Connect Podorder with Fulfillment

This video will guide the detail way to connect Podorder with Fulfillment Provider step by step.

Dashboard > Fulfillments (Under Market & Provider)

Click on the “+” icon to connect with new fulfillment provider.

add new fulfillment partner

Choose one of fulfillment provider to connect:

connect podorder with fulfillment provider

Podorder supports to integrate with a lot of fulfillment providers such as

To integrate fulfillment provider, you have to sign up account at fulfillment then connect Podorder to fulfill.

Choose fulfillment provider to connect. Podorder supports to integrate many fulfillment providers such as Onospod, CustomCat, Merchize, Lionix, Geargag, Shineon, Printify, Scalable Press, Dreamship, Gearment, …

Insert Fulfillment Provider:

add customcat key fulfillment provider

After fill the name and key of fulfillment provider, you can create fulfillment and save it on Podorder system.

See video:

How to Connect Podorder with Fulfillment Provider in Print on Demand Business



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