Manage External Products

External products are all products that are available on your store channels.

1. Manage External Product Dashboard 


On the dashboard, sellers can manage:

2. Filter:

Filer platform ID, name, Platform, Stores

external product filter platform


  • Order: ID of products
  • Image: Product Image
  • Name: Name of product
  • Internal Link: Link of internal product before publishing to the platform
  • Sold items: Number of items are sold.
  • Platform: Platform item products are selling.
  • Store Account: Products is selling on account
  • Action: Click on the link to edit some information about products

3. View External Product

At # Column, click on the number of products:

Ex: #29113

view external products

View live product at the store.

view product on store

Link to Internal Products on store:

link to internal product

4. Edit External product:

action edit external product

Edit information for product:

edit internal product



External can be published with the same information, 1 internal product can be linked with different external items information with the same info or similar info.

External Product Role:

– Show statistic
– Get information > Save in Internal Product > Push Product to other platforms
– Update information: Update inventory of eBay
– Update Quantity Of Product

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