POD pet products

Print on demand pet products is always one of the top-selling product niches on the dropshipping market. It is noted that pet products seem to be a thriving industry that still develops stably even amid the worldwide pandemic. This post will help you find your own market in the pet industry with the right print on demand pet products.

Print on demand pet products

As pets are gradually becoming an essential part of the family, people treat pets like their family members. Therefore, pet product is a lucrative yet competitive market that many sellers carve out to get a share of the pie. 

In recent years, dropshipping new and unique Chinese pet products has grown into a trend along with the booming of online shopping. The variety of special and novel pet products attracts a myriad of pet lovers and the market is expanding quickly.

Print on demand pet products soon dominates the market due to two main reasons, uniqueness and personalized products. To multiple profits on print one demand market, you need to provide designated products that evoke a sense of human and personal touch than mass-produced products on the market. 

Besides that, choosing the right print on demand product that fits your business demands and capability is equally important if you want to develop in a much broader market. 


General Print on Demand Pet Products

The fact that pet now is a part of our family means that any print on demand products that relate to pets will attract pet owners and pet lovers. This means your print on demand products does not have to be directly useful for pets, but rather general emotional pet products for owners.


There are many POD stores that sell clothing relating to pet and pet features only. When people attach to their pets, they will be passionate about anything of their favourite cats or dogs, leading to a golden opportunity in print on demand pet products.

The list of pet clothing for POD products ranges from T-shirts to hoodies, caps, and even leggings. 

pet clothing


Mugs are always considered one of the most popular gifts that can reflect personal traits. Mugs, rather than something to show off like T-shirts or hoodies, often carry more personal meanings. As a result, mugs will be a perfect option for customized print on demand pet products.

For POD sellers, distributing personalized mugs with photos of pets or pet-related quotes might be a clever strategy to attract pet owner customers 


Print blankets are one of the most popular print on demand pet products in recent years. Blanket is not only useful but it also provides a full plane for freely customize and personalize designs as wished. 

You should consider offering customers personalization blanket options so that they can freely include images of their favourite animals into blankets along with cute and attractive designs from your store.  

Canvas Prints

Another great kind of POD pet product to sell is canvas or framed prints. This type of product is really practical because it’s common to walk into others’ homes and see pictures of their favourite pets or dogs on the wall. 

Canvas prints are considered perfect products for print on demand niches because when customers upload pictures of their favourite pets, the prints will be highly personalized and unique since they cannot buy this product from any other store.


Jewellery is always on top of the best print on demand pet product niche. In the past, people have a tendency to commemorate their loved ones with jewellery. Nowadays, this niche market can be applied to pet products as well, as it’s really easy to upload photos of pets and engravings.

Specific Print on demand Pet Products

Pet Bowls

As pet bowls with dog’s names on them are already popular, you should be more creative when it comes to this product type. You can think about including something personal that relates to pet breed or funny quotes that attract pet lovers. 

Dog Bandanas

One of the most popular accessories that dog owners often buy for their pets is dog bandanas. Although dog bandanas don’t have much practical use, pet owners often seek cute or colourful designs for their loved pets to wear when they go to the parks. This is one print on demand pet products niche that you should pay attention to.

Dog Jerseys

Not only practical, but dog jerseys can also be very practical as well. This is one of the most best-selling print on demand pet products because the number of designs you can provide is limitless. It is even possible to apply popular human hoodie designs to dog jerseys, which makes it appealing to pet owners as well.  

dog jersey

Pet Placemats

Many people believe pet placemats are used exclusively for cats, but small dog breeds use them too. Even though this type of product is often overlooked, this can actually multiple sales and revenue for your POD business because it’s simple to offer personalization pet placemats for customers. 

Pet Collars and Tags

At this moment, this is considered the most popular POD pet product you can sell on this niche. Pet Collars and Tags are highly customizable along with reasonable price, meaning that they can attract a vast number of pet owners. However, as this product is extremely popular, you’ll need to find alternative creative ways to design your products. 

Pet Beds

One of the most specific print on demand pet products that is likely to generate high sales is pet beds. Normally, most pets will get new beds every year because their beds become too unhygienic. Therefore, pet beds are highly practical and ensure a stable income. 

More than that, the POD market can take the advantage of personalizing pet beds, such as including pet names or pet images. In this way, pet owners are more willing to buy the products. 

Tips For Selling Print on Demand Pet Products

Niche Down

Apparently, there are many print on demand pet products for you to try and start in this business niche. However, it is worth remembering that focusing on general pet products is not a smart option. You should niche down to find a path that best fits your business capability as well as guarantee a stable income.


The key to master the POD business, in general, is to focus on personalization. Once you are able to customize your pet products and offer unique goods, you can beat other sellers and stay in the game.

print on demand pet products

Sell the design, not the product

It’s clear that the main value of print on demand products comes from your designs, not from the quality of the product itself. When you sell any print on demand pet product, keep in mind that your design will evoke buyers emotions or remind them of happy feelings that relate to their favourite pets. Customers do not buy your product, they buy the design and the feelings your designs remind them.

Try new products and designs

Always try to improve your old products, but also test new options to see if they work or not. Don’t be afraid of expanding your imagination to put your new designs on new products. 

Wrapping Up!

Print on demand Pet Products is a POD niche that will never get old. However, choosing the right product to gain the best profit from this section is not an easy question. We hope this article can help you narrow down the choices to make the best product to sell in the pet product niche.