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Amazon print on demand self publishing service is such a fantastic service created by the giant Amazon a few years ago. Clearly, it is worthwhile to shop around for the finest print on demand book provider for your self-published book. Costs, minimum volumes, and print quality can all differ significantly between publishers.

This article will give you an overview about Amazon print on demand self publishing service.

1. What is a self publish service?

The publication of media by its author without the involvement of a traditional publisher is known as self publishing. Typically, the phrase refers to textual media such as books and periodicals, either as an ebook or as a physical copy produced utilizing print on demand technology. Albums, pamphlets, brochures, video content, and zines may also fall under this category.

self-publishing service

The publisher takes all of the costs and risks of publication under the traditional publishing model, but keeps the majority of the earnings if the book is successful. The author takes all costs and risks while self publishing, but earns a larger percentage of the profit every sale.

The publishing world as a whole has been in a state of turmoil in recent years. Amazon, the online retailing behemoth, has launched an Amazon print on demand self publishing service, putting many brick-and-mortar bookstores out of business while also making inroads into publishing. Amazon has lured readers away from bookstores and into the internet world, and its KDP and CreateSpace distribution channels have resulted in a massive increase in self publishing. As a result, the number of self-published authors is growing.

The publishing industry, particularly self publishing, is moving so quickly that it is difficult to anticipate where it will go. Self publishing is anticipated to expand in popularity, and authors will demand more and more information on their readers as well as how well their books are selling. According to one point of view, self publishing is becoming more sophisticated and ambitious.

2. What is a print on demand self publish service on Amazon?

Kindle Direct Publishing, sometimes known as KDP, is an Amazon print on demand self publishing business that debuted in 2007 when the company began selling its Amazon Kindle book reading device. Books can be published in a variety of languages. Hundreds of thousands of self-published products are available through print on demand self publishing service of Amazon. Amazon’s KDP program identifies e-books using ASIN identifiers rather than ISBNs.

amazon self publishing service

Amazon does not disclose author sales numbers. Many authors favor Amazon because of its global reach and clout. Kindle Unlimited – Amazon print on demand self publishing service – allows users to read any book in its catalog for a monthly subscription. Amazon keeps track of which books are chosen and read by subscribers. An author who wants their book to be included in this program joins Amazon’s KDP Select program, and as part of the agreement, the author commits to make their book only available on Amazon. Every ninety days, the author has the option to opt-out of the KDP program.

3. Which benefits can you gain from the Print on demand self publish service on Amazon?

amazon self publishing print on demand benefits

Whether you should self-publish or find a publisher is largely dependent on your individual goals and resources. Self-publishing is the ideal option if you want to have significantly more creative flexibility but pay a little more upfront. Here are some of the potential benefits of Amazon print on demand self-publishing service:

    • Get to the market as soon as possible. Publishing takes less than 5 minutes, and your book will be available in Kindle retailers throughout the world within 24-48 hours.
    • Increase your earnings. Earn up to 70% royalty on sales to clients in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, India, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, and other countries. Enroll in KDP Select to increase your earnings from Kindle Unlimited and the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.
    • Maintain control. Maintain ownership of your rights and set your own list prices. You can make adjustments to your books whenever you want.
    • Publish in both digital and print formats. KDP allows you to publish free Kindle eBooks and paperbacks.

4. What types of content can you publish through self publishing service on Amazon?

You can use Amazon print on demand self publishing service to create eBooks (Kindle) and paperback books. KDP, on the other hand, does not permit the creation of magazines, journals, or spiral-bound books. Content types that are commonly published using KDP include, but are not limited to, the following: Novels, Book Series, Children’s Books, Comic Books, Cookbooks, Journals, Poetry, and Textbooks.

If you own the rights to your book, you can use KDP to publish it if it has already been published somewhere else. If your book already has an ISBN from another publisher, it must have the same title, author name, and binding type on KDP in order to keep that ISBN. Any changes to your book’s details will necessitate a new edition and a new ISBN.

5. How to use print on demand self publish service on Amazon

    • Step 1. Create an Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Account
      Visit and choose “Sign in” or “Sign up.” If you already have an Amazon account, use it to sign into the KDP system. If not, create a new KDP account.

Amazon print on demand self publishing service

    • Step 2. Add a new Kindle ebook (a “new title”)
      Since this is your first book on Amazon, you won’t have any titles listed yet. Click the box that says “+ Kindle eBook” to add a new Kindle book. As you start entering information, choose “Save as Draft” at the bottom of the page if you have to stop in the middle.

create kindle ebook

    • Step 3. Enter your book title and subtitle
      Your book title is critically important: Readers start judging your book the instant they see the cover, and the title is the first thing they read. It has to be magnetic.

Book Title box

    • Step 4. Enter the Author name
      For the Author name, enter the name you want to publish under—the name you’ll use on the book cover. This can be your own name or a pen name. If there is more than one Author, enter the other names using the Contributors box.

Author and Contributors boxes

    • Step 5. Enter your book description
      Amazon lets you enter up to 4,000 characters for your book description. This is the writeup that will appear on your book’s detail page. Your book description is a sales pitch for readers. It’s a key part of your book’s marketing materials.

Amazon description box

    • Step 6. Verify your publishing rights
      If you are the Author of the book, choose the radio button that says: “I own the copyright and I hold the necessary publishing rights.” Under US copyright law, you own the right to your work the moment you first write it in any form.

Amazon Publishing Rights box

    • Step 7. Choose your keywords

Amazon keywords box

    • Step 8. Choose two categories for your book
      Use the Categories popup box to choose two categories for your book. Use the “+” buttons to drill down as far as you can.

Set Categories button

6. Other popular print on demand self publishing companies

6.1. InstagramSpark

IngramSpark is an online self-publishing service that allows you to print, distribute, and manage your print and ebooks globally. Print facilities are located in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, and print channels are located in China, Germany, India, Italy, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Spain, and Brazil.

Unlike Amazon print on demand self publishing service, InstagramSpark provides independent publishers with access to the same book distribution channels as major traditional publishers. They distribute titles to over 40,000 stores, libraries, schools, and eCommerce organizations, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indigo, Foyles, and Waterstones.

IngramSpark charges $49 to submit a print book, but there is no price if you also publish it as an eBook. They offer a variety of formatting options, such as black or white ink, standard or premium color ink, white or crème paper, gloss or matte book covers, laminated cases, jacketed laminated cases, various trim sizes, and several types of binding.

6.2. Bookbaby

BookBaby is a self publishing book publishing service provider. They provide a combination of done-for-you type service packages as well as marketing offerings and tools. The firm claims to assist you with self publishing, printing, and distributing your book on Amazon, Kindle, Apple Books, and Barnes & Noble worldwide.

bookbaby print on demand book

BookBaby is a one-stop shop for all of your book printing requirements. They include everything from printing to marketing services to assist you in making the most of your book. BookBaby promises to offer the greatest distribution network to assist you in getting your book into the hands of readers worldwide.

BookBaby can print a single proof copy of your book in full color, any trim size, and any binding for $49. Aside from the $49 single-copy option, if you wish to self-publish, you must purchase a package. You must order at least 25 softcover books to qualify.

6.3. Blurb

Unlike Amazon print on demand self publishing service, Blurb offers a variety of products based on the content you give, including photo books, wall art, trade books, magazines, notebooks, and eBooks. They allow you to print as you go, lowering the danger of self publishing. You may order a single book at a time or buy a large quantity of your self-published books at once for cheaper per-unit pricing.
You may sell your self-published book through the Ingram catalog to retailers like Barnes & Noble, Blurb, and Amazon. You may either sell one copy at a time and have Blurb fulfill the orders, or you can make a bulk order and sell your self-published book in person.

6.4. Draft2Digital

Draft2Digital is a digital publishing aggregator that provides authors with conversion and distribution services. This website is a newcomer to the print on demand market. Although they specialize in eBooks, they can also make paperbacks for any books generated by their conversion service, but not pre-formatted submissions. D2D Print is the name of their print on demand service.

draft2digital amazon self publishing

D2D Print is presently in beta and does not support hardcover or big print at this moment. It does, however, include the majority of the standard options, such as trim sizes, matte or glossy finish, and cream or white paper. It comes with a cover converter tool that generates a print-ready version of your eBook cover. Physical bookshops may order copies of your books to stock their shelves, and you can sell online through retailers such as Amazon.

6.5. Lulu

Lulu Press, Inc., often known as, is a print on demand, self-publishing, and distribution platform. Bob Young, a co-founder of Red Hat, is the company’s founder and CEO. Lulu offers a variety of alternatives for publishing, printing, connecting, and selling diverse items. It allows you to make books in over 3,000 different formats, colors, and sizes. Lulu allows you to produce hardcovers, softcovers, picture books, comic books, magazines, yearbooks, eBooks, and even calendars. The Lulu book formats range from 108 x 175mm pocketbook to 297 x 210mm landscape A4 size, which is ideal for photo books or art books.

Unlike Amazon print on demand self publishing service, Lulu provides a price calculator to help you figure out how much your print on demand project will cost. You start by picking a product type, and then you may customize it with choices like book size, inside color, paper type, binding style, and cover finish. Lulu offers quantity discounts for as few as 100 books if you feel you have enough demand to bulk purchase rather than ordering each copy on demand. Even ordering two books can save you money on freight.

6.6. Trafford

Trafford Publishing is a self publishing firm that used to be headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, but is currently based in Bloomington, Indiana, USA. Trafford Publishing provides a number of different publishing packages and services. Trafford does provide print on demand, but you must first purchase a package, the least of which is $699. They classified their bundles as follows:

    • Packages in black and white with a full-color cover, greyscale interior, excellent binding, and much more.
    •  Full-color packaging that is excellent for everything from children’s books to  recipes, graphic novels to family picture albums.
    • Children’s packages tailored to your children’s book publishing objectives.
    • Chapters Indigo Package for budding authors in Canada who want to publish a high-quality book.

trafford self publishing

6.7. Matador

Matador bills itself as the most frequently recommended self publishing service in the United Kingdom. Matador, a division of Troubador Publishing Ltd, provides a comprehensive range of services for publishing, marketing, and distributing books and eBooks via print on demand and traditional bookstore distribution.

Unlike Amazon print on demand self publishing firms, Matador claims that it will only accept works that it believes are good in terms of content. They reject roughly 25% of the fiction and poetry works that are submitted to them for publication. They evaluate both the substance and the presentation.

6.8. Diggy POD

DiggyPOD is a privately held firm that produces on-demand publications for the publishing industry and self publishing writers. DiggyPOD is a shortened version of the term “Digital Printing On Demand.” For the past 20 years, Diggy POD has assisted self publishing writers in getting their works published. They publish any genre. However, you must print at least 24 copies in order to place an order. If you live in the continental United States, Diggy POD offers free delivery on orders of $100 or more.

diggy pod

On their website, they include a price calculator. Their cost covers printing your book with a full-color cover on 10pt cover stock, coated one-sided cover stock with gloss lamination, and any other services you want in your estimate. As an added bonus, they provide free book spine design.

7. Final thought

The primary advantage of Amazon print on demand self publishing service is that you are not restricted by print numbers, as long as you use the optimum print quality for print on demand books. There are no large print minimums that decide whether or not your book is feasible. Many publishers will let you pay for a single copy of a book if that’s all you want, allowing you to avoid wasting money on books you don’t want to publish.