Order Management

Using Podorder, sellers can manage all orders that come from multiple stores on multiple eCommerce platforms such as eBay, Etsy, Amazon, WooCommerce, Shopify, Printbase, Merchize, etc

At their hubs, sellers have full permission for order management.

  • Manage all orders: Order status, Import/export orders,
  • Add Unlimited Custom Orders
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Order Shipping
  • Order Messages

I. Manage Print on Demand Orders Across Multiple Selling Channels: 

1. Manage order status

manage print on demand status podorder documentation

  • Order Status: All orders from market
  • Processing: After an order is mapped with a fulfillment provider
  • In Production: The product is in the production process.
  • Fulfilled: Order is successfully finished and is on the shipping.
  • Completed: Product is delivered to the buyer.
  • Pending: The product is not delivered to the buyer…
  • Refunded: A buyer raises a refund request.
  • Canceled: Buyers cancel orders.
  • Trash: Order is in the trash.

2. Import/Export Orders

  • Import Print on Demand Orders


  • Export Print on Demand Orders to CSV:


  • Put an order in the trash

Choose the order and click on the trash icon.

3. Add Unlimited Custom Orders

II. Order Fulfillment

1. Map Order with Fulfillment

Map order with fulfillment.

2. Manage Order Fulfillment

  • Tracking Fulfillment
  • Tracking Order
  • Send Tracking Order ID to Customers
  • Send Feedback & Thanks message to buyers

3. Cancel Fulfillment & Change to Other Fulfillment

See more: How to Fulfill An Order with Podorder

III. Order Support

At customer support, sellers can get all order notifications.

See more: Order Messages with Podorder

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