increase eCommerce conversion rate

How to increase eCommerce conversion rate isn’t stressful anymore thanks to this comprehensive post. We shall walk you through the top 20 expert tips to increase the eCommerce conversion rate. We believe they are tricks if you care, your sales will increase dramatically! Let’s check it now. 

Top 20 Expert Tips To Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rate 

1. Transparent Information

Transparent information stays on top of the list because of its importance in reinforcing customers’ trust. Precise, understandable, clear, not overwhelming product information is what every customer expects from an eCommerce store. Any doubts or biased information can make them leave the site quickly. 

Transparent information will provide enough information about the specification, warranty policy, payment, and shipping methods. Furthermore, if such pages can provide additional posts or videos about product usage or how to extend a product’s lifetime, it would be more convincing and easy to arrive at a purchase decision.  


2. Optimize Images & Video

As important as transparent information, a beautiful visual representation of the product is the decisive factor in keeping potential customers in eCommerce stores Captivating viewers with stunning photos makes your eCommerce store stay on their minds. The higher chances they will come back to your store. Typically, high-quality images of the product shown at every angle along the zoom features are crucial to making customers easily visualize how the product looks in reality. 

Besides, embedding a short product video is becoming more popular in almost every e-commerce store. It provides all product prospects and highly influences purchase decisions. As the result, it boosts increase eCommerce conversion rate.

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3. Improve Page Loading Speed

In today’s hyper-fast world, loading page speed is one of the decisive factors to gain a competitive advantage among e-commerce sites. There are up to 40% of web visitors will abandon the site if it takes 2 seconds longer to load the pages. Any delay in a single second can lead to a 7% decrease in conversion. By checking Google PageSpeed Insights. you will find out any issues relating to page loading. At the same time, do not forget to manage the number of plugins and tracking scripts along with using the content delivery network to improve the web performance. Let optimize the page loading speed as an ongoing process then you will experience an increased eCommerce conversion rate.  

4. Mobile Optimization 

In the technology-driven era, we have experienced there is a steady rise in online shopping through a smartphone. According to business insider, mobile eCommerce accounts for 44% in 2024. Furthermore, with the high increase in smartphone usage, by September 2020, Google rolled out mobile-first indexing to enhance user experiences.

Mobile loading page speed, responsive design, and search functionality are the three primary improvement factors to decrease the bounce rate. If neglecting these details, it is very hard to get your page on the first page of Google and ultimately increase Ecommerce conversion rate, 

5. Smooth Navigation

Like mobile optimization, smooth navigation is a must to increase the eCommerce conversion rate. It is particularly important if your website features a vast array of products.

Smooth Navigation is implemented by giving the menu, organizing products according to the category, and especially through the search function. If not, you are going to skip 30% of e-commerce site visitors, who often use the search function!  

6. Provide Personalized Content 

Purchasers are impressed with the aesthetic look and ultimate experience. So, providing personalized content and a different look for the site shortens the path to purchase and increases eCommerce conversion rate. Nowadays, AI makes it easier for you to deliver customized content once the users revisit your website. For instance: The e-commerce website can automatically recommend relevant product categories, which customers showed their interest before. Although providing personal content is a small detail, it dramatically improves your website user-friendliness! 

7. Leverage Social Proof 

Reading online reviews becomes the habit of smart customers before they finalize a purchase. Online reviews become more trustable as friends’ recommendations. Nowadays, customers expect to see at least 112 reviews per product. Then, the more reviews you have, the better your website is. To build trust with website visitors, leveraging social proof should not be skippable. 

The question is whether it is necessary to publish some negative feedbacks. In our experience, we believe some of them even make customers trust the web site’s content is honest. In the fact, leveraging social proof has actually proven Amazon’s success. Amazon allows both negative and positive feedback to be posted on its website. By the time, it becomes the first eCommerce page people search for product reviews then purchase almost all products conveniently. At the same time, social proofs also make Amazon one of the most trustworthy brand names.

8. Make The CTA Button Outstanding

Converting a lead to a customer is all the effort your e-commerce site needs to do. Making the CTA button outstanding is one of the tricks to encourage customers to move forward.

Placement, size, and color are the three most important factors to make customers irresistible to click on CTA buttons. At the same time, to convert website visitors into customers, it is necessary to make CTA noticeable and persuasive. The following guidelines share with you the most practical tips to turn great CTA buttons into a powerful tool to increase the ecommerce conversion rate. 

  • Creating a sense of urgency by indicating the time limit and the number of items in stock. 
  • Urging users to act now, which plays off for the desire for instant gratification. 
  • Positioning the average customer rating close to the CTA button. 
  • Use CTA like Best Seller, or Authority to reinforce customers’ trust. 
  • Alleviate uncertainties like “Buy Now, Decide Later” of HM or IKEA with “It is OK to change your mind”, or relieve point-of-action anxiety by showing “free shipping, free exchange, and 100% price guarantee”.
  • Anchoring the original price to make the sale price likely an excellent deal.
  • Placing the CTA buttons at the places where customers expect to find them. 
  • Make the button text specific. 
  • Displaying the unique preposition by showing certifications. 

Last but not least, we advise you to measure the efficiency of CTA buttons by checking the result through Google Analytics frequently. 

increase-ecommerce-conversion-rate-make The-CTA-button-outstanding

9. Search Box Optimization

The on-site search paves the path for conversion because it shows the high level of customer purchase intention. Displaying “No results” or irrelevant information makes them out quickly. Instead, let’s optimize and improve the results frequently to increase ecommerce conversion rate. It is a vital ongoing process due to 30% of E-commerce site visitors using the search box. Search box optimization can be easily applied with the following adjustments:

  • Place a search bar in a conventional location at the upper-right corner of the page or along the left side of the desktop page.
  • Frequently check on-site search history to adjust website search algorithms in showing the most relevant information. 
  • Features the most popular searched items, products, and information on the page. 
  • Using predictive search and accommodating synonyms & alternative terms. 
  • Enhancing the semantic processing capabilities by emulating how people normally speak and process search phrases accordingly.


10. Create Fear Of Missing Out

People desire exclusivity and fear missing out.  It drives customers to take the fastest action thanks to increasing the perceived value of products. In many cases, evoking a sense of scarcity can even triple selling. In reality, this marketing trick is the most popular for eCommerce sites to get their conversion lift. Typically, they use a count-down timer in promos and the number of stock items left to effectively increase ecommerce conversion rate.  

11. Promote Sale Section

It is not only sale hunters, who love good deals but also normal customer. The sales section gets the biggest traffic onto e-Commerce websites. Interestingly, a lot of customers buy products they are interested in promoting, not about their needs. So, it is necessary to place the sale section well to capture the viewers’ attention. 

12. Excellent Customer Support 

In the age of instant gratifications, customers expect real-time responses. The availability of a chatbot or a customer supporter is beneficial to respond to their concerns and increase customer engagement. Friendliness and prompt assistance create a fantastic customer service experience and provide customers with enough product information to quickly make purchase decisions. It is vital to build excellent customer support to increase eCommerce conversion rate. Without it, it is hard for them to find an answer for their needs and possibly leave for another more helpful page. 


13. Offer Multiple Payment Methods

At the final step of the checkout process, the payment method possibly prevents customers from buying due to the limits of payment options available. Offering multiple payment methods would be a wise choice to keep their stay. The preferred payment method can serve either for security, convenience, or rewards. Until now, besides the master and visa card, PayPal, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, or even cryptocurrency have become preferred options. 

14. Intelligent Pricing 

Another interesting marketing trick is offering intelligent pricing to drive more sales. The primary pricing method, which eCommerce sites are applying to increase eCommerce conversion rate is giving the pre-selected package, bundles, a loyalty program, or rewards. The cheaper prices of packages stimulate customers to buy more than they need. Besides, converting points from reward programs encourages customers to purchase returns. In the long term, they become loyal ones providing a steady stream of revenue. 

15. Give Before You Take

Feeling indebted to a brand makes customers more open to purchasing. Online sites take advantage of the principle of “Give Before You Take” dynamically to increase eCommerce conversion rate successfully. The most noticeable applications are free delivery, free trial, cancellation option, or heavy discount. Nearly 30% of online customers usually buy products even if they don’t have the original purchase intent due to such above giving.   

16. A Good Return Policy 

An easy return policy makes customers feel safer in taking products they are not sure about. The more comfortable they feel, the easier for your e-Commerce site to convert into sales. They become more confident because of being cared for by the return and exchange policies. Furthermore, an easy return experience can bring 96% of customers to buy in return. Obviously, to turn the return policy into a sales conversion tool, it is necessary to make the clearest policy posted on the website, which is easy to access.  


17. Fast Delivery 

Express delivery has increasingly become the standard shipping. In fact, upto 86% of millennials are ready to shop with online retailers, who offer fast delivery in 1-2 days. Additionally, a decent number of customers are expecting to receive their product on the same day. Without offering fast delivery, it usually leads to hesitation then most of the cases end with abandoning their cart. 

18. Follow Abandoned Cart 

Abandoned cart recovery shouldn’t be skippable if you want to increase eCommerce conversion rate. Once adding products to the carts, the purchase intent is very high. So, it is vital to figure out the ratio of abandoned carts and the key reasons. Make sure that there are no errors in the site design, check-out process, or product information, which lead to delay in the purchase process. Parallelly,  let’s send reminder emails after a few hours to encourage customers to complete their shopping process.  


19. Highlight Security 

Losing personal data and credit card information causes 17% of the abandonments during the check-out process. It is very concerning that e-Commerce sites stay on top of websites to get hacked. To protect your customers and show reliability, it is necessary to use reputable site security providers and show their seal on your site. It boosts customers’ confidence in filling their bank account info into your web. 

20. Allow Guest Check-Out

The complicated check-out process easily makes customers annoyed. Any extra step or next page and even delay a second quickly results in abandonment. Let’s optimize your eCommerce check-out experience by using fewer clicks, limiting distraction, and a more direct path to payment. 

Final Thoughts

We hope this nice post of top 20 expert tips to increase eCommerce conversion rate gives you a lot of useful information. Although they are small details of the web design, it has a fantastic impact on the sale. Let’s improve your website now to get fruitful results.