Top Best eCommerce Affiliate Marketing Tips to Promote Your Product in 2022

Knowing some essential affiliate marketing tips can help you grasp this multi-billion dollar sector, in addition to comprehending the basics and how it operates, to be able to execute affiliate marketing successfully.

eCommerce affiliate marketing is one of the marketing tactics that may help businesses increase their sales and internet earnings. According to Forrester Research, more than 80% of brands in the United States use it on a daily basis. Obviously, the benefits it offers to the firm outweigh the relatively low operational expenses.

You may believe that as a small business, you have limited resources to market your products and services, but you are mistaken! You may utilize a variety of low-cost, high-impact eCommerce affiliate marketing methods to raise your brand, expand your consumer base, and boost your sales!

What is eCommerce Affiliate Marketing?

What is eCommerce Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the practice of promoting your products and driving traffic to your website by partnering with well-known blogs, publications, corporations, or prominent persons. Then, for each sale attributed to the affiliate, you’ll pay the affiliate marketers a percentage of the proceeds as a commission.

To put the correct material on their website, they will undertake research on your product, market, and audience. In order to be well-positioned and able to draw attention more successfully, their website must be connected to your product kind. There will also be some eCommerce affiliate marketing tips and methods available.

When it comes to converting your audience into consumers, many individuals are confused about the differences between eCommerce affiliate marketing and influencer marketing. The primary distinction between these two groups is how they operate and what their ultimate goal is.

While influencers (celebrities, bloggers, media personalities, etc.) promote products and services on social media to raise brand recognition, affiliate marketers must market across many platforms to generate leads and improve income.

As an affiliate marketer, you will seek out and form connections with businesses in order to promote their products. With some helpful eCommerce affiliate marketing suggestions, you’ll produce blog material or a website with all the information buyers need to entice them based on the deals and discounts they give. Following that, you offer suggestions to your audience, which results in payment for the company’s items.

Finally, based on the initial agreement between the two sides, the affiliate partners will pay you a portion of the revenues, which may be calculated as pay per sale, pay per lead, or pay per click.

Benefits of Starting an Ecommerce Affiliate

Benefits of Starting an Ecommerce Affiliate

Additional Revenue Stream

Joining an affiliate network is a quick and easy option for eCommerce firms to add another cash stream, and what business owner doesn’t want to boost their overall earnings? With a referral program, you’ll earn an affiliate commission every time one of your contacts makes a purchase from your affiliate partner.


In the online world, there is a lot of competition, and joining an affiliate network may help you stand out from the crowd by allowing you to deliver more value to your clients. You’ll be able to link them with your affiliate partner’s products and services without having to go through the work, cost, and bother of supplying them yourself. Customers would appreciate it if they can obtain a suggestion for a product or service they require from someone they trust, sparing them the time and effort of having to search for a partner on their own. This can help you earn greater customer satisfaction rankings in addition to affiliate earnings!

Broaden Your Audience

Affiliates may be found in almost every industry and product area. So, whether you want to build a reputation for yourself in retail or carve out a niche in the realm of carpentry, there’s a website for you. What’s more, many of these affiliates will already have a large number of visitors. This allows you to make yourself known inside their communities with little effort or expense. You may even consider these partners to be an extension of your present eCommerce affiliate marketing or sales staff!

Scale Your Business with Ease

Modern e-commerce business owners are always seeking methods to expand their client base, increase income, and enhance their operations in order to stay up with changing consumer tastes and differentiate themselves from the competition. It may be beneficial to join an affiliate program. When you create a new income stream through referral commissions, you can use the extra cash flow and revenue to expand your company.

You might, for example, develop new items, invest in new technologies to better your company operations or deploy software to increase your ability to communicate with clients. This will allow you to make changes that will help you develop your business and better serve your customers.

Join an Affiliate Network of Like-Minded Businesses

An affiliate network may be a terrific location to meet other company owners who share your interests and establish vital professional connections. You can achieve your company goals faster, attract more customers, and experience larger profit margins by joining a community of businesses devoted to helping each other improve their client base and income while also helping other businesses do the same. It’s a win-win situation for everybody!

Top eCommerce Affiliate Marketing Tips

Top eCommerce Affiliate Marketing Tips

Create a Strong Commission Structure

Offering a competitive commission can considerably improve the quality of affiliate marketers interested in collaborating with you. The typical commission rate for eCommerce affiliates should be between 5% and 15%. The affiliate commission is determined by a number of criteria, including:

  • Price and product margins in the industry.
  • The affiliate partner’s worth.

If you’re just getting started, a high commission rate will help you recruit more quality affiliates. Another popular eCommerce affiliate marketing strategy is to research your niche’s rivals and establish your program with the highest commissions you can afford. Because you aren’t limited to utilizing your public offering, you may develop bespoke commission arrangements for different affiliates.

You may consider your cost of goods sold (COGS), profit margin, and affiliate commissions to produce a respectable return on investment because affiliate commissions are paid after the sale.

Partner with Influencers

Invite websites and affiliate bloggers whose audiences are similar to your target market to join as affiliates. Partner recruiting tools can assist you to find affiliates and content developers that are interested in promoting your brand. Affiliate search, contact information, and partner pipeline management are all provided by solutions like Grovia.

You may use cold email templates to reach out to influencers in order to engage with them. Make sure to follow up and get them to join your program by offering attractive compensation rates, free items, and other incentives.

Get in Touch with Affiliates Regularly

Maintain an open line of contact with your affiliates. They should be aware of impending product releases, social media-promoted items, banner marketing, and product highlight videos. To make conversions easier, find out what they require from you. You can schedule a regular monthly meeting with them so that you can communicate with them on a regular basis.

To attract people to promote you, you should also present them with the best-converting landing pages, discounts, and added incentives. If a certain affiliate is responsible for a large number of e-commerce orders, be sure to thank them with higher commissions, special offers, or free items.

Make sure that the quantity of affiliates you deal with is diverse. You don’t want to be overly reliant on a small number of affiliates, so make sure you have a diverse selection of partners so your revenue doesn’t dwindle if one leaves your program.

Focus on High AOV Products

According to current statistics, the average order value for top-performing eCommerce enterprises is $82. Increase income by letting your affiliates know which goods have the greatest average order value (AOV) and focusing on those. The eCommerce affiliate marketing can advertise the items and send visitors to your site, but to enhance your AOV with offers, use the following steps:

  • Free shipping threshold (free delivery on all purchases over $50): According to retail research, free shipping is the #1 inducement for online buyers to make a purchase.
  • Minimum expenditure discount: Customers enjoy the feeling of receiving a good bargain. Use a discount scale to incentivize. For example, purchases above $50 will receive a 10% discount, while orders over $100 would receive a 20% discount.
  • Offer a discount to first-time buyers: Offer a 10-20% discount when new consumers provide their email addresses to encourage them to make their first purchase.

Seasonal Shopping

Seasonal Shopping

Between November and December 2017, there were 58 $1 billion-plus days in online sales. Make a calendar of seasonal shopping incentives and distribute them to your affiliates. Create a plan around Cyber Monday.

With $6.59 billion in sales, Cyber Monday 2017 was the most profitable online shopping day in US history. On Cyber Monday, the following items were among the best-selling items:

  • Video game consoles
  • Toys are a type of entertainment (collectible figurines, Hatchimals).
  • AirPods are Apple’s wireless headphones.
  • Streaming media players (Google Chromecast and Roku).
  • Games on the computer.

Focus your seasonal promotions schedule on goods with fully stocked inventory, “re-released” items (quantities you need to sell from the previous season), or a fresh product launch. Many e-commerce retailers commit one week every month to a promotion, so be aware of shopping holidays and seasons of the year when discounts should be offered.

Create Text and Banner Ads

Building a text and banner ad campaign to correspond with what your affiliates are pushing encourages client decision-making, whether your promotions calendar is geared around the holidays or your business cycle.

  • Users who are retargeted with banner advertisements are 70% more likely to convert than those who are not.
  • Billboards have a reaction rate of 33%, whereas banner advertising has a response rate of 33%.

With these four methods, you can create efficient banner advertising to compliment eCommerce affiliate marketing traffic:

  • Have a distinct brand. If online customers are unable to determine who is advertising to them, they will not visit your website.
  • Maintain a straightforward approach. Consumers will remember your message if it is brief.
  • Make use of animation. Because it’s difficult to ignore motion on a screen, include animation in your banner advertising if it fits your brand.
  • Include a call to action in your message. Users on the internet will follow your lead. Give them something to do next.

Social Media Promotion

Use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote the items that your affiliates are advertising. Add attention-getting photographs, product reviews, or launch videos to your eCommerce affiliate marketing campaign. Make sure to distribute affiliate-generated material that promotes your items.

Leverage Coupon Sites

Instead of working one-on-one, coupon eCommerce affiliate marketing allows you to work with several sites. You send your promo code or eCommerce affiliate marketing link to an affiliate network, which then distributes it to huge coupon websites. Affiliate links are generally used to measure conversions so affiliates gain credit for conversions.

Use Retargeting

The majority of individuals come to your website because they believe you can help them with their problems. They did not, however, finish the deal for whatever reason. You’ll need one of our eCommerce affiliate marketing ideas in situations like these: retargeting.

Keep track of potential consumers and keep them in mind. Then pick the best moment to boost your product or content ad’s visibility to these consumers. Once you’ve determined that they’re ready, persuade them of the product’s true utility. It will improve the likelihood of them returning to complete the deal.


Shoppers will continue to rely on the internet and social media influencers to help them make eCommerce decisions. Remember that affiliates are ambassadors for your company, so make sure they share your fundamental values and image. Understanding which affiliate tools to use and how to integrate eCommerce affiliate marketing into your entire sales strategy can help you grow your e-commerce business and increase sales.

The eCommerce affiliate marketing tips we’ve given above have been studied and prepared to be quite beneficial. As a result, practice them every day to improve your abilities. Please let us know if you have any additional affiliate marketing strategies for 2022. If you find the content beneficial, please like and share it with others.