Are you owning an Amazon shop and looking for free Amazon analytic tools to tackle business issues? Then this article is right for you!

Check out our suggestions of top free Amazon analytic tools below and find out the ones that best suit your business!

Top 10+ Free Amazon Analytic Tools That Boost Sale For Every Sellers 2022

1. FBA Calculator for Amazon


FBA Calculator is a Chrome extension created to support eCommerce business. With this free Amazon analytic tool, optimizing prices ranging from products to shipping is not a big deal anymore. Accurate data about selling points and sourcing costs displayed on the FBA Calculator tool will help you gain profits with ease. 

Enter the product price, shipping, other fees to Amazon’s warehouse, and total cost of the product per unit into the FBA revenue calculator. The FBA calculator will analyze the product’s net profit based on the inputs.

2. Google Analytics Tools


Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner are the two recommendations for Amazon sellers to keep in touch with what is happening and utilize keywords effectively for ads campaigns. What’s more, Google Analytic Tools allow you to keep track of trend data to decide which is the best time to apply your keywords. 

3. Keyword Tool


Another free keyword analytic tool that you shouldn’t miss is Keyword Tool. Although using different methods from Google Keyword Planner to generate keywords, this responsive Amazon analytic tool makes it easier for users to analyze their Amazon selling. 

By using Google Autocomplete as the main source, Keyword Tool assists vendors in finding long-tail keywords that will best suit their content and reach their target audience quickly. 

4. Keyword Everywhere


Another keyword analytics to take away is Keyword Everywhere, a tool that enables you to generate long-tail keywords along with search volume, CPC and competition data. What’s more, you can utilize this tool to keep up-to-date through the “People also search for” section with volume metrics in the search pages. With Keyword Everywhere, getting access to the top 20 ranking to select from about 5000 words now can be tackled more easily than ever. 

5. AMZ Base


If you are looking for free Amazon analytic tools for effective product research, the AMZ Base add-on will not let you down with its amazing features. This free Chrome plugin will accompany you in terms of ASIN No. and Amazon description of listings. 

Furthermore, if you want to check historical product prices or estimate your possible profits by calculating FBA fees, AMZ Base will be your perfect partner.

6. Sellic Benchmarker


Sellics is now providing free Amazon analytic tools called Benchmarker, helping you solve most of your PPC campaign issues. Now, you can measure your monthly advertising performance, including ACoS, CPC, CTR and CVR on Benchmarker. 

Furthermore, Product Analysis is also available to discover which item advertisements can be optimized. 

In order to help you have a higher chance of success, the Account Structure feature will display your account structure compared to other vendors to see how you can improve better than them.

There are also other various wonderful features on Benchmarker that we believe your business can successfully turn over a new leaf!

7. Ahref


Become an SEO expert within a second with Ahref – one of the free Amazon analytic tools with 7-day-trial SEO research and wonderful features. A dashboard is available on Ahref to view data of every project connected with various explorer tools, ranging from sites, keywords to content. Plus, users can apply the Rank Tracker tool to check their current ranking on both PC and smartphones. If there’s any SEO issue, the Site Audit feature will help you fix everything right away, upgrading your analytics to a new level. 

8. Helium 10 


Helium 10 is an all-in-one Amazon analytic tool that serves a wide range of services, assisting you in managing your stores in the most powerful way. With Helium 10’s product research tool, you can conveniently access 450 million ASIN databases, calculate profits or update seasonal trends. 

Not to mention that Helium 10 also provides several keyword search methods and an amazing listening creation process, helping you achieve a higher rank in the search engine. 

What’s more, keeping track of seller accounts and malicious attacks is very important, and this tool can help you manage your business at ease. 

The Analytics and Marketing tools are also highly evaluated when analyzing your Amazon selling process. Enjoy your business journey with Helium 10 and its effective tactics. 

9. Jungle Scout


Learning from competitors is one of the strategies to boost sales for your store, and Jungle Scout is here to help you discover various types of keywords that your rivals use as well as track performance regularly. Additionally, you can also optimize your listing with top keywords, then sync it back to Seller Central effortlessly. Jungle Scout also offers an AI-powered inventory dashboard to track your stocking levels, reorder dates and quantities in a seamless way. 

Plus, the Review Automation on Jungle Scout’s 7-day free Amazon analytic tools will help save time by automatically tracking your review status. 

With this tool, analyzing your finances now can be much easier. It is a trustworthy solution to grow your business.

10. Unicorn Smasher


Keeping your data up-to-date is now a piece of cake with Unicorn Smasher. You can analyze bestseller ranks, ratings, reviews, calculated profits in a well-organized dashboard. The opportunity score on this analytic tool will support you to raise a higher chance of success in the Amazon market. 

Not to mention that its integration with Amz Tracker is a big plus to help you optimize your listings and boost daily sales by learning from your competitors’ potential. Unicorn Smasher will accompany you to enhance your analyzing skills and save time to fulfil other aspects of your business. 

11. Amazon Integration on Podorder


One of the free Amazon analytic tools with a 14-day-trial perfect for managing orders, fulfilment and product listings is Podorder integration software. 

A special feature not to be missed on Podorder is that it helps to manage multiple Amazon accounts on an ultra dashboard, helping you save tons of time and analyze data with ease. 

What’s more, importing orders now can be tackled within seconds, as users can add it on Chrome extension and import orders to hubs and get tracking code quickly on this software. 

Customer support is also an important aspect that you have to take well care of, and Podorder can assist you in managing Amazon notifications, customers’ messages and Amazon Hub support settings.

What’s next?

After all, free services cannot live up to one’s business expectation, and your experience can also be an amazing “partner” accompanying you to the success path among those free Amazon analytic tools out there. What’s next is to consider your budget and business goal so that you can choose the best tool to start working with! Best of lucks!

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