Print on demand is a fulfillment approach that allows you to make your own clothing brand, monetize your following, or cater to a certain niche with customized products without having to keep inventory on hand.

However, finding the perfect print on demand companies to sell your customized products and bring your ideas to reality can take lots of time and effort, especially on Ebay. Each platform has its own printing options, delivery, and outstanding features to consider while making your choice.

You’ll almost certainly have queries to decide whether the company provides the finest service.

  • Which company isn’t going to bankrupt you?
  • Do these businesses take a long time to deliver their goods?
  • What is the origin of the products?
  • Are they trustworthy, or will they try to flee with my money?
  • Is it possible for me to interface with other website platforms?

To help you get a better choice for your business, here are 10 best print on demand companies to sell your customized products. But first, let’s start with some fundamental information about print on demand companies.

What Do Print on Demand Companies Do?

Companies providing a complete ecommerce fulfillment solution, including sourcing and storing supplies, printing products and packaging materials, and shipping orders to clients, are known as print on demand companies.

what do print on demand companies do
What do Print on Demand Companies do?

Print on demand is a kind of dropshipping. All you have to do is create eye-catching designs, arrange your items, and sell them online; the rest will be handled by print on demand companies.

Main factors to choose print on demand companies to sell customized products

Main factors to choose print on demand companies to sell customized products
How to choose print on demand companies to sell customized products

We’ll look at these essential variables to potentially shorten the way to the finest print on demand companies for your customized products:

  • Delivery: How long does it take a placed order to be produced? What is the location of the company’s shipping? What are the typical delivery times? How is the cost of shipping calculated? How does it affect your services?
  • Options for printing: What printing processes and modifications do they have available for you on their website? 
  • Outstanding features: Are there any distinguishing characteristics or services that set them apart from the competition?
  • Suggested for: Who is the ideal candidate for this print on demand solution? What are the target customers of this company or website?

Top 10 Best print on demand companies to sell customized products in 2022


Printify‘s technology helps merchants all over the world automate print-on-demand services. This company connects over 500,000 online stores with a network of 35+ print providers and 90+ printing facilities that offer embroidery, cut-and-sew, sublimation, white label services, and warehousing fulfillment.

printify - print on demand companies

Delivery: Products, shipping charges, location, packaging, and production timeframes will all be determined by the print supplier you select.

Options for printing: Depending on the print provider and product, options include direct to garment, sublimation, cut and sew, embroidery, and more.

Outstanding features: When you’re ready to scale, you can upgrade to the monthly premium plan for 20% off all orders, which can help you achieve better profit margins.

Suggested for: Anyone looking for a cost-effective and flexible print on demand solution that allows them to choose a printing partner that ships certain items from a specific region of the world.

Custom Cat

Custom Cat has over 300 different goods in thousands of different versions. Our print-on-demand fulfillment services work in tandem with your company (without expending the capital).

custom cat - print on demand companies
Custom Cat

Delivery: Orders are created in the United States and are usually ready to ship in two to three days. Domestic shipping takes one to seven business days, while overseas shipping takes four to fifteen days. Domestic shipping costs $4.99 for the first item and $1.50 for each additional item in the United States, while international shipping costs $7.50 for the first item and $5.95 for each additional item.

Options for printing: Printing methods include direct-to-garment, sublimation, 3D dye diffusion, and embroidery.

Outstanding features:An extra $30 monthly premium package provides you access to some of the industry’s lowest rates ($7 tees and $3.50 mugs).

Suggested for: Finding hard-to-find items because they have one of the largest catalogs on the list.


SPOD is a dropshipping print-on-demand service that gives you all the tools you need to start, grow, and extend your print-on-demand business.

spod-print on demand companies to sell customized products

Delivery:Ships within 48 hours from the United States, with domestic shipping starting at $3.57 and an anticipated delivery time of 3 to 8 business days. Rather than specific products or quantity, costs are calculated based on the entire order value. For more information, use SPOD’s shipping calculator.

Options for printing: Depending on the product you want to make, you can use digital direct, thermal sublimation, digital transfer/laser transfer, or customized flex.

Outstanding features: A product customization tool that allows customers to customise their purchases using your own photographs, your own designs, or one of SPOD’s over 50k free designs. Sample orders are also eligible for a 20% discount.

Suggested for: People who are new to print on demand and want quick fulfillment, simple shipping, and affordable costs. SPOD also includes one of the best customization tools in the game if you want to allow customers to personalize your products, such as a t-shirt with a photo of their dog.


Teelaunch uses technology to link your online store to manufacturers all around the world. This firm helps you reach your goals/financial independence by allowing you to open your own shop quickly and with no upfront costs.

teelaunch - print on demand companies to sell customized products

Delivery: Orders are ready to ship from locations in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom after three to six business days of production. The cost of shipping is determined by the product and the destination. For further information, visit Teelaunch’s complete cost breakdown.

Options for printing: For apparel, there’s direct to garment and cut and sew all-over printing, as well as laser etching on tumblers and cutting boards.

Outstanding features: Teelaunch is a product personalization option that allows users to put their name to a product or upload their own photo. It also creates high-quality professional product mockups for specific goods, including lifestyle pictures.

Suggested for: Anyone seeking for a one-stop shop for producing high-quality goods. Teelaunch makes it simple to find high-quality products at reasonable costs.


T-Pop is a print-on-demand company on the Shopify app that allows you to earn money by partnering with a print-on-demand supplier. Essentially, you can sell their products by personalizing them to your specifications.

tpop - print on demand companies to sell customized products

Delivery: Orders are printed in France and will be ready to ship in two to four days. Orders within France take two to three working days to arrive, orders across Europe take three to seven days, and overseas orders take five to ten days. The shipping charges are depending on weight, which you can learn more about on T-shipping Pop’s page.

Options for printing: Cotton apparel uses direct-to-garment printing, whereas polyester and accessories use sublimation dyeing.

Outstanding features: White label customer experience with fully customisable packing slips, as well as environmentally safe materials, printing, and packaging.

Suggested for: Anyone seeking for a high-quality print on demand firm with an ethical and environmentally friendly supply chain and business practices in Europe, or anyone looking for a quality print on demand company with an ethical and environmentally friendly supply chain and business practice.


JetPrint is primarily focused on watches, with the option to print your own designs directly onto the watch face from the start. It has a variety of watch styles, colors, and bands to choose from in order to personalize the final product.

jetprint - print on demand companies to sell customized products

Delivery: Three to five business days is the average production time. It provides free global shipping with a 14–20 business day average delivery time. It does, however, offer $15 expedited shipping for arrival in five to nine business days for an additional $15. For more information, visit their FAQ page.

Options for printing: JetPrint is a watch company that allows you to print your own graphics on the watch face. It has a variety of watch styles, colors, and bands to choose from in order to personalize the final product.

Outstanding features: Process orders automatically, with a period that allows you to make modifications or corrections if necessary. JetPrint also allows you to generate a selection of high-quality mockups and precise specs to utilize on your product page automatically.

Suggested for: Anyone interested in using a dropshipping fulfillment model to create their own personalized watch company.


In 2020, Printful, a company that offers professional personalized products,reached 300,000+ customers worldwide.

printful - print on demand companies to sell customized products

Delivery:From the United States, Mexico, or Europe, products are normally ready to ship in two to five business days, with 50% of orders ready in under three days. Shipping to the United States is $3.99 and takes three to four days (see their shipping map for other destinations). The cost of shipping is determined by the goods, with discounted prices available for extra items purchased in the same transaction.

Options for printing: Depending on the product, Printful offers direct-to-garment, embroidery, cut-and-sew, and sublimation printing. For an extra fee, you may add tear-away tags, inserts, and stickers to your package to provide your customers a more branded experience.

Outstanding features:You can be ready to sell in minutes thanks to the built-in mockup generator. Printful also has the most marketplace and commerce platform connections, including Shopify. On sample orders, they additionally provide a 20% discount.

Suggested for:Beginners and experienced entrepreneurs who seek a flexible, well-rounded solution to get started with that can scale with them will find it useful.


Zazzle is a people-powered design platform. 

zazzle - print on demand companies to sell customized products

Delivery: It takes 1-2 business days to ship due to manufacturing times. Orders for 100 or greater units of any ornament, necklace or premium keychain style will require 5-7 business days to manufacture. 

Options for printing: t-shirts, buttons, tote bags, invitations, mugs, stickers, business cards, kid’s clothes, kid’s pacifiers and more.

Outstanding features: Lots of products for artists to sell art and consumers to buy; High traffic; Select your royalty; Tutorials and tips from Zazzle to improve your product.

Suggested for: Anyone interested in using a dropshipping fulfillment model to create their own customized products.


society6-print on demand companies to sell customized products

Delivery: With Society6, it takes 3-4 business days for most items and 5-7 business days for credenzas to be delivered. 

Options for printing: Apart from products like apparel, gifts, furnishings one can also order art prints, framed art prints and stretched canvases.

Outstanding features: Lots or products to print on; A great place for art lovers; Set your sale margin; Sometimes difficult to put up art because each item has a different size.

Suggested for: Anyone interested in using a dropshipping fulfillment model to create their own customized products.


threadless-print on demand companies to sell customized products

Delivery: Threadless can access customers worldwide. Average transit time with DHL Globalmail Standard shipping is 4 to 8 days, plus additional processing and transit time within your country. Orders sent via our Standard shipping method typically arrive in about 1-3 weeks. 

Options for printing: Apparel for all ages, home décor and accessories like phone cases, hats, notebooks, beach towels and much more.

Outstanding features: An artist can set up shop at Threadless; Original designs and exquisite talent; Artist’s designs can be customized

Suggested for: An artist can submit their design but the design is available for sale only if it is voted by the threadless community. 

Can I use Ebay to dropship customized print on demand products?

Even if dropshipping is totally legal, whether eBay authorizes it is a different story. So, let’s take a look at eBay’s policies on dropshipping.

Is dropshipping on eBay prohibited? No, not at all. However, it is limited. On eBay, dropshipping is legal as long as you “fulfill orders directly from a wholesale supplier.” So, what exactly does that imply? It means that if you buy large amounts of something from a wholesaler, you can sell it on eBay.

What can’t you sell on eBay? You can’t dropship customized print on demand on eBay if you’re reselling products from another retail website or marketplace, such as Amazon or AliExpress. “Purchasing an item from another store or marketplace that ships straight to your consumer is not permitted on eBay,” according to eBay. Dropshipping from Amazon to eBay is therefore prohibited: you are not permitted to offer an item on eBay, purchase it from Amazon, and then ship it to an eBay customer.

And eBay is strict about this policy, claiming that if you don’t follow it, your listings may be removed or lowered in search results. They may even downgrade your rating or status on the platform if you’ve been selling for a long period.

What are the best customized print on demand products to do dropship on Ebay?

  • -shirts, Polo shirts, Long-sleeved shirts
  • ote bags
  • Mugs
  • Baseball caps
  • Stickers, Keychains and Phone cases
  • Posters and Postcards
  • Leggings, Skirts, and Bodysuits
options for customized print on demand products
Options for print on demand products

Final thoughts

The most appealing aspect of print on demand companies is that they provide a low-risk option to try your hand at selling customized products on some big websites like Ebay. Many print-on-demand companies appear similar at first glance, particularly if all you want to do is launch a business. As a result, it’s critical to engage with reputable print on demand companies. 

Pay attention to how print on demand companies convey principles on their website, in addition to pricing and functionality. Is it well-liked by customers and has a low order return rate? Is there a target audience for the POD service? Here it will be easier to discover the print on demand company that fulfills your demands and connects with your vision if you know what to look for on Ebay or other websites.