Top Best Shopify Email Marketing Apps You Should Consider in 2022

Email marketing may be a terrific strategy to increase conversions, revenue, and repeat business for your store. The icing on the cake, however, is that it is not only economical but also quite simple to implement – especially since the great bulk of your store’s emails can be automated depending on client activities.

Of course, some email marketing Shopify apps are more suited to Shopify than others — for example, those that provide direct connectors, enable you to send triggered emails (e.g., abandoned cart campaigns) and allow you to access your shop data directly from inside your email marketing Shopify apps.

So, what are the finest Shopify email marketing Shopify apps? We’ll show you some of the most popular ones so you can figure out which ones allow you to accomplish the most with your Shopify business.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Benefits of Email Marketing

Personalized Emails

You may personalize your campaigns and provide targeted content using email marketing. Personalization may be as simple as inserting the name of a contact in the email. In fact, emails with the recipient’s first name in the subject line had a greater clickthrough rate than those that do not.

On the other side, you may generate personalized content based on audience segmentation in order to send the correct emails to the right clients. For example, you could want to send one email marketing Shopify apps campaign to returning customers and another to first-time consumers.

One of the primary advantages of email marketing Shopify apps is that your material can be carefully tailored to the demands of your target audience. To improve interaction, your emails may include variants such as alternative graphics or subject lines. You may also build subdivided lists depending on the region or amount of interaction.

To have a successful email marketing plan, you must send the appropriate email to the appropriate individuals at the appropriate time. This is where segmentation and customization might come in handy.

Cost-effective Campaigns

While conventional tactics such as direct mail or print might be expensive, email marketing strategies are often less expensive. You won’t have to pay for photoshoots, venue fees, printers, mailing, or placement, for example. You only need a copywriter and a graphic designer (assuming you aren’t utilizing stock photos). This may even be accomplished by a single member of your team.

Furthermore, email campaigns are quick to create. If necessary, you may create an email in one day, which is far less expensive than the time it takes to create a direct or print campaign. Because time and money are always restrictions for businesses, email marketing Shopify apps campaigns may be more efficient while also producing revenue and leads.

Builds Customer Relationships

Builds Customer Relationships

As a marketer, you should always strive to increase communication with your target audience. When your audience believes they can communicate with you, they are more likely to become loyal to your brand.

Consider this: people value nice emails. Consider the last time you got an email marketing apps in Shopify from a business you adore: was it upsetting, or did you appreciate reading the newest news? If you appreciate the brand, you probably loved the experience and it kept you in contact with one of your favorite businesses.

Email marketing Shopify apps allow you to reach a larger audience and quickly engage with brand ambassadors. Furthermore, these emails keep your audience engaged throughout the year, whether it’s a slow or busy season.

One of the primary aims of any business is to deliver value to your audience so that they will return. Email marketing apps are an excellent way to build loyal consumers since you can provide value even if the client does not make a purchase. Furthermore, because customers or prospects opted-in, you may utilize email marketing apps to deliver additional materials to contacts who are interested in what you have to say. More people will pay attention if you consistently deliver value to your audience, and your ROI will increase.

Impulsive Buying

While email marketing is definitely an amazing marketing technique, it may also help you increase your sales. In fact, 59 percent of marketers think email is their most profitable channel, while companies who employ segmented marketing get a 760 percent gain in income. Email marketing campaigns may highlight items or services, motivate customers to buy after abandoning their carts or provide special offers to your customers. Furthermore, 59 percent of those polled said marketing emails affect their purchasing decisions.

Your email marketing campaigns may simply combine messages to urge a purchase to an audience that has opted-in to your messages and updates, making them more inclined to buy from you. You may also utilize email marketing to automate a portion of your sales process, which can help you improve sales. For example, you may automate sales drip campaigns and send automated messages to prospects your salespeople wish to follow up with using HubSpot’s free email marketing apps.

Own Media Contact Lists

You don’t own your contact list or even the information you share on sites like social media. Typically, the social media network owns both the content and your following list. Consider this: if social media disappeared tomorrow, how many followers and clients would you lose?

That is why marketers must cultivate an email list. This is your contact list, and you may interact with it independently of your email provider. Furthermore, you will own the material that you create and send.

Best Shopify Email Marketing Shopify Apps

Mailchimp Shopify Email Marketing Apps

Best Shopify Email Marketing Apps Mailchimp

Mailchimp, one of the most popular email marketing programs due to its pleasant branding, is an excellent location to begin your email marketing apps program if you intend to expand it rapidly. In its free plan, the software features a landing page builder, customer journey mapping, marketing automation, list segmentation, retargeting advertisements, and even A/B testing.

Mailchimp is an attractive solution for both beginner and seasoned email marketing apps marketers, thanks to a personable editor who gives useful advice and best practices along the route. When creating a subject line, for example, a sidebar informs you of recommended character length, emoji use in subject lines, and other details.

When you’re ready to go beyond what the free plan has to offer, Mailchimp provides three distinct premium levels to help you get there. Furthermore, Mailchimp can manage email programs of any size: if you can afford to let it grow alongside you, you’ll never need to move to another tool.

GetResponse Shopify Email Marketing Apps

GetResponse, a marketing automation powerhouse, goes above and beyond the ordinary email marketing solution. It accomplishes this by providing email marketing apps like landing pages, webinars, and a CRM.

It’s also one of the top Shopify email marketing apps, thanks to its Deep Data connection, which allows for the synchronized customer, order, and product data, extensive segmentation and tagging, and automated campaigns.

GetResponse includes a plethora of ready-to-use templates for creating automation for your shops, such as abandoned cart campaigns, post-purchase emails, and sales promos. You can also automatically include recommended goods to your emails, which are tailored based on previous purchases made by clients – a really handy function.

GetResponse is best suited to larger retailers because of the comprehensive automation, segmentation tools, and CRM. We would also suggest it if you want additional capabilities such as landing pages and webinars.

Sendinblue Shopify Apps for Email Marketing

Sendinblue stands out as a feature-rich email marketing service for the budget-conscious Shopify company owner. Sendinblue, which began as a transactional email service, has moved into the multichannel sector by delivering SMS in addition to email. Not to mention the excellent features like landing pages, automation, Facebook advertisements, live chat, and lead scoring.

Sendinblue has some extremely clever eCommerce tools built-in. You can, for example, provide conditional email content based on particular qualities (e.g. a special offer if someone is an existing customer or not). You may also send emails and SMS messages such as payment confirmations, order summaries, and delivery alerts using their transactional messaging tools (via SMTP). Order data is also transferred from Shopify to Sendinblue, allowing you to examine it on individual contact records and construct segments and automation based on it. Using the drag-and-drop builder, you can also combine shop goods with email.


Best Shopify Email Marketing Apps Maillite

MailerLite is one of EmailToolTester’s favorite tools. Why? Because we truly believe it is one of the best-value email marketing services available. It’s not only cheap, but it’s also simple to use and packed with useful features like marketing automation, landing pages, surveys, dynamic content, and more. Shopify shop owners benefit from direct connectivity as well, which allows you to sync customer data and items as well as trigger automation.

Once you’ve connected all of your Shopify contacts to MailerLite, MailerLite will automatically construct segments based on customer history (e.g. first-time customers, repeat customers, high spend customers). You can also quickly integrate MailerLite popup forms into your store and effortlessly add store goods to your emails by simply clicking a button. Furthermore, MailerLite’s deliverability rates are (nearly) unrivaled, and they provide a substantial free package.


SmartrMail is a system that was created with e-commerce in mind. It only services clients that already have an online business, and Shopify is one of the key platforms they use. SmartrMail says that its subscribers have produced an additional $81,602,159 in revenues by utilizing their services.

The connection procedure is quite straightforward because you join up immediately through Shopify. SmartrMail, in fact, is a terrific tool for novices since it handles a lot of the work for you. SmartrMail creates an email design for you based on your existing Shopify store design and branding when you sign up. This is a useful tool that might save you a lot of time. Of course, this is readily editable and may be saved as a template.

It utilizes machine learning to generate product recommendation email marketing apps for your subscribers based on their data, and you can schedule them to be sent out at a specific frequency, such as once a week. All goods fill immediately, complete with links and images.


ConvertKit is popular among bloggers and content creators, but it also targets online store owners with a straightforward interface with Shopify (amongst other e-commerce platforms). A landing page editor and a versatile tag management system are also included.

You may build automation around particular goods or groupings of products that consumers have purchased. Customers may be subscribed to an automatic email series, added/removed from a tag, a custom field defined, or added to a form using automation. Their advanced tagging system allows you to separate users and easily add/remove them from email sequences.

Drip Email Marketing for Shopify Apps

Drip is the platform for you if you want to be able to construct automation based on even the tiniest actions done by consumers on your shop (e.g. saw a product, created/deleted a checkout, placed/canceled an order) or extremely precise data points (e.g. what brand they bought, or how much they spent). This is why they term themselves the “Ecommerce CRM” Because they place a great focus on facilitating communications at every stage of the unique customer’s journey.

They also have a Facebook Customer Audiences interface, so you can mix targeted Facebook advertisements with your Shopify automated campaigns.

Keep an eye on your subscriber counts, since going over the limit will immediately move you up to the next plan, and remember that customers synced over from Shopify will count against your contact limit. Also, there isn’t a large selection of email templates — there are only 18.

ActiveCampaign – Shopify Apps for Email Marketing


ActiveCampaign, like GetResponse, has a good reputation in marketing automation. Because of its Deep Data Integration with Shopify, it is now making this available to Shopify store owners.

Active Campaign’s CRM, dynamic segmentation and tagging, conditional email content (e.g., various items and offers based on what contact is interested in), and, of course, complex automation are all available to store owners. There are also more integration possibilities (Zapier, Revenue Conduit).

The Deep Data integration procedure was simple, and any contacts who make a purchase or abandon a basket in your business will be registered as contacts in ActiveCampaign immediately. It’s also useful to be able to see contacts’ orders, abandoned carts, and spending totals within their contact profiles — it provides the type of view you’re used to seeing in more purpose-built CRMs. We also like ActiveCampaign’s workflow-based automation editor, which allows you to create abandoned cart campaigns, upsell emails, re-purchase reminders, and other types of campaigns. The drag and drop editor makes it simple to add items to emails, and you can add Shopify products and a “Buy Now” button to your ActiveCampaign landing page.

Omnisend Email marketing for Shopify

Omnisend, a multi-channel supplier with a strong focus on e-commerce, takes the top position on our list fairly and squarely. This sleek solution provides a variety of automation aimed at different points of the customer experience (browse abandonment, cart abandonment, order confirmations, and so on), as well as some pretty unique email marketing apps features like gift boxes, scratch cards, and other incentives. Omnisend allows you to send SMS, push alerts, and Facebook and WhatsApp messages in addition to email.

If you require a multi-channel platform that allows you to handle all of your store’s marketing communications in one place and wants to be able to add some unique extra features to their emails, we believe Omnisend is hard to match.


One thing is certain that there is a lot to gain by setting up email marketing for your Shopify business, the most important of which is a lifetime of devoted consumers. If you haven’t already, now is the time to begin analyzing the top Shopify email marketing apps to assist you.