Gelato print on demand products

While many print on demand firms focus on the essentials, such as online t-shirt shops, there are many more ways to use print on demand companies if you think outside the box. 

With gelato print on demand products, you can turn your designs into personalized print products, then sell, create, and ship them anywhere in the world. You can connect your company to our API in one of three ways: through an eCommerce platform, direct integration from your website, or manually ordering products through our portal.

What is Gelato Print On Demand Products?

title cover

Gelato is a print-on-demand book firm that specializes on paper goods such as wall art and mugs. Gelato has local printing partner sites in 30 countries around the world, so you can rest confident that your POD items will be shipped worldwide by Gelato.

After you’ve decided which of the Gelato app’s 1000+ paper items you’d like to offer in your online store, you can quickly upload photographs or design your products on the interface, then integrate them with Shopify to get started selling right away. Gelato can meet all of your paper POD demands quickly, thanks to 24/7 customer service and a quality guarantee.

How can Gelato support your print on demand business?


There is no “silver bullet” or one-size-fits-all recipe for e-commerce success, but Gelato has few recommended practices to follow. 

Gelato’s objective is to enable global eCommerce and the creative economy to serve any client with any personalized product, anywhere in the world, overnight. They don’t have any physical assets; instead, they have developed a cloud-based platform that allows eCommerce entrepreneurs and creators to create and deliver unique products whenever and wherever they need them.

Thanks to the network of print partners, Gelato has a large portfolio of products that can be produced locally on demand. It only takes minutes to add a new product to your store, and you can quickly assess market response and adjust your offering, pricing, and marketing approach.

Shipping is faster, waste and carbon emissions are decreased, and the seller no longer needs to handle inventory or cross-border shipping because the products are created on-demand and closer to where they are delivered. It’s more efficient, intelligent, and environmentally friendly.

6 Simple Steps To Start Selling Print On Demand Products Online with Gelato

1. Analyze the market for Gelato print on demand products

Define your niche and target market

product niche

Find your niche, a distinct customer group with its own set of requirements:

  • Price (luxury, moderate, discount)
  • Demographics (gender, age, income/education level)
  • Level of quality (premium, handmade)
  • Psychographics (values, interests)
  • Geographics (country, city)

Tip: Trending niches are excellent, but they’re often congested, making it difficult to gain momentum!

Do some competitive analysis

Check out what other sellers have to offer. You might also be able to learn a thing or two about how to set up your shop.

Determine how saturated your niche is. Is there a lot of competition selling the same product (customized pet posters, for example) to the same consumer segment?

The SWOT analysis, which stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, is the most frequent competition analysis. This excellent essay on Shopify’s Blog is another source of competition analysis inspiration.

2. Define your brand

print on demand brand

Pick a name for your store that will stick in people’s minds.

Your name is crucial since it will affect your logo, domain, marketing, and much more, so devote the necessary effort to it.

Keep it brief. Remember that this will also be your domain name (if you decide to buy one – see below for more information), so make sure it’s accessible.

Buy a domain for your store.

This will increase the credibility of your store. You may buy a domain directly from most e-commerce platforms.

Create a memorable logo.

There are a variety of free and premium logo creators available. Alternatively, if you have any artistic abilities, you can do it yourself or hire a graphic designer.

3. Design your products with Gelato

design products

Create your own products.

Within Gelato print on demand products‘ solution, you may design and develop your products directly in the product designer. It allows you to include both images and text, as well as allow your users to customize the items you choose.

You can also upload print-ready files if you like (if you already have those). Please make sure that the photographs you post comply with our terms of service and do not infringe on any copyrights.

Test your designs.

Once you’ve created some designs, we recommend placing some test orders using the Gelato Dashboard to check how your design and colors look on the product you’ve chosen.

4. Setup your store

Choose the best e-commerce platform or marketplace for your business.

Choose the best e-commerce platform or marketplace for your business.

You have the option of creating your own website and developing everything from scratch, or you can utilize an e-commerce platform or a marketplace to put up your business.

A single-seller website (such as Shopify) is an e-commerce platform where the store owner sells only his or her own products.

A marketplace (such as Etsy) is a website that collects products from a variety of suppliers into one well-organized catalog.

Tip: It’s worth noting that Gelato has dedicated Shopify and Etsy connections. More information can be found here.

Define the methods by which your clients will pay you.

You’ll need to take payments from your consumers as part of your store’s setup. Examine the possibilities available through your e-commerce platform or marketplace.

Define a shipping strategy.

Every platform has its own shipping setup, so stick to the instructions supplied by the one you’ve chosen. However, shipping pricing options are entirely up to you and are determined by both your overall commercial plan and the amount you pay Gelato for shipping.

5. Connect your store to Gelato

Determine how Gelato will be paid.

For your orders to be handled quickly, you’ll need a valid payment method. You can add a credit card or fund your Gelato Wallet, which is recommended if you plan to do a lot of repeat orders. If you have larger orders, please contact us to discuss payment by invoice.

Connect your store to Gelato 

Seller can use one of the dedicated integrations (Shopify or Etsy) or via open API to connect.

Add products to your store.

It’s time to start adding products to your Gelato store now that it’s connected. Adding items is simple, and our flow will walk you through all of the steps: choosing a product, creating a design, naming and describing it, selecting gorgeous mockups, determining the retail price, and publishing it to your store.

Configure your fulfillment preferences (auto vs manual approval)

Your orders can be imported into Gelato print on demand products and fulfilled automatically if you’re selling static designs, or imported as drafts if you’re selling designs that are personalized based on the end-preferences. User’s Importing drafts means you’ll have to personally approve each order before it can be fulfilled.

Make a trial order through your store.

After everything is set up successfully, we recommend placing an order from your business to test the integrated end-to-end and make sure it works as planned before accepting orders from real consumers.

6. Additional considerations

Additional considerations

Create an account for your company.

Consult an expert to ensure that your store complies with all applicable business rules, depending on where you are located and where you plan to sell.

Consult a tax expert.

Depending on the item purchased, the shipping address, the buyer’s location, the creation (printing) location, and the actual tax rate set by the appropriate state/country and/or municipal tax rates, we charge applicable taxes on your purchases.

Submit legal and tax information to Gelato

Please make sure to include all of your legal information, including any appropriate certificates, in your account (e.g. resale certificate for US businesses).


With Gelato print on demand products, it helps tens of thousands of enterprises all across the world. We’ve collected a list of helpful hints to get you started. Here’s a rundown of how Gelato can help you with your e-commerce endeavors.