

  • Product Category:

print on demand product category documentation

Select Products Type You want to Create

2. Way 2:

Dashboard > Internal > Create New Product > Choose Product Type > Create

create new product 2

Fill all information about products

Follow the same steps to create new product type ->
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