How To Install

This documentation will guide how to install Podorder system with eBay Integration.

I. Prepare seller account

1. eBay seller account

Register seller account on eBay  here:

2. Podorder Account

Sign up Podorder account:

II. Connect Podorder with eBay Stores

Connect with Ecommerce platform “eBay” > Connect to Store

connect to ebay
Connect Podorder with eBay Ecommerce Platform

Choose eBay to connect:

connect to ebay store 2
Choose eBay to connect

Authorize eBay store access:

connect to an ecommerce platform ebay

  • Accepts permission

Name eBay store on Podorder. Please note that Podorder allows connecting with multiple eBay accounts. After connecting, you can manage all eBay businesses on Podorder.


See video: How to Connect Podorder with eBay selling channel

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