boost print on demand product sales on Black Friday

Although Black Friday is coming to town, fears around COVID-19 still exist and almost all retail stores still have to temporarily close. As a print on demand retailer, you have an advantage over other brick-and-mortar stores as you don’t need to prep your inventory or worry about closing business. 

However, the competition is still fierce, especially on how to boost print on demand product sales on Black Friday. This article will provide you with a detailed guideline to fully prepare your store for Black Friday Cyber.

boost print on demand product sales on Black Friday

1. General tips to boost print on demand product sales on Black Friday

1.1 Offer truly irresistible sale

On peak seasons, the most effective way to attract customer attention is to offer low prices. Even though the profit margins might experience a slight reduction, your e-commerce business will gain an exponential increase in brand recognition and a vast volume of sales as well. However, it is noted that Black Friday is a big shopping occasion, so there are a vast number of competitions aiming for the same goal. To boost print on demand product sales on Black Friday, you need to differentiate your deals and promote them to the audience in creative ways to make sure your business stands out from the crowd. 

1.2 Remind customers about the Black Friday sales

Remember that long before the actual events happen, you need to build awareness of your brand’s deals to make sure your customers are fully aware of a big campaign waiting ahead. One of the most effective ways of announcing the holiday shopping season is to send the hottest holiday-themed deals to customers by using email marketing. Another more traditional way is to send personal messages to entice customers into your store seasonal deals. In that way, you can build customer awareness of your brand’s deals for this Black Friday season long before the event. Customers will be reminded about these shocking deals, and they cannot stop talking about your POD sale occasions.

1.3 Add event countdown clocks

Since all other print on demand retailers will jump into offering sales and discounts for customers during Black Friday, your POD store deals must be attractive and urgent at the same time. The sooner the deals expire, the hurrier online customers will make up their minds to finish their orders. Adding event countdown clocks on all landing pages with attractive and professional outlook banners will create a sense of scarcity surrounding your products. When you add urgency to your sales, demand will be so high and be prepared that many items will run out of stock. 

sales on Black Friday

2. Digital marketing tips to boost print on demand product sales on Black Friday

2.1 Research previous years’ data

In order to ensure successful marketing campaigns for Black Friday, you should go over previous years, especially last year’s data to analyze the best strategy for this season. A list of keywords, website and social media content types, as well as promotions that generate sales from previous sales and campaigns, will be crucial in building the right strategies for this Black Friday season. More than that, it is also of great importance to identify where your e-commerce store traffic comes from so that this year marketing campaigns can be directed in the right paths. Remember that careful research and analysis can broadly boost print on demand product sales on Black Friday.

2.2 Make the best use of Social Media

Social media is always one of the best marketing weapons that any POD company need to attract customers as well as generate sales and multiple revenues. In the Black Friday season, social media becomes even more crucial as your campaigns can reach thousands or even millions of target customers through these online platforms. Make the best use of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to advertise your seasonal sales, promotions, offers and special deals with users all over the world. All the online content should be themed and tailored to match the holiday season to generate click-throughs.

2.3 Ads Optimization

To make sure your Black Friday campaigns can target a vast number of potential online customers, you can use services such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads. When preparing these ads, remember to deliver seasonal-related content to remind customers about Black Friday special sales and campaigns. In addition, you can take a look at last year’s data to find out the optimum times when customers are shopping to schedule your social media posts.

2.4 Ensure a seamless website experience

Be aware that the high number of traffic that comes to your company website might lead to a stressful downside: your website can crash. Make sure to test the server load capacity of your store, as well as run speed tests for the home page and highest-traffic collection before the main event. Always provide customers with a perfect shopping experience, and you not only boost print on demand product sales on Black Friday, but on other occasions as well. 

 Black Friday sales

3. Product tips to boost print on demand product sales on Black Friday

3.1 Pick the proper print materials

In the end, your product will be the thing that keeps customers stay at your POD business for a long period of time. No matter how many products you can sell on this Black Friday season, remember to deliver the best POD product with proper print materials. This is the thing that not many e-commerce companies will take into consideration during peak season, so make a difference!

3.2 Alter the product niche

Another great method to boost print on demand product sales on Black Friday is to change your business product niche to fit with customer demands and needs on these special occasions. For instance, many potential will seek gifts for friends and relatives or winter clothes for themselves. Once you thoroughly get customer insights, you can change your product niche on Black Friday to multiple conversion rates. 

4. Wrapping Up 

Black Friday can be considered the biggest marketing event of the year. Print on demand businesses and companies should make the best use of these golden opportunities to reach new customers, consolidate your market base and boost brand awareness. As everyone, including your opponents, is getting around this big festival, make sure you take advantage of your initiative and creativity to highlight your special campaigns and sales to effectively boost print on demand product sales on Black Friday.

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