If you run an eBay business, then you already know how important it is to be competitive in your field. If you’re not getting enough traffic or making enough sales, you could end up going out of business before long. One way to stay competitive in any field, whether you’re selling on eBay or from your own website, is by using keyword tools to find the best keywords for your product or service. 

However, which one should you choose? To help, we’ve compiled this list of the top 8 eBay keyword tools, along with all the information you need to decide which tool will work best for your own business needs.

1. Why need eBay keyword tools? 

eBay is a huge marketplace with a lot of competition, and it’s not uncommon for sellers to enter a niche or category only to get overwhelmed by other sellers. Selling successfully on eBay requires more than just product knowledge. It also takes keyword research, so you can get your product in front of people who are looking for what you have to offer. 


The right tool will tell you how often keywords are searched on eBay, which ones have the highest bids, and how much traffic there is for any given search term. Using these tools can help you brainstorm ideas and find hot sellers. There’s nothing worse than creating a listing that nobody sees. And there’s no better way to prevent that from happening than using these effective tools.

2. List of top 8 eBay keyword tools 

Below is our list of the best eBay keyword tools that you can choose from

2.1 SeoStack Keyword Tool

If you’re an active seller on eBay, then SeoStack is a great keyword tool to use. It’s completely free and is used by many professional sellers on eBay. The data from SeoStack helps you make sure that your product will rank high in search results, giving it a better chance of selling quickly and without hassle. 


The keyword generator included with SeoStack is a great way to find keywords that most people haven’t thought of yet, which means you’ll have a head start compared to other sellers. This tool is very easy to use and may even become one of your favorites if you’re already selling on eBay.

2.2 Keyword Tool Dominator 

Keyword Tool Dominator is a very powerful and easy-to-use tool for every eBay seller. It was built for quick keyword generation, which you can then add directly to your listing or your Google Adwords account. You can add up to 100 keywords in one go, making it ideal for large sellers with multiple listings. 


A variety of keyword suggestions are available from Keyword Tool Dominator, from word combinations to whole phrases. With a free account, you’ll be able to see how many times a phrase has been searched in a month and how much it costs per click in Adwords. For an even more detailed report on specific keywords, you can upgrade to a paid plan starting at $9/month. 

2.3 Kparser 

Kparser is another powerful solution among eBay keyword tools. This is a very nifty tool that will help you choose keywords for your eBay listings. You can search for terms in a broad category and get suggestions from other people who have used those terms. It shows you related words, how many times they’ve been searched for, and lets you modify your original term to see if it’s still feasible. It also shows how many results show up on eBay for certain terms.


2.4 Google Search – Google Trends

Google Trends gives you insight into how often a search term is entered relative to other search terms. For example, it shows you how many people searched for eBay keyword tools vs. eBay hand tools. You can use Google Trends to get an idea of how competitive a particular niche or keyword is. If lots of people are searching for something, it may mean there’s money in it and that more people will be willing to pay for your product or service than if fewer people are searching.


2.5 Ahrefs 

One of the most well-known eBay keyword tools is Ahrefs. The best tool for competitive research in eCommerce, Ahrefs’ main strength is their focus on SEO. They offer keyword research tools that help you do detailed keyword analysis in bulk with ease. Besides that, they also provide backlink checkers so you can see which sites are linking to your competitors. 


As well as offering detailed data on domains, they also rank websites based on metrics like engagement and social media influence. They even offer an incredibly useful content explorer that lets you dive into specific niches to see what’s performing well with search traffic. ​​​​Ahrefs’ pricing plans start from $99/month. 

2.6 Keyword Surfer

The real benefit of Keyword Surfer is that you can use it for both PPC and general research purposes. For example, if you search for specific keywords (and only keywords, no full phrases), you’ll get a range of results that include related keywords to help inform your strategy. 


It’s like having access to Google’s keyword planner tool without actually being in it. The other excellent aspect of Keyword Surfer is its ability to help determine how many other people are bidding on a given phrase or term, valuable information if you’re trying to decide what niche would be best.

2.7 Keywordkeg

In the list of eBay keyword tools, it’s worth mentioning Keywordkeg. It is a free plugin for Chrome. What’s great about Keywordkeg is that it suggests new keywords based on words you’ve already added. If you add a word like dog, it’ll tell you related terms like puppy and mutts. Type in a phrase like, women’s watches, and it will suggest keywords like, women’s watch brands. You can then click on each one to get more information on Google Trends and see what people are searching for.


2.8 Google keyword planner 

Google keyword planner is a tool, free to use, that allows you to see how often words and phrases are searched in your area.  It’s not 100% accurate but it is really close. Every serious eBay seller should be taking advantage of Google’s keyword planner because it helps determine what your customers are looking for when they shop on eBay or googling products. 


This will help you maximize your PPC campaigns by targeting competitive key terms with low competition. The tool also tells you how many estimated monthly searches there are for each term which will help you determine if that category is viable for your business.

3. Wrapping Up 

As an eBay seller, you can spend hours researching your market to try and determine which keywords will bring you the most traffic and sales. That’s where eBay keyword tools come in handy. As they give you information about what people are searching for when looking for products like yours. Hopefully, after reading this article, you have known the top 8 of the eBay keyword tools available, including how to use them and why they’re so effective.