Get Amazon Order and Track Order

This blog will guide the detail way to get Amazon order and Track Orders on Podorder system.

I. Get Amazon Orders and Tracking Orders

1. Export Amazon Orders to Import to Podorder System

Login Amazon Store > Manage Orders > Open Podorder addon, Start Import Orders to Import order to Podorder hub.

The color of the order will turn yellow when the order is imported successfully.

This addon helps to copy and paste all order information: Product image, product name, address, customer’s shipping information, and automatically saved to your Podorder hub. At Podorder hub, you can manage all Amazon orders from multiple selling accounts.

2. Fulfill the Amazon Orders

2.1 Map order with fulfillment

Thanks to being imported all Amazon orders and manage them at the hub. For each order, the seller can map directly orders with any fulfillment provider (the fulfillment list that has been integrated above). After mapping with fulfillment, Podorder system will send automatically order information to the fulfillment service.

2.2 Manage Order fulfillment

At Podorder, sellers can manage entire Amazon orders fulfillment. Order fulfillment status:

  • Order status
  • Processing
  • In Production
  • Fulfilled
  • Completed
  • Pending
  • Refunded
  • Canceled
  • Trash

3. Manage Orders Tracking

When orders have been fulfilled, sellers have to go Amazon store > Edit Order > Get Tracking > Save Tracking

After clicking “Save tracking” > Copy order tracking and paste automatically to Podorder system. When importing all order tracking to the system, sellers can manage order tracking and send a message tracking to buyers. Manage and control whole support on your multiple Amazon account business.

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