Insight Report

At Podorder system, you can get an Insight Reports for fulfillment, and orders.

I. Filter time dashboard: 

time filter print on demand podorder

Customize time for report:

customize time for report print on demand podorder

Import Export Report to CSV:  import export insights report to csv

II. Insight Report

1. Fulfillment Report

Go to Podorder > Report > Fulfillment report: You can get a full of the insight reports:

report fulfillment print on demand podorderio

Fulfilled Order: 

See the percentage of fulfillment orders that are handled by multiple fulfillment providers. For example Private (Onospod), Printify, Merchize, etc.

fulfillment order report print on demand podorderio

Fulfillment Cost: 

See the cost for fulfillment. Which is the biggest, which is the smallest?

fulfillment cost print on demand podorderio


Revenue for print on demand. The ratio of print on demand revenue to see that gains from each Print on-demand fulfillment.

fulfillment revenue print on demand podorderio

Production Type Chart:

See which product type is popular in your shop.

production type chart print on demand podorderio

By Attribute:

Size of product report

by attribute print on demand podorderio

Store Fulfillment Order:

Report for fulfillment of each print on demand store integration in Podorder. Such as In production, fulfilled, completed, …


Fulfillment Order Report:

List of order reports such as image, order ID, Total items, fulfillment cost, store, …


2. Order Report

Detail report for order: Total order, the production received cost. Ship received.

order report print on demand podorderio

Status Chart: 

Order total. The production received cost. Shipping received cost.

status chart print on demand podorderio

This is end of tutorial How To Get Print on Demand Insight report in Podorder Print on Demand Tool

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