How To Integrate Amazon with Podorder

This documentation will guide Integrate Amazon with Podorder system with Amazon Integration.

I. Register Amazon Seller Accounts and Fulfillment Service

1. Register Amazon Seller Accounts

Podorder supports managing your print-on-demand business on Amazon. Sellers can manage products, orders, fulfillment, and tracking support from multiple Amazon businesses.

To create Amazon seller account, see more ->

How to create Amazon sellers account Tutorial

2. Connect Podorder with Amazon Marketplace

Open Dashboard > Store > Add new store

connect podorder with amazon store

Connect Podorder with Store

connect podorder to amazon store1

Store Name & Brand Name. Then “Save store”

connect podorder to an ecommerce platform amazon - export import csv

II. Connect Podorder Hub with Amazon stores

Install and connect the Amazon Podorder Addon with Podorder

The Podorder addon extension acts as a bridge between the Amazon website and the Podorder hub. Help import Amazon orders to the Podorder Hub, manage fulfillment at the hub, and copy the tracking code from Amazon stores to the Podorder system. Then the Podorder system will send the tracking code to the customer and support the customer at the system.

  • Step 1. Go to chrome browser or Firefox extension, add an addon extension and Install for your browser
  • Step 2. Login Amazon store on the browser which has been installed with Podorder addon.


At Podorder hub, on the Dashboard > API Auth Token to copy API link and API Key


At Podorder extension, paste API link and API key and Save

III. Register Fulfillment Service

Podorder allows to connect with many fulfillment providers in Print on Demand business. Thanks to integrate with multiple fulfillment providers, you can create, manage and change fulfillment directly on hub easily.

See all Podorder fullfillment integration

Go to the fulfillment website and sign up for an account.

Connect a fulfillment Provider with Podorder Hub system

Dashboard > Fulfillments > Connect with Fulfillment

podorder fulfillment

Connect with fulfillment provider:

connect fulfillment provider
Connect to an E-commerce platform fulfillment

This is the end of Tutorial Integrate Amazon with Podorder.

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