Manage Internal Products

Manage Internal Products

Internal products are all products which are created and managed on Podorder internal system. Sellers can manage all internal products to push manually or automatically to selling channels.


1. Filter:

filter internal products podorder documentation

  • Filter ID
  • Name of Item
  • Store

2. Create New Internal Product

To create new internal product, you can follow the same steps to Create new products with Podorder.

3. Manage Internal Products:


  • Filter store: Filter list of products with number of rows to show
  • Product ID: ID of product in store and the system.
  • Image: Image of products
  • Name: Name of products
  • Type: Product type for each fulfillment provider.
  • Design: Design status. Available or missing design.
  • Store: Store of product.
  • Collection: Collection of products for easy to filter and manage
  • Action: Edit/Delete product as they want.

Edit product:

Click on the pencil icon to Edit, edit all product information > Save or Save As Preset


Manually/Schedule Time for Upload:

  • Manage stores:


  • Manage Stores:

Stores > Choose Store > Click on Items & Payment:

manage item payment schedule to push product to Ecommerce platfrom

Payment: Insert Paypal Email

Brand name
Default quantity:
Watermark item images

Fetch Schedule
Choose Always, Usually, Sometimes, Occasionally, Rarely


Handle Publish Config
Daily maximum
Weekly maximum
Monthly maximum

Auto Publish Plan
Select detail day to push products

Header and Footer of Stores

Store Banner (Ebay Platform)

  • Automatically/Manually Push Product to Multi Selling Platform:

To set a automatic upload items to Ecommerce platform, sellers can at the “Auto Publish Plan”, seller have to set for day, frequently time to publish and items.

No set time for publish, all products in store can be manually push to Ecommerce platform.

On the dashboard, sellers can manage their all store with manual/auto push product here.


After publishing products to store, sellers can manage products on External Products.

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