What is the process of testing product-market fit? What are the benefits of product testing? Why do some businesses choose to test market for new products rather than launching them at once? 

If you want some references for the question of how to test market for new products or look for marketing strategies to promote your print-on-demand service, this article is right for you! 

1. Why should use product-testing Print On Demand business? 

1.1 To guarantee the product quality


There are several requirements in the manufacturing process of one product before it’s released to the public. Do your products meet the community standard? Do your print-on-demand designs unexpectedly touch on any religious organization? Is the material you are using high-quality enough to make your customers comfortable when using or wearing? 

Perhaps during the manufacturing stage, your company is unaware of some minor mistakes in your products. Testing the market for new products is a trial helping you realize what you are missing and timely correcting it.

1.2 To verify your unique selling points 

If customers have a chance to experience your products and give detailed feedback, you may know what to adjust in your marketing strategies and product functions. As customers seek products and services that can help them achieve their goals, they are the ones who can evaluate the features, price, or ways you promote your products so as to meet their satisfaction and boost personalization. 

As a result, you will have more possibilities to compete with other large corporations. By testing market new products, you can identify your unique selling points, apply inbound marketing strategy and listen to customers’ experiences.

1.3 Collect feedback to upgrade your products

One of the most important reasons to test market for new products is that you can generate external ideas as well as understand customers’ insight. Through conducting post-use surveys on focus groups may yield ideas for new features, your target audience can help you realize previously unknown advantages to your product. Customers may also advise you to change your packaging, pricing, or other marketing strategies.

1.4 To encourage customers to buy current products

By offering your trial products as an incentive attached with already released products, you can entice customers to purchase merchandise currently for sale. Accordingly, you can simultaneously boost sales and encourage customers to try your new products. What’s next is to apply email marketing effectively to receive feedback from customers about your product testing. 

1.5 To reinforce relationships with new customers


Test market for new products – Do you think this process can enhance your relationship with your customers? The answer is it can. 

Once you launch your trials to the public and expect a comment from customers, apart from giving you what you need to improve to meet their expectations, customers also create opportunities to align their interests with the values of your brand, therefore reinforcing the connection between brand and new leads. 

1.6 To avoid the risk of official product launch 

Last but not least, businesses choose to test market for new products in order to reduce the risk of official launch as much as possible. Not only do you save time and effort, reduce high investment, but you also help your company adjust the original plans or budget in the near future. If your company chooses to launch the product officially and wait for results to modify your tactics later, you must ensure sufficient budget and brand reputations.

2. Effective Ways To Test Market For New Products For Print On Demand Business

2.1 Identify your target audience

How to test market a new product? Market research is one of the crucial steps to conduct product testing. Once you identify the target market that is in need of your products, you may want to understand them better. 

A helpful tool that can help you achieve this goal is Google Consumer Insight Page. You can utilize this website to compare trends in shopping categories, find your audience, or research through customer behavior data and articles.

2.2 Analyze the market trends


If you want to test market for new products, you have to understand what is going on in the marketplace. One technique to acquire insight into market trends is to utilize keyword research. You can discover more about the search phrases relevant to your products by using Google Trends or Google Ads Keyword Planners

2.3 Find a way to differentiate yourself from your rivals

Besides analyzing your target market and trends, take a deep look at your counterparts. For businesses who find it hard to set up their unique selling points, a small tip is to learn from what your competitors are doing. Research carefully and find out how they communicate with their customers, what kind of social media channels they use to promote their products, is there anything different between your product and theirs? 

2.4 Communicate with customers 

A business chooses to test market for new products because they want to understand what customers want from them. In order to do market testing for new products, you need to talk to people. Also, communicating with your target audience can help you find a better way to enhance the quality or edit your design so as to suit your target’s interest. 


Before starting to collect opinions from customers, make a list of essential questions that you are going to ask. For example, you can ask about the product itself, design, color, material, price, packaging, and promotion, as well as their strengths and flaws. What’s more, the point of asking customers to test your new products, therefore, don’t forget to add questions like “If this product is available, would you buy it?” as well as note down specific reasons. 

2.5 Utilize referral marketing

One of the best ways to test market for new products is to ask your friends, family, or relatives, and this strategy even works more effectively with Print On Demand merchandise. You can display a sample of a new design T-shirt of your company and ask for their feedback. As family and friends are the ones you trust, they can be more authentic when giving answers rather than random people being surveyed on the street. 

2.6 Offer a gift attached with current products

For print-on-demand businesses, samples here can be a gift for loyal customers when they purchase products from your store. As you show your sincerity to customers when attaching new products as a gift, customers may feel cared for and want to try your products immediately or give instant feedback. Utilize this chance to test market for new products and build relationships with your customers simultaneously!

2.7 Personalization is the key


While offering a gift can help you engage with your audience, personalization can significantly enhance the relationships you create. When you research target markets and trends, put in mind that you also need to specify the characteristics of your potential audience as detailed as possible. This helps you test market for new products with ease and saves your time and effort in understanding customer behavior. 

2.8 Test through your ads and count the clicks

If you do not intend to launch your new products by offering gifts to customers, samples can also be displayed through your ads. 

By choosing perfect social media for your testing and presenting a design of your print-on-demand products via ads campaigns, you can generate new traffic and count the clicks to see how many people are interested in seeing your products’ potential. 

While advertising has advantages such as reaching a larger audience and allowing you to manage how much money you can or want to invest, you should be aware that you will need to know how to set up a PPC campaign. 

Furthermore, even if your product isn’t yet ready, accept emails to be alerted when it is, or take pre-orders. You may entice consumers to pre-order by presenting special incentives.

Wrapping up!

Test market for new products is never an easy task. However, if you apply it properly, you can see a better result when officially promoting your products. We hope that you can take away some main points in this article and build a successful business!