CustomCat Fulfillment Integration is one of fulfillment platform integration which is integrated with Podorder print on demand management software solution. On Podorder system, sellers can manage all orders from multiple accounts on multiple selling channels and fulfill everywhere.

To use CustomCat in Podorder system, you can do the following steps:

  • Connect CustomCat fulfillment with Podorder system
  • Map Orders with CustomCat fulfillment
  • Tracking Order with CustomCat fulfillment

I. Connect CustomCat Fulfillment Provider

1. Sign up CustomCat Account & Get API Key

  • Step 1: Sign up CustomCat Account
  • Step 2: Get API key

2. Connect CustomCat Fulfillment Provider with Podorder System

Dashboard > Fulfillment > Connect to Fulfillment Partner


Choose a CustomCat Fulfillment Partner And Connect store with:

connect to fulfillment provider

Add fulfillment key (that you’ve copied from the step 2) for connection:

connect customcat fulfillment in podorder system

Then click “Save” for all changes.

3. Manage All Fulfillment Providers

Dashboard > Fulfillments: Manage all available fulfillment providers:

Sellers can edit/delete any fulfillment anytime.

manage all fulfillment providers

II. Map Orders with CustomCat fulfillment provider

Order > Choose Order > Map with fulfillment



Please note that, the fulfillment is so flexible. It doesn’t fix any product with only 1 fulfillment. They can map order with different fulfillment for the same products. Thanks to being flexible, seller are so proactive to control whole print on demand business and better their sale on the global market.

III. Manage Order Fulfillment on Multiple Stores/channels

On the dashboard, sellers can view all status of orders such as order status, processing, in production, fulfilled, completed, pending, refunded, cancelled, trash.


  • Order Status: All new order are gathered here
  • Processing: After mapping order with fulfillment, order status will be changed to “Processing Status”
  • In Production: Order is in production.
  • Fulfilled: Order is fulfilled.
  • Complete: Order is delivered to buyer.

III. How to Track Print on Demand Orders

When order is fulfilled, sellers can get a tracking code on the order:


Send order tracking message notification to buyer.


Copy URL tracking and open link, sellers can know where the order is on.


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