How To Install

This docs helps to install Podorder with Shopify Store. This Print on Demand Management tool allows to integrate with multiple Shopify Store.

1. Preparation: 

Create Shopify Store:

Then create new app with permission as this:

2. Connect Podorder with Shopify Store

Tap on the green button to Create to a store > Shopify > Connect:

connect podorder with shopify store

Choose Apps > Develop an apps for your store

develop shopify app store

Create an app:

create a shopify app print on demand

Set permission for app:

connect podorder with shopify app

  • Customers: Read Access
  • Inventory: Read and Write
  • Orders: Read and Write
  • Products: Read and Write

Navigate to API Credentials: Copy API key and secret key

shopify api key print on demand

Paste API key and API Secret Key (Api Password):

shopify connecting to podorder print on demand

Then connect to store.

Step 2: Connect your Shopify store to Store

Step 3: Start push products to your Shopify system

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