Connect WooCommerce with Podorder | Sell Print on Demand with WooCommerce

This guides will show the detail steps to connect WooCommerce with Podorder. (in the series Sell Print on demand with WooCommerce)

Podorder – Print on demand software management comes with a lot of features that helps manage orders, products, fulfillments, supports hub and insight reports on multi selling channels such as eBay, Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce, Merchize, Shopbase, …

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Connect Podorder with WooCommerce:

Dashboard > Stores > Add new store > Select WooCommerce and Connect

add new WooCommerce store

Connect to WooCommerce:

connect WooCommerce with Podorder

Insert URL:

Connect WooCommerce store with website URL

Login WooCommerce Admin:

Login WooCommerce store by admin

Allow Podorder get access to WooCommerce store, click: “Accept” – Chấp thuận

Allow Podorder get access to WooCommerce store

Update store information:

  • Store name: Name WooCommerce store to manage on Podorder
  • Store URL: WooCommerce store
  • Consumer key:
  • Consumer secret:

connect podorder to ecommerce platform woocommerce

Edit WooCommerce store information:

edit WooCommerce store information

  • Money Summary:
  • Items live
  • Edit
  • Remove
  • Setting

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