Manage Stores on Multiple Selling Channels

At Podorder hub, manage all multi selling channels:

1. Store Dashboard: 

Dashboard > Stores:

multiple selling stores

And manage all stores:


  • Name: Name of shop
  • Items: Number of Products in the store
  • Orders: Number of orders
  • Status of Store: Valid/Manual
  • Start Date:
  • Platform: Etsy, eBay, WooCommerce

2. Mapping External Items:

mapping external item print on demand podorder

View all live external products:


Mapping with the external product:


3. Update quantity:

To update item quantity of product, you can click on the following icon to update items:


or open Dashboard > Stores > Choose store > Update quantity:


Update Paypal Email address:


4. Default policy: 

Check default policy, click on the transport icon and edit:

default policy

At the default policy, click to edit on Etsy shipping profile:

default policy1

Handle get abandoned carts:

handle get abandoned carts

5. Items & Payment:

item & payment

Edit item and payment:

item & payment1

6. Edit Store: 

Click on the pencil icon to edit:

edit store

Update store SMTP configuration:

  • SMTP status
  • Host SMTP
  • Port
  • Username
  • Send email address and verify


Update store information:


Here are all steps to manage all print on demand on multiple selling channels. Hope that you can manage your store effectively and easily.

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